How to buy cheap property in Pattaya a crisis?

In this article we want to talk about how to save money when buying an apartment in Pattaya. What is happening in the market today? how influenced the fall of the ruble on the real estate market in Thailand and what prospects?

Today in the real estate market of Pattaya, there is an active a surge in sales, or rather resale of contracts for new apartments from developers. Russians who once bought property here in installments – faced with difficulties in repayment arrears, it caused a wave of real estate resale at prices lower than that of developers and, of course, attracted investors from all countries that happily buy out such hot offers. A discount for some apartments comes to 50%!

Among them are citizens of the CIS, who, despite the crisis, try to withdraw their funds and secure them in the currency, more precisely in thai baht that is stable.

Many investors immediately rent their property in rent, which allows them to receive a stable income.

What apartments in Pattaya are now in demand, how many you can save, as well as legal moments we will tell the guys from the real estate agency in Thailand “Country of Smiles”, which participated in the filming of several video reviews on real estate for famous bloggers Alexander and Svetlana, leading channel “Eternal summer”.

We hope these videos will be useful for you, will give representation of the country, real estate, and if you decide to buy real estate in Pattaya, the guys will be happy to help you.

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Get acquainted with the projects, prices, and find all the hot You can offer suggestions on the website:

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