Types and cost of utilities in Thailand

You will be surprised, but the ownership of real estate in Thailand is not considered as the reason for the annual tax levy fees. By purchasing a property, you only pay extra tax. with its purchase, not exceeding five percent of the cost. AT the rest utilities in Thailand paid in the same way as with us. Charged fixed housekeeping fees, as well as the number of spent water and electricity. There may still be service charges. – for telephone and cable TV, but they are usually combined with house payment.

Payment of general house needs

In Thailand, it is called maintenance fee (Maintenance fee). It includes almost the same thing we pay for. houses. This is garbage collection, repair in common areas and other work. In high-end condominiums to expense items payment of security services, common pool is added. One more significant moment than the “communal” in Thailand different from ours is that the maintenance fee is paid forward, and once a year, in January. Payment amount for general house needs depend on the tariff per square meter condominium executives. It can be both 15 and 50 baht. Everything depends on the arrangement of the quarter and the level of service in it. Now multiply this rate by the area of ​​your housing, and the result – for 12 months.


This type of utility bills is the most difficult forecasting. And all because in Thailand there is no single tariff for electricity. The rate changes in steps as you increase the number of kilowatt-hours consumed.

Electricity charge in Thailand is calculated on the basis of the tariff 5 baht per kWh and depends on the region of residence. Most a voracious consumer of electricity is air conditioning. is the main source of utility costs, because without it in It is as difficult for Thailand to live as in Russia without heating. If you not too pretentious to the level of comfort, then an acceptable microclimate in the studio apartment will cost you 1 thousand baht. Around the clock the included air conditioner will make you fork over 5 thousand.


Water Thailand comes to apartments only cold, and heats up already apartment electrical water heaters. The bill for the consumed electricity exhibited at the beginning of the month on the fact of the expense for the previous It is necessary to pay it quickly – in two weeks they will start charging penalties and fines, and very substantial.

The only difference in the payment of this type of communal in Thailand is the fact that the cubic meter is called “unit”. It costs an average of 35 baht. All water heaters in the apartments flow type. They do not affect the water meter.

Telephone, TV, Internet

Most likely, payments for this type of telecommunication services are not will be part of the communal. After all, in Thailand landline phone – great rarity.

Cable to the apartment can be laid and to connect to Internet in Thailand. Fixed network connection costs 20 dollars a month. Fee paid for it a year ahead. It should be clarified: is this service part of a condominium service or it is provided by the provider. In the first case, its value is certain will be included in the Maintenance fee as a separate article.

Sim cards are sold in Thailand at every corner. Including Thai supermarkets. As in Russia, you can choose a tariff with Internet connection. The minimum cost of a call inside country equals 1 baht.

Cable TV can also be part of the service. condominium. It costs from 10 dollars a month.

What is the result

Utility payments in Thailand are not particularly burdensome. Monthly maintenance of a studio apartment in a condominium economy class will cost you at least 500 baht, maximum – in 1500. This is about half of all payments. The cost of electricity and water, if not too wasteful, is about the same – from 1000 to 1500 baht. And now we calculate the communal content of a flat in a 46-room comfort class condominium m² on Phuket Island:

  • Condominium content – 1,800 bat.
  • Electricity and water (by counters) – up to 1000 baht
  • Internet – 500 baht.
  • Cable TV – 350 baht.
  • Insurance (optional) – 400 baht.

Total: 4050 baht per month!

It is worth noting that when renting property in Thailand, utilities are always paid by the owner. The employer should not worry about whether he has any debts “public utilities”.

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