Wonderful family bike races. Part 2 + video

Daria has already told us that we have bikes and once we got to ride through our neighborhoods. Because we do not have much time for leisure, only a month later we able to get out again, but finally got to the sea.

I do not know about you, but life constantly teaches us to rejoice simple things. It would seem that they drove 20 km on bicycles, yes same road, but came home winged simply. But after all nothing significant happened. Just think, the wind in the face, lilac sky overhead, turbulent sea—

Bike Coil

Like last time, we went three together, Egor was behind me. Classes ended, immediately after they got together and went. We had only an hour before dark, but the change of day and night, sunset on Hainan, as turned out to be a great time to walk. Besides the heat went on recession, and the headwind just creates the necessary temperature, when you are not cold, but not hot anymore. Cool, you go somewhere and at this moment you forget about all the problems. I even started thoughts appear and not whether to buy ourselves again is great (we sold), baby seat and ride home in Moscow. True, by I don’t like driving around the city.

I really like the idea of a long promenade in Lingshui. And, the city ends pretty quickly, and the embankment continues and continues. Around only the fields and rare buildings, and you go on good coverage along the river, surrounded by mountains and without interfering machines. Yes, it immediately becomes clear that the city is being cleaned and Only on this there is clean, but there is plenty of garbage here, here’s another one of the national traits of the Chinese. However, they are not alone, and there is no garbage just in European capitals.

This is how the embankment ends, behind the seaThis is how the embankment ends, behind the sea

This is how the embankment ends, behind the sea

Guys are going to be confused by the cameraGuys are going to be confused by the camera

Guys go hesitate camera

According to my estimates, the embankment is about 5-7 kilometers. For quite a few cyclists, but for hiking quite. Therefore here it’s easy to meet some kind of runner or just a walking couple. The embankment attracts everyone, someone sits on the parapet and listening to music, someone brought the table and chairs and eating. Funny rode back in pitch darkness and headlamp periodically snatched frozen figures in the dark.

The ultimate goal of the trip was the sea, into which the river flows. A place beautiful, sandy spit, on the one hand the waves of the sea, with other fresh water. On the horizon of the mountain, and the sea at once in three colors. Nature has tried! But the main thing is not to look at his feet, there trash can.

Everything clouds the garbage under my feetEverything clouds the garbage under my feet

Everything darkens the garbage under your feet

On the border of worldsOn the border of worlds

On the border of worlds

Very atmospheric place, mountains, wind, Chinese arborVery atmospheric place, mountains, wind, Chinese arbor

Very atmospheric place, mountains, wind, Chinese arbor

The beach in the other direction is less interestingThe beach in the other direction is less interesting

The beach on the other side is less interesting.

Again, we, a selfie for memoryAgain, we, a selfie for memory

Again, we, selfie memory

The sky is fascinatingThe sky is fascinating

The sky is fascinating

Landscapes tooLandscapes too

Landscapes too

Long ExposureLong Exposure

Long exposure

What it looks like in realityWhat it looks like in reality

You can make a beautiful selfie, but this is how it looks in reality

After the trip went to eatAfter the trip went to eat

After the trip we went to eat


Since I recently had a flash camera (my review of Xiaomi Yi), then it’s time to start using her to understand that she maybe and what not. I don’t know if it was possible to convey the atmosphere of that day but I once again liked the size of the camera, it can be removed the fact that I wouldn’t shoot a regular camera because she wouldn’t fit in a pocket where I can get her for example while driving on a bike. True, in fact it became clear that Mounts and a stabilizer with a steadicam are needed, otherwise when driving on the bike is such a shake that the video becomes small usable.

P.S. Probably Russia is already rolling on bicycles? :)

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