Types of housing in Thailand

Due to the increased popularity of wintering in Thailand the development of the remote work market in Thailand, the issue of real estate in Thailand is very relevant. Types of housing Thailand is significantly different depending on location relative to tourist areas and resorts. Large the role is played by where you intend to settle – in the city or village and in which part of the country (province).

This is just a mini-review, a more complete description. Thai housing you will find in the article “Overview Real Estate Thailand ”

In Russia, we are accustomed to the division of housing in the room, communal apartments, apartments in high-rise buildings and Khrushchev houses, cottages and others. To get acquainted with housing Thailand should decide on her species, starting with the most budget:

  • Room. Separate room with private facilities (shower and toilet), but without own kitchen.
  • Studio. This is a living area that combines the living room, bedroom and the kitchen in the same room and divided into zones by partitions or other decorative solutions. Usually studios are larger than the area of ​​the usual room, and the elite options of such housing can reach up to 100 m2 or more.
  • Apartments (flat). They differ in the number of bedrooms and restrooms, including separate living room and kitchen.
  • Condominium. Condominiums in Thailand represent a high-rise modern buildings with separate apartments and studios, remotely reminiscent of Russian low-grade. Often condos have their own a separate parking lot, gym and swimming pool for residents only (how to buy an apartment in Thailand?).
  • House. Houses in Thailand may vary significantly in their availability. amenities and sizes. It can be single-storey and multi-storey, including garage, living room, dining room, veranda. Number of bedrooms and Bathrooms depends on the size of the house or cottage.
  • Townhouse. This type of housing is flowing in the urban environment and is a 2 or 3-storey building with upper residential premises. On the ground floor there is usually a shop, company or cafe owned by the owners of the house.
  • Villa. It is the most elite type of accommodation in Thailand and besides the huge beautiful house includes a fenced area with garden, swimming pool and other entertainment or buildings (like buy a house or villa in thailand?)

The cost of housing in Thailand is rising as right in proportion to the types of real estate presented in the list, and depending on the distance to the beaches, for example Kata Beach on Phuket or Jomtien Beach in Pattaya. However, taking into account the location of the future place of residence may well be that a room in the center of Bangkok will cost more than a house in a remote Sea Province of Thailand. By the way, we advise you to read interesting information on taxes on buying property in Thailand about the cost of “communal”.

The house: rent, from 15 thousand baht, purchase – from 2.5 million. baht Apartment: rent – from 4 thousand baht, purchase – from 700 thousand baht

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