How to treat a cough in China – we get sick again

Well here- Again we get sick. If last time Egor and I, now Egor and Daria. Classes are again postponed, and we have to leave soon :( If it were not for this, they would not have been particularly worried, it seems like not very much are sick Once again I understand why people come here for at least 3 months (and better for half a year) in order to have time to work out between diseases. I thought, in the tropics, we hide from Chinese infections, but not it was here. Thank God that it is much easier to get sick in a warm climate, it is not necessary to humidify the air and run from the cold drafts.

Okay, I will tell you why we are treated with such a strange person like this :)

Why is it easy to get sick in China

In general, it’s a shame every time at rehabilitation begins here is a bullshit that rolls back. Yegor weakens and everything is necessary start over. So it was in Moscow, then in Olineke, now in China Everywhere, where children, there are viruses :) Although here in Thailand Yegor barely ill (in half a year literally a couple of times with snot and without temperatures are almost), but there we interacted very little with the children (the classes were almost isolated from everyone), and the Thai therapists did not come sick to work or were wearing masks. In the usual Thai life is enough for viruses too, but basically all the complaints about kindergartens, where winter workers give their children, even sick

As long as we are sick, we can work out not physically.As long as we are sick, we can work out not physically.

While ill, you can not work out physically

China is a special case, it’s not at all customary to get sick here. home, so everywhere are sneezing and coughing Chinese, including our doctors and therapists. Add to this constant sharking and spitting (well, that is not on the floor, but somewhere in the window), and smearing snot on the wall (not kidding), here we get the eternal hotbed of infections. No wonder there get sick.

And we are not alone sick. Nearby boy for two months strongly coughs, and that’s just it became easier for him. Family from next the wings got sick with us both times. A month ago, snot and temperature, and now just the same cough (and mom and baby). Our doctor has been coughing for weeks too.

How to treat cough in China

In China, there are two medicines, as I understand it, TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) and western. Since Egor is not very sick yet, then we did not go to the hospital, but went to the doctor in our rehabilitation center, and he is clearly a supporter of TCM. Therefore prescribed us drink the balls (羚羊 清肺 丸) or syrup (羚 贝 止咳 糖浆) from the infusion of horns antelope Oh how! Actually there are plenty of ingredients, but this I remember most of all. Unfortunately, the details tell I can not, because everything is in Chinese, but there still seems to be honeysuckle, peel orange, bell, licorice and so on.

Syrup and balls differ in composition, the doctor believes that the balls more effective. From experience of use I can say that cough became wet and Yegor cleared his throat, that is, he gradually becomes it is better. Local guys say the drugs are safe here (like on herbs and all that), but act longer, so you need time.

The balls, by the way, are very funny. Kinder surprises, but small ones. You take it in your hand, push it and it breaks. And, the shell is plastic, but outside it is for some reason covered with something resembling wax, you can knock off a fingernail. Type all natural? Yeah, I just picked it up with my fingernail and then from the other side ordinary plastic :) Inside the Chinese medical kinder ball gum consistency, to taste, like some kind of sweet squeeze from herbs

Cough balls - 羚羊 清肺 丸Cough balls - 羚羊 清肺 丸

Cough Balls – 羚羊 清肺 丸

Cough syrup - 羚 贝 止咳 糖浆Cough syrup - 羚 贝 止咳 糖浆

Cough syrup – 羚 贝 止咳 糖浆

Since I do not really trust the horns of antelope, I decided to buy more Lasolvan, or rather any syrup / solution with the active substance Ambroxol, in English Ambroxol. Others are made on its basis. syrups and solutions for inhalation – Ambrobene, Ambrohexal, Bronchoxol and so on. Knowing the Chinese name, buy the right medicine. not such a big problem. A little later I will write instructions, as to look for medicine abroad, in the sense of analogue. So in the pharmacy I showed the Chinese name (screenshot of the site) and then showed on the phone in the translator in Chinese “syrup”, “for the child”, because at first they wanted to give me ambroxol tablets. Eventually took 盐酸 氨 溴 索 口服 溶液 (Abroxol solution for oral administration).

How to treat cough in China - Ambroxol-based drugsHow to treat cough in China - Ambroxol-based drugs

How to treat cough in China – Ambroxol-based drugs

Ambroxol in China (Lasolvan and analogues) - 盐酸 氨 溴 索 口服 溶液Ambroxol in China (Lasolvan and analogues) - 盐酸 氨 溴 索 口服 溶液

Ambroxol in China (Lasolvan and analogues) – 盐酸 氨 溴 索 口服 溶液

But there are no problems with inhalations in China, everything is the same. Is full all sorts of balsams, ranging from the usual and familiar to us asterisks, ending with tiger balm, so loved by us in Thailand (which I bought in Thailand).

China is full of balms for inhalationChina is full of balms for inhalation

China has a lot of inhalation balms

The biggest challenge in China is to show in the pharmacy, something is possible, but here’s what they tell you in response, nothing at all don’t understand. Moreover, when they give medicine, you also cannot check, and then they gave, because there is not a word in English. But me lucky I came home, sfotkal box (thanks, google Translate), translated and found out that I bought just what I need. Therefore, ideally, to come to the pharmacy prepared and with a box of medication or her photograph.

P.S. Naturally do not forget about the traveler insurance. If something serious begins, it’s better to go to the hospital right away than self-medicate.

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