19 beaches in Greece lost the Blue award flag”

Nineteen of the 486 award winning beaches in Greece “Blue Flag”, lost the title of the best because of non-compliance with high environmental standards.

02.11.2017beach with the blue flag of Greece

Премия “Голубой флаг” является международным экологическимquality mark. Annually, since 1987, the award is awarded beaches and moorings, the water and infrastructure of which corresponds high safety and quality requirements.

The Greek Society for the Conservation of Nature, which is the coordinator awards in Greece, without notice visited the beaches countries and, to preserve the prestige and authority of the award, has taken the decision to remove the “Blue Flag” from 19 beaches in different regions Greece

Although the quality of water on these beaches remains excellent, the coordinators have identified serious deficiencies concerning the following points:

  • low quality of services provided to travelers;
  • clean coast
  • inaccurate or incomplete information
  • security
  • coastal protection

In Greece, the “Blue Flag” lost the following beaches:

  1. Myrtos, Kefalonia
  2. Nissi, Thessaloniki
  3. Elani Bai, Halkidiki
  4. Golden Beach, Larissa
  5. Potamos, Crete
  6. Vurlia, Crete
  7. Ierapetra, Crete
  8. Mesaggala, Larissa
  9. Vlichada, Phthioida
  10. Argassi, Zakynthos
  11. Laganas 1, Zakynthos
  12. Laganas 2, Zakynthos
  13. Agios Sostis, Zakynthos
  14. Banana Beach, Zakynthos
  15. Agia Marina, Aegina
  16. Kamari 1, Santorini
  17. Kamari 2, Santorini
  18. Agios Georgios 1, Santorini
  19. Agios Georgios 2, Santorini

However, Greece with premium beaches, in 2017 continues to occupy second place in the list of 47 countries that host participation in the Blue Flag Award.

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