14841 – a single information number


Теперь в Греции, чтобы узнать всю необходимую информацию оtransport, catering, accommodation, cultural events and many other things, it’s enough to call one 14841 or +88216101225.

The website callgreeece.gr has announced a new support program. tourists vacationing in greece. By calling international number +88216101225, anyone can find out the information he needs regarding his stay in the country. If before this information was only available in Greek, now The program supports 15 languages, including Russian. Answers to Questions of interest can be obtained 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week

The benefits of this program are many: even the tourist who is not in the most crowded place, can quickly get useful information in their native language, for example, to find out where is nearest medical center. Just dial 14841.

The cost of the call is 0.98 euros from the landline and 1.18 euros from mobile (including VAT).

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