10 rules for rental housing in Thailand

Let’s figure out how to rent a house in Thailand and it does not stay with the nose. After all, because Ignorance can spend a lot of time, money and nerves. Below The information provided will give you basic housing removal skills. AND So…

Rules for removing housing in Thailand

1. Book a hotel in Thailand a week in advance to was where to stop for searches. Stay informed if you decide come to taiw peak season and without reservation, you need an incredible good luck to find accommodation.

2. Prior to arrival, well study the resort areas (maps of resorts Thailand), the beaches of the island where you are going to stay. Than the better you know the terrain, the less chance you will have get lost and, accordingly, quickly find accommodation.

3. Rent a bike or a car, or better a bike, because cars on Thai islands and provincial cities are not so popular, and expensive is fun. You will save on a bike huge amount of time in finding housing. The right rental in Thailand is a separate one. theme.

4. In search of rental housing in Thailand, ride not only on the main roads, drive into all the nooks and turns, even if it seems to you that there is nothing standing there. Exactly how once in such places it is. And also ask for information local Thais, sometimes they know good options. By the way, in Recently, a special reservation site has become popular. Airbnb housing, with which you can book a housing of the same private trader, only through the Internet.

5. If you have already found the accommodation you need in Thailand, be prepared that the owners can ask to leave money in the pledge for 1-2 months, but also a pledge for possibly you spoiled household items like rule, if you do not break anything during this time, this money are returning.

Attention! The fifth item does not work in finding housing in Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. There is a minimum rental period from 6 months.

Rental housing in Thailand

Such a house in Thailand can be rented for just 30,000 baht in month

What to look for when renting a home

1. The cost of public utilities. Utility Paying Thailand may vary significantly depending on resort, province, proximity to the sea, class housing.

2. The presence of the Internet. If internet is important to you Thailand, then when searching for accommodation, be sure to check this paragraph. Specify its quality, if one router is connected in the house all tenants or your house is not so close to him, the speed data transfer will not please you. Also ask if you can will draw you a dedicated line. In this case, the speed will be sufficient, but you may have for all this pleasure pay immediately for the year.

3. Linen change, cleaning, etc. When renting accommodation in Thailand, specify whether these services are included in the price, if they are for you are important.

4. Mold. When inspecting the room, look into various dark places, wardrobes, smell. Mold hard displayed, the more it can be on your things.

5. Air conditioning and other household appliances. Do not forget ask about the presence of air conditioning, kettle, washing machine, stoves, baths and more before signing a rental contract. These devices must be at least in the territory of the house, except for the air conditioner, Of course, it is desirable that he be with you.

After renting a property, you can begin your job search in Thailand. I also advise you to read the article “How not lose money on vacation. ”

Communication with the owners

When renting a property in Thailand, it is very important to know English. So how, if due to his ignorance, you can not agree about the price and other nuances (if you, of course, do not rent from Russian in Thailand), and also can not understand the answer, get ready for surprises after settling. Otherwise it is better to contact special Russian-speaking offices. But keep in mind that you have to overpay a couple of thousand baht.

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