3% of the world’s greatest scientists are Greeks


Грецию может казаться слишком маленькой страной, чтобы сказатьits word in the scientific world. However, her contribution is invaluable: 3% the greatest scientists of the world – the Greeks. And only 14% of them lived or live in Greece. Such information was shared by a specialist in field of statistics and professor of medicine at Stanford University in California Yiannis Ioannides.

During his report at the Pan-Hellenic Medical Conference in Athens, Ioannidis presented data on 672 Greek scientists origin, which had the greatest influence on world science. Other authors of international scientific reports refer to their works. a total of 17,000 times.

The most ancient and authoritative Greek scholar – Aristotle, name which is still mentioned in modern scientific literature. More than half of all the greatest scientists lived or live in the USA the rest are in the UK, Canada, France, Switzerland, Germany, Australia and Cyprus.

Ioannidis stressed that most of the emigrated scientists left the country of their choice. And only a few were born. in immigrant families. The purpose of his report, the author called “the need to draw conclusions” and support modern and future scientists. Only in this way will Greece become a prosperous country and uses its potential.

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