My typical Asian breakfast (China)

Almost always have breakfast that way. First in Thailand, now here in China. Mango, or some other fruit (usually a banana or dragon) and green tea with a cupcake. Sometimes Daria does charlotte in a slow cooker, then she instead of a purchased cupcake with incomprehensible composition. I can not deny myself a portion of sweet in the morning. And I also associate tea with sweet. I tried instead of tea, drink water, or, conversely, empty tea without sweet, but Not okay.


Bannans are small (and pot-bellied), well, very tasty. Sour-sweet. It is a pity that these are not sold in supermarkets in Russia. More precisely, they maybe there is in some Auchan (but not a fact), but in ordinary stores did not see exactly.

In Moscow, the situation is similar, tea + casserole. Only there is a set for breakfast without fruit, because they are practically there for me (only if apples are in season or sweet cherry). In general, every time I notice that eating in the tropics is getting noticeably better due to the increase in the amount of live in the diet, I mean fruits / vegetables, although grasshoppers can also eat, hehe. And in the mango season, so and In general, only mango to eat breakfast is a cute thing.

By the way, before leaving Moscow for China, I discovered such cool thing, how to take a thermocup with you in the car in the morning. Yes I I do not go to work every morning, but in those days when you need somewhere to go, and it’s freezing cold, it really warms up in the first 15 minutes, and shortens the time for breakfast.

P.S. The Chinese themselves, as I understand it, have a savory breakfast and watery rice porridge, noodles with some pickled vegetables and eggs, dumplings and so on. I mean more lunch reminiscent than breakfast.

Life hacking 1 – how to buy a good insurance

Choosing insurance is now unrealistically difficult, therefore, to help everyone travelers, I make a rating. To do this, constantly monitor forums, I study insurance contracts and use insurance by myself.

Insurance Rating

Life hacking 2 – how to find a hotel 20% cheaper

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