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Among all online resources offering travelers intermediary services for finding apartments or houses in the private sector Abroad, the Airbnb accommodation booking site is one of most popular and makes a big competition to services on hotel booking. Its functionality is quite simple, but small briefing for those who, for the first time, decided to pick up a roof over your head in an overseas voyage will be useful.

Some useful tips on how to work Airbnb is supported by illustrations, so you will not be labor to do everything exactly as it should and go to rest to Thailand (or somewhere else), already knowing exactly what will happen where lay your head. To do this, just go to the site and fill out the search form.

1300 rubles as a gift!

1. Registration

If you want to rent an apartment in Airbnb, then must pass the registration procedure on this Internet resource. Many are not too fond of showing their contact details. around the world. In the case of Airbnb, the bitter pill will be sweetened with a bonus: gift 25 dollars at registration. It can spend only on rental housing in Thailand, more precisely in 190 countries of the world. Based on the average prices offered for accommodation, their enough to spend the night in a comfortable apartment.

How Airbnb Works

2. Search for housing

Next, rent apartments in Airbnb begins with quite common for the World Wide Web procedure – filling search forms. You will be required to specify your destination. date of arrival and departure. Be sure to specify how many people travels After that, press the red button “Start search “and find yourself on the preliminary page results.

Rent an apartment in the Airbnb

3. Screening of unnecessary housing

What you see may not seem very attractive, because first on the list will go the most expensive offers. To rent Airbnb housing on your terms use additional filters. The main one is estimated price range. By moving the right slider to the left, you You can stay at the most affordable prices. Left needed in order to weed out the options well, very budget, obviously unsuitable for the offered comfort.

Rental Apartments in Airbnb

4. Useful filters

Having decided on the price, go to the proposed amenities location and other options. To do this, click “More filters”. Airbnb will prompt you to select a quantity. bathrooms and toilets, the presence or absence of the Internet (more about the Internet in Thailand), washing machine. At sight this wealth try to be practical. If you are traveling on business – without the Internet is not enough. Accommodation for more than three days without a kitchen may seem overly extreme. But the presence of a pool – A pleasant, but very expensive and not quite appropriate bonus.

Rent a house in the Airbnb

You can always expand the range of options offered. Airbnb housing comfort, if you click the triangular icon to the right of the main set. For example, in the “Convenience” column, you first show only the “Internet” “TV” and “kitchen.” Clicking on the triangular icon on the right, you will see the “intercom” option, “fireplace” and others. Putting in all the windows opposite the desired tick options, you will reduce the number of sentences. Remaining will be exactly what you would like to receive. Taking advantage of all kinds of filters, you make sure that prices Airbnb is quite accessible to most. travelers.

Airbnb prices

5. Selection of offers on the map

Now you can deal with the proposals “personally” by seeing their photos. (on the right side of the Airbnb page) and location (on the map left). The map scale can be changed in the same way as in the service. Yandex. If you are interested in a specific area, click on it and Get the ultimate set of rental options. AT The bottom of the map has a “Language and Currency” button. Pressing her, you will be able to choose in the ruble price format, and in local currency.

Booking apartments in Airbnb

6. Detailed review

Get acquainted with every favorite option of housing in Airbnb is possible twice: both with the house itself and with its owner. Clicking on the thumbnail at home will take you to the page with its full description and a small photo gallery. Guest reviews about him host can be read by clicking on the avatar, which is below the thumbnails. If the information is submitted in English and you find it difficult to translate, find the red inscription “Translate in Russian “, service Airbnb you all translate. Remember: any inscription that is highlighted in red color, hides additional information. Do not be lazy to click on it so that during the installation there are no surprises.

Airbnb prices

7. Final moment

Once you have decided on the final housing option, Start booking an apartment in Airbnb. The procedure is also simple, but the algorithm must be observed.

  1. If you still hesitate, but do not want to lose sight of If you like the option, add it to the list of acceptable ones by clicking “Save to Wish List” button.
  2. In the absence of information that can only be reported home owner, click on the “Contact the landlord.” Be prepared for the fact that he may not know English or another language you understand.
  3. When all doubts are overcome, click the “Request booking “. In the window that opens, fill in the boxes containing information about you and your bank card. There you can again ask the host about anything.
  4. Having specified all personal and bank data, put a tick in the box opposite the “I agree with all the terms”, after which the “Continue” button will become active. Click it and Wait for the response of the owner of housing.

The deal of renting and renting an apartment in Airbnb will be considered prisoner if his master responds within 24 hours. Approximate wait time can be found in reviews about it. Money will be debited from your account only after the final consent of the landlord.

Housing around the world in Airbnb

The ability to rent housing around the world in Airbnb imposes certain obligations on the borrower. The community principle that unites the members of this resource states that “Anonymity harms trust.” Therefore, on your profile page click on the link “Confidence and Confirmation”, and then Click the red “Confirm my profile” button. After follow the step by step instructions. Past the procedure verification can count on a quick and objective solution controversial issues.

You can read reviews about Airbnb in the comments. and don’t be too lazy to add your own :)

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