How did I get to China on Hainan Island

So I found myself in China, on Hainan Island. I thought that Sochi and Serbia will not run away, and I also wanted to go there in the winter, but while doing things, spring has come. Therefore, I decided that you can to postpone. For a couple of days, I got ready and flew to China. Flew with change in Wuhan (Wuhan), to cheaper, and on the spot public transport (taxi-train-rickshaw) traveled. Can There was a transfer, but it is more expensive, and I really wanted to check whether or not i get myself.

How easy it was to travel compared to what was before, even without knowing the language (in this case, Chinese)! I looked at the map of the island on Google, saw a railway branch there, which is just in the right direction, I learned the approximate schedule trains on the Internet – the route is almost ready. But the basis of the plan lay down the idea that at the airport of the resort city of Sanya, must be Information where English is spoken. AT In principle, all key names could be tried to be found in the Internet in advance, but I would have doubts about their correctness.

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Tickets are traditionally monitored at Aviaseels and Skyscanner. Here is real, almost no difference, no matter what anyone says. Watched Also, tickets to Serbia from Sochi, that is, not only to China. Well, maybe 200-500 rubles differed, no more. And, I often buy in the agency Onetwotrip, so here it is in the transition from Aviaseelsa It was always a bit cheaper, 300 rubles somewhere, than when Skyscanner.

Most of all I worried not about how I would get on the spot, but so that they do not take away any battery. I read passions about strict requirements in terms of battery and how they taken at customs inspection. I was still flying with a transfer, and if in Moscow, it seems to me, they don’t check it too much, then how will be in China, I did not know. But everything went smoothly and without excesses, everyone didn’t care about my batteries. So just for nothing worried.

The first shoulder Moscow-Wuhan, a big planeThe first shoulder Moscow-Wuhan, a big plane

The first shoulder Moscow-Wuhan, a large aircraft

The transplant took only 30 minutes! And this is with a move from one terminal to another (there is actually 5 minutes walk). And I I was afraid not to have time for 2 hours :) It is strange that they could not find information about transit to Wuhan, through it half of China flights Southern flies.

Transit to Wuhan, inscriptions in Russian!Transit to Wuhan, inscriptions in Russian!

Transit to Wuhan, inscriptions in Russian!

In Sanya, on the airfield, workers move on bikesIn Sanya, on the airfield, workers move on bikes

In Sanya, on the airfield workers move on bikes

Sanya Airport

The plan was right, Information was there and I found out the most important thing is how to get from the airport to the railway station (taxi or bus), found out the prices for travel, exchanged money there (at the airport did not find any exchangers or ATM), and asked to write I name the railway station in Chinese.

In general, everything turned out to be quite simple when you have the right ones with you. titles in Chinese. When leaving the airport, they flew at me taxi drivers, offering to take 100 yuan to the railway station for “skorimnye” but I carefully looked, looked, where the whole main goes the crowd and realized that there is something like a public taxi, with payment on to the counter. Just need to defend a small queue (literally 5-10 minutes) Total, drove for 25 yuan. There is a difference?


The taxi driver convinces me that 100 yuan is the most, although on in the background a rack with a taxi over the counter

How do you like the solution for tinting front windows?How do you like the solution for tinting front windows?

How do you decide to tint the front windows?

Sanya City looks decentSanya City looks decent

Sanya City looks decent

A train

The next stage is to buy a train ticket to Lingshui. At first stuck in ticket machines where English turned out to be (!) and everything is good, intuitive control, you can pay cache, you can card, but the machine requires some kind of ID-card with barcode, and I only have a Russian passport. Had to go to cashier in the hope that they will understand me, because the only thing I could do say this is the name of the city where I need to.

Surprisingly, the woman at the checkout did not ask anything, showed me on the monitor, where in the intervals between Chinese characters was Departure time, train number, and ticket price 18.5 yuan. Good, that I had previously tried to buy a ticket in the machine and therefore knew everything this data. I wonder what I would do if I needed a ticket. would not be on the nearest train, but on the next, or even through day? :) By the way, yes, she knew the word passport in English, although I first tried to ask me for it in Chinese.

Railway station in SanyaRailway station in Sanya

Railway station in Sanya

Board of train departure, try to understandBoard of train departure, try to understand

Board of train departure, try to understand

Rebus, find on the ticket number of the car and placeRebus, find on the ticket number of the car and place

Rebus, find on the ticket number of the car and place

Train awesome! 200 km / h, inside, as in the plane, cost even with the course is very low. 80 km I drove in 25 minutes and paid 18.5 yuan. Human toilets have free water that’s just no wifi.

I really liked the Chinese trainsI really liked the Chinese trains

I really liked Chinese trains

The train is rushing 200 km / hThe train is rushing 200 km / h

The train is rushing 200 km / h


Well, the last stage is to get from the railway station to the very Ling Shui City. On foot there was about an hour, but with a suitcase I decided ride a rickshaw. They just stuck to me when I came out of the trains. I was excited to offer me a ride for 50 yuan! This is very expensive, and did not settle for less, apparently a white guy with red suitcase can pay how much they say. Generally it was dusk, barely knocked down to 40, although it really stands there 15-20. AT next time I will go, try to bargain a little longer, and even better learn numbers in Chinese, more advanced will look then.

Tuk-tuki here is called rickshawsTuk-tuki here is called rickshaws

Tuk-tuki here called rickshaws

I explained to the rickshaw where I wanted to, very simply – from a photo with naming a place.

P.S. By the way, in the plane Wuhan-Sanya saw only one European. At the railway station one more. Well, this is for you to understand that with Europeans tight somehow, apparently so there is no point in knowing English. Although, knowledgeable people say that in Sanya, and Russians and Europeans meet in a decent season quantity.

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