To hell with Thailand, going to Hong Kong and Macau :)

As probably many have already understood, a trip to Asia this year It will take place, albeit with completely different goals, thoughts and ideas. sensations. Everything is real, however! First I will go there alone in order do two group tours and join me in November the whole family. I really hope that there will be no obstacles to our Egorka could at least a little swim in the ocean and bask in the sun. We probably do not spend the whole winter over the whole winter. we will, therefore, somewhere in the area of the new year we plan to return backwards Although, who knows, maybe fate will dispose so that we stay late I just let it go, I would have stirred up the Around the World :)

To hell with Thailand, going to Hong Kong and Macao :) To hell with Thailand, going to Hong Kong and Macao :)

To hell with Thailand, going to Hong Kong and Macau :)

The content of the article

  • 1 Route and Plans
  • 2 New thoughts and feelings
  • 3 Preparing for the trip

Route and Plans

My route: Hong Kong – Macau – Bangkok – Kamphaeng Phet – Khlong Lan National Park – Hua Hin – Bangkok.

October 17 I am flying to Hong Kong, where I will stay for almost 4 days. Next on ferry in Macau, a day I wander around the city and in Bangkok. After a couple days in the capital of Thailand will move north to the historic and national parks where I hope to see not too popular tourists places. And then the sea and Hua Hin will be waiting for me. On this, Of course, everything does not end, for a group journey is coming across the north of Thailand (there is still space), the route I have already been described and I will not repeat it here. If it succeeds, then somewhere in intervals between groups or after them, I would love to I would also visit Krabi and Koh Phangan, possibly along with family. So, invitations are accepted from those who still (or already) lives in Thailand and would like to meet you.

Note: the price of the flight, taking into account visits to 2 new countries turned out very attractive. Direct flight Moscow-Hong Kong Aeroflot company cost 11,500 rubles, Macau-Bangkok flight 3100 rubles. Ferry from Hong Kong to Macau somewhere 20-30 $. As a result, for ~ 15,000 rubles I fly to Thailand and still watch the two countries along the way. Will be needed back somehow too intricate to come back to save on flights.

New thoughts and feelings

It’s funny, but something happens to us about what we once read and during that little was believed – our son changes our attitude towards life and worldview. Now my next dream is coming true – a trip to Asia, to Thailand, albeit for a short time, but it’s not really needed. I really wanted to go there all year. after our return and also very upset by about the fact that we have become attached to Moscow, from which wanted to leave. Imagine 6 years living with the intention to leave, go to this, get a chance to move and find out what will have to stay in Moscow for a completely different reason (who knows – this is an article about it).

But I wrote it not to the fact that someone regretted me :) On the contrary, everything is beautiful, and life goes on. Now i don’t so important is Thailand and life in it. No, I have not come to terms with circumstances (travel still be!), but rather revised life goals, and came up with new dreams. I somehow I have already written that everything begins with desire, and now I have it is clear that smiling Yegor is more necessary to me than some kind there Asia, which is secondary. So I’m sad that I’m going alone for now, and therefore will be back as soon as possible. With the family, as it turned out, can it is good to be everywhere, who would have thought that children give so much joy :)

Preparing for the trip

Traditionally, I’ll write what I had to do before leaving for a week and a half. Something very quickly decided, and time It turned out very little. Well, what a new passport, international laws and bank cards that I received in the spring.

– Write a few articles so that at least something is published on blog. – Form groups, answer questions, tell them basic information and purchase airline tickets. – finish all work and abandon the new. – Issue a Thai visa in Moscow in order not to Dangle in a visa-run. – Buy a photo bag, as my photo backpack Kata 3n1-33 is still too bulky for such trips. A little bit I’ll review the bag later, and gut my backpack on the video, in order to show that I take with me. – Buy a couple of travel bags to little things did not hang out on the backpack (before the packages used, but it not very comfortable). The task turned out to be some kind of non-trivial, or I what I do not understand, whether manufacturers of travel bags. – Replace your An old smartphone on a modern device. True choice problem was very serious, because I had to choose between a smartphone and a tablet. This kind of choice in the course only I have :) – Make an extra bank card for Daria, since we We usually go together, and she did not have her own card, and access to family treasury need to have during my absence. – Prepare for the trip and collect things in Asia. Turns out to be me I don’t need much when I’m alone. – forget the permutation in the room and upgrade some of its elements. We do it periodically, adapting the space to current needs, respectively, without me this event could not be held, and the moment is about to should have come already. – And much more associated with relief of family life in my absence.

So tomorrow I have a plane and new countries ahead. I will try to immediately write about everything that happens, as interesting and not so much :)

P.S. Maybe I’ll try to shoot a video this time if impressions will be overwhelmed and spread them on your channel youtube. Although the video we often shoot, but since its processing takes a decent time, then it remains to lie in the archives. How would you learn to shoot so that it can be immediately on youtube upload.

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