Food prices in Hong Kong at the supermarket

After the previous post about China, I decided to make another similar post, but about prices in Hong Kong so that you can advance check out the food in the supermarket. As you know, Hong Kong is not at all cheap, and eating constantly in the cafes will not be affordable for everyone. Yes, there are inexpensive cafes there, but they need to be sought out, and it will be any noodles. And, for example, a big slice of pizza (but not pizza as a whole) we bought somehow in the city center for 100 HKD. At the moment publication of the article is 750 rubles (1 HKD = 7.5 rubles). Not weak Yes?

Therefore, in my opinion, in Hong Kong it is very important to shoot apartment with a kitchen and cook yourself.

Prices in Hong Kong for food in the supermarket

Everything is good in terms of self-cooking, but in Hong Kong The problem is to find a supermarket. Well, the way we are used to. We lived near the subway station Wan Chai (almost the very center) and near, except for 7-11, nothing did not have. I tried to search through Google Maps, searched the forums, and According to this information, there were literally 1-2 shops around us, but the assortment left much to be desired, rather it is an extended version 7-11, not a supermarket, we could not even buy rice. Usually advised to look for Wellcome or ParkNShop, but we accidentally found another supermarket – Kai Bo Food (10 minutes from our apartment), and there purchased

Unlike Hainan, there is quite a choice of “European” food. Although again I did not see the diversity of baked goods, cheeses, dairy products. Maybe there are big supermarkets in them. everything is there, but next to us there was nothing big. But what about great that a lot of things are in english.

Food prices in Hong Kong - Kai Bo Food supermarketFood prices in Hong Kong - Kai Bo Food supermarket

Hong Kong Food Prices – Kai Bo Food Supermarket

Rice 5 kg packRice 5 kg pack

Rice 5 kg pack

Corn / soybean oil 2l and rice packs 2 kg 36 hkdCorn / soybean oil 2l and rice packs 2 kg 36 hkd

Corn / soybean oil 2l and rice packs 2 kg 36 hkd



Ketchup and various pasta to spaghettiKetchup and various pasta to spaghetti

Ketchup and various pasta to spaghetti

Frozen FlounderFrozen Flounder

Frozen Flounder

Another frozen fishAnother frozen fish

Another frozen fish

Frozen fish and meat ballsFrozen fish and meat balls

Frozen fish and meat balls

Cream cheese and butterCream cheese and butter

Cream Cheese and Butter



Water 1.5l and 5lWater 1.5l and 5l

Water 1.5l and 5l

Some wineSome wine

Some wine

There was still a market near the house, but the prices were there. It was enough for a mango. Ask a question and somehow it got sick immediately.

Mango, price for 3 thingsMango, price for 3 things

Mango, price for 3 things



Fish from 15 hkdFish from 15 hkd

Fish from 15 hkd

On the map

P.S. By the way, everything is sold on the market not only by the piece, but also by weight, only another measure is used – pound (pounds), rather than kilograms (1 lb = 0.45 kg). Not very comfortable.

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