What to see in Hong Kong in 2-3-4 days – my list

Since the 1960s, Hong Kong has experienced strong economic recovery that turned him from humble A provincial town in one of the most developed regions of the world. Technological change has transformed Hong Kong, and now they have begun tourists come not only in order to get acquainted with traditional culture of China, but also in order to see various sights.

I personally really like Hong Kong. At the time of writing, I there have already been two times, and hopefully I will go again. But not the fact that there You will also like it. However, here is a list of what to see in Hong Kong first.

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  • 1 What to see in Hong Kong alone
    • 1.1 Victoria Peak
    • 1.2 Sky 100 viewing point
    • 1.3 Exchange Square and the Bank of China Tower
    • 1.4 Big Buddha on Lantau Island
    • 1.5 Disneyland
    • 1.6 Ocean Park
    • 1.7 Monastery of Ten Thousand Buddhas
    • 1.8 Avenue of Stars and Laser Show
    • 1.9 House with flagpole
    • 1.10 Science Museum
    • 1.11 Botanical and Zoological Garden
    • 1.12 Hong Kong Park
    • 1.13 Nan Lian Garden and Chi Lin Monastery
  • 2 Map of Attractions

What to see in Hong Kong yourself

Victoria Peak

Hong Kong boasts not only its economic strength and progressive man-made objects – this city is also not deprived natural attractions. The main of them consider the peak Victoria. One of its peaks is the highest point. Hong Kong. Locals respect this place so much that it was published. the law that no building should exceed it height (because of this, by the way, the International Commercial Center significantly lower than originally planned project).

At the peak, cafes, restaurants and viewing platforms were built. WITH Victoria to Hong Kong has a great view; it is believed that from here you can truly appreciate the night panorama of the city. For to climb the peak, you can use the old a funicular tram, or an escalator from the book of records, breaking a half way on it (further uphill). On my Victoria’s peak view is the landmark look at the first visit, that is, if you have only 1-2 days, then here first. Read more about Victoria Peak.

Entrance cost: free on the peak; tram ticket one way – 28 Hong Kong dollars (children under 3 years old is free); the passage to the first level of the tower at the peak is free of charge; on observation deck of the tower (Sky Terrace 428) + tram in both directions – 65 Hong Kong dollars.

View from Victoria Peak to Hong Kong View from Victoria Peak to Hong Kong

View from Victoria Peak to Hong Kong

Sky 100 viewing platform

In the 21st century, the pearl of Hong Kong deservedly began to be considered Union Square. Over 4 billion were spent on its construction. dollars. Union Square is almost entirely made of glass and metal that first strikes after leaving the subway. One can clearly see the desire of designers to create the maximum symmetry, which is a tribute to traditional Chinese architecture. AT Union Square complex includes the area of the same name, six skyscrapers Waterfront (the very first buildings on Union Square), a shopping center Elements, a residential complex of 5 Sorrento skyscrapers, skyscrapers Harborside and TheArch (Arch), Towers Cullian (the most elite Hong Kong Real Estate) and the International Commercial Center.

Leading offices in the International Commercial Center financial corporations as well as the highest hotel in the world. It is also the tallest building in Hong Kong and is located here. observation deck on the 100th floor. By the way, the elevator goes up there in just 60 seconds.

Entrance fee: if you book tickets online, the ticket will be cost 142 HKD (Hong Kong dollars), on hand – 168 HKD. Children up to three years free passage. Ticket “Sun & Stars” – from 198 HKD.

Sky 100 viewing platform Sky 100 viewing platform

Sky 100 viewing platform

Exchange Square and the Bank of China Tower

Skyscrapers lovers can enjoy the Exchange Square complex. Here is the office of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, which occupies 6th place in the world in terms of capitalization: total turnover is about 3 trillion US dollars. In addition to the exchange in The buildings of the complex are consular offices. several countries, offices of leading banks. Foreign tourists in Exchange Square can attract a mall, exhibition center and, Of course, the external beauty of the building and respectability complex.

Another extraordinary skyscraper in Hong Kong is the Bank Tower. Of china. A special feature of the tower is its unusual angular shape, because of which the building looks futuristic that seems incredible when you consider that the construction was completed 26 years backwards Special attention of tourists is attracted by the observation deck. The tower, which is located on the 43rd floor. All these It makes sense to visit the sights of Hong Kong twice: one once a day, and the second at night, because Hong Kong is considered one of the most beautiful night cities.

Entry fee: free on the 43rd floor of the Bank of China Tower observation deck, but in the spring of 2016 it was closed, how will further – it is necessary to specify on the spot.

Big Buddha on Lantau Island

Another attraction of Hong Kong, but natural, is the island of Lantau. Lantau is a combination of nature and civilization, and not only modern civilization, but also ancient. Near the beaches and national parks here are Disneyland and International Airport. Also scattered around the island numerous ancient fortresses that became the last refuge Song Dynasty. The most famous landmarks of the island considered the Po Lin convent and the giant Buddha statue, where You can climb the cable car in a trailer with glass bottom.

There is also the Path of Wisdom, consisting of 38 tall wooden pillars on which ancient mantras are written. To me Liked even more than the Big Buddha. And those who have time and loves walking, you can make tracking neighborhoods (there are routes and even places for tents for those with overnight stay). Read more about the Big Buddha and the Path of Wisdom.

Entrance cost: to the Big Buddha you can go for free, inside There is a museum in the statue, the passage to it is paid – 78 Hong Kong dollars (the price includes lunch at the monastery’s vegetarian restaurant). TO Big Buddha can be climbed, including by cable car Ngong Ping 360. One-way adult ticket price ordinary booth (not with glass floor) – from 130 Hong Kong dollars.

Signs on arm and chest Signs on arm and chest

Signs on arm and chest


Hong Kong Disneyland is also located on Lantau Island, and You can get here by bus or subway. This is a huge park entertainment based on American cartoons and decorated with a peculiar Chinese flavor. It employs five thematic areas: Main Street and four so-called Countries: Country of Adventures, Country of Fantasy, Country of Toys and Country Future. On the Main Street there are souvenir shops, cafes and animation academy broadcasting fireworks over the famous castle Cinderella. In the Land of Adventures there is a show of the Lion King and work attractions that send visitors on a jungle cruise. AT In the Land of Fantasy, children meet with Disney characters and visit Sleeping Beauty Castle. The country of toys is a world based on Toy Story, and the Country of the Future is real improvised Cosmos! In the heart of Disneyland is giant lake which is also a playground and amusement rides.

Disneyland is often visited during a one-day transit in Hong Kong (when the plane arrives in the morning and flies away in the evening), because that it is located near the airport. So if you have hours 6-8 between flights, you can have time to look here.

Ticket price: from 539 Hong Kong dollars.

Ocean park

Ocean Park is spread over almost 90 hectares and consists of two parts. The lower part, the city bank, offers great Many children’s entertainment: aquarium, carousel, fountains, gold fish, swamp alligators, pavilions with giant pandas and monkeys. Here you can even fly a balloon! Upper part of ocean park is located on top of the mountain and consists mainly from attractions for adults. Get into this part the park in three ways: by cable car, on the escalator or on the track, in the trailer, simulating swimming under water. From the heights there is a breathtaking view of the park and Hong Kong. Here You can ride a roller coaster, swim up the river on wooden boat – and fall in it off a cliff, raising the fountain spray, feel the extreme rainforest – and all this in the atmosphere absolute realism. There are also two pavilions here, recreating the nature of the North and South Poles – with the royal penguins, walruses and arctic foxes. In a word, Ocean The park is not only an amusement park, but also an aquarium, and a real zoo!

Ticket price: from 385 Hong Kong dollars.

Monastery of Ten Thousand Buddhas

Hong Kong’s most famous religious site is the Monastery of the Ten thousand buddhas The monastery today is not valid, but all equally attracts pilgrims from all over the world. Its name is it received thanks to 12,800 monuments of Buddha installed there.

The entrance is free.

Avenue of Stars and Laser Show

Hong Kong owes its fame also thanks to the famous action movies featuring Bruce Lee. Hong Kong film industry is one of the most significant in the world, second only to Hollywood in the USA and Bollywood in India. Lovers of Asian cinema must be visit the local Avenue of Stars with its monuments to famous actors and memorial plates. In addition Alley is located on the picturesque embankment, and from here you can admire the skyscrapers and laser show, held once a day. Read more about the Avenue of Stars and Laser show.

Avenue of Stars and Bruce Lee Avenue of Stars and Bruce Lee

Avenue of Stars and Bruce Lee

Laser show Laser show

Laser show

And once you are here, look at Clock Tower. Tower recalls that Hong Kong was once a British colony. The Clock Tower is the oldest building in Hong Kong, created by Europeans and existing to this day. For a long time this The 44-meter tower has risen above the city, but today it is lost among the skyscrapers. However, the greatness of the British Empire still felt in this building. At the moment, the Clock Tower is closed on restoration, so its beauty can only be admired outside.

The entrance is free.

House with a flagpole

Another legacy of the British Empire in Hong Kong is the House with flagpole. The building is very beautiful and made in neoclassical style, but of interest to tourists is not the building itself, but thematic museum located in it. This is where the first time was an exhibition dedicated to tea was created, which eventually reached of such magnitude that it took to open a whole museum.

In the museum of tea utensils exhibited a huge number of exhibits: from vintage porcelain tea sets to modern machines that are found in China at every turn. In the museum films about teahouse traditions are also constantly being shown. ceremonies of Korea, Japan and China.

Entrance cost: entrance to the museum is free, the tea ceremony is about 80 Hong Kong dollars.

Science museum

Some consider this museum to be children’s, and there, indeed, better to go with the child to show him the essence of various physical phenomena on existing models. Yes, most of them can touch, twirl, and watch how it works. Parents there too should be interesting. 4 floors of various exhibits ranging from simple electrical circuits, ending with an auto simulator in real value and household appliances in the section. More about the Museum science.

Entrance cost: from 25 Hong Kong dollars for one an adult.

Science Museum Science Museum

Science museum

Botanical and Zoological Garden

Hong Kong’s vibrant landmark is the Botanical and Zoological garden, located on the slope of Victoria Peak. The garden was It was founded in the 19th century by British colonists. Here are collected about Thousands of plant species, many species of animals, reptiles and birds. BUT at certain times, tourists are even offered to participate in planting exotic plants.

Entrance to the garden is free.

Park hong kong

As an option, if you go to the botsad, then go on the way stroll through the beautiful grounds of Hong Kong Park, it is very close. Lots of greenery, paths, ponds, a large playground. And there is approximately in the middle of the park observation deck in the tower, there you can climb and see the whole area from a height. Yes, in comparison with By the sky, it is very low, but nonetheless. More about the park Hong Kong.

The entrance is free.

View from the lookout in Hong Kong park View from the lookout in Hong Kong park

View from the lookout in Hong Kong park

Nan Lian Garden and Chi Lin Monastery

Very beautiful garden, albeit small. Such a small man-made oasis among the high buildings of the metropolis. Tropical trees and bonsai, scattered stones and gazebos in the Chinese style, beautiful there both in the afternoon and in the evening when the lights come on. Also on The territory has a museum of ancient Chinese architecture and a restaurant with waterfall And opposite the garden is a monastery, also quite is interesting. Read more about Nan Lian’s garden.

The entrance is free.

Garden Nan Lian Garden Nan Lian

Garden Nan Lian

Attractions map

P.S. On my first visit in 4 days, I visited Victoria Peak, Big Buddha, went to swim in the New Territories, went to the Garden Nan Lian, walked along the Avenue of Stars and walked well through the city. If you plan everything in advance, you can have a lot of time look.

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