Tips for buying a home in Thailand

What to do to a foreigner who wants to buy a house in Thailand. By law of Thailand, all houses and villas, on the ground must be registered either on a Thai citizen, or a company. In this case, you start with the registration of the company and registration of her real estate.

What you need to buy a house in Thailand

Very often, villas are offered for sale already issued on Thai company, in this case, the task of a lawyer will be to check the legality of the director of the company, the documents of the land and the house itself. AND here you need to clearly understand that buy a villa in thailand which is already framed by a company in Thailand, you are actually buying a company. The procedure is reduced to the fact that the statutory documents are changed. Read about taxes in Thailand, which you have to pay when property purchase.

If the house or villa is too expensive for you, then the best option would be to buy an apartment in Thailand as well You can take a look at all the properties in Thailand. whole

Buying a home in Thailand

That is, to buy a house in Thailand, decorated in Thai company, then, having issued the documents, you will not see your name in mostly title deed. In this document, no no changes are made because the company and the owner remain those same ones. Changes are made to the statutory documents of the company, in which changes the name of the previous director to you.

When buying a plot, you will have two options:

  1. The house is already decorated for a Thai company, and you just change documents.
  2. The house belongs directly to the citizen of Thailand. In that case, the procedure is slightly more complicated, first Thai draws up the company in which he becomes a director is then made changes in the documents as in the first version.

When opening a company to buy a villa in Thailand, the share capital is not paid in fact if a company with a registered capital does not conduct business and submits zero balance sheets, then naturally no material responsibility to her to anyone can not arise. Consequently, the house is no guarantee.

Buying a home in Thailand

Company selection

When you are a few steps away acquiring a home, there is at least a crucial moment for choosing a company that provides legal support for your deal. There are hundreds of offers from mixed law firms, all of them have different prices and different deadlines. Turning to him, in the end, you get your hands on all the necessary documents and become the owner of a house in Thailand.

But the question always arises of communicating with Thai staff and understanding what kind of documents you got on your hands. If talk about the fact that the Russian türkmen in Thailand is very know English well, the same can be said about Thai lawyers.


To buy a house in Thailand, make a deal companies that have Russian-speaking lawyers, it’s best to these were native speakers, then all questions you get detailed answers and you will know about all the nuances of your deal. After you become the owner of the long-awaited housing, We recommend to get acquainted with the cost of utilities on her

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