Full review of the real estate market in Thailand

All tourists visiting Thailand sooner or later ask themselves one and the same question: “Is it possible to invest in real estate Thailand’s better apartment or house? “If a person regularly spends the winter in Thailandland for several months it is worth considering the purchase of housing, and for this The procedure, of course, you have to pay Thai tax.

Let’s take a closer look at the common option. real estate purchase – buying an apartment in Thailand. it a serious step that requires a detailed study of all the nuances, related to pricing real estate in Thailand, payment options, subtleties in registration of property rights, but First of all, you should decide what you are going to buy.

Buying an apartment in Thailand

There is a legal difference in the design of real estate– these are houses, land and condominiums (multi-family comfortable homes). By law of Thailand, farangmozhet buy an apartment in thailanden your name and 100% it will be protected by law and the state.

Condominium in Thailand is modern building, a complex of buildings, a few dozen floors high with limited access by unauthorized persons. In this type of property everything is done so that tenants feel calm and comfortable and safe. 24-hour security, maids and service, working 24 hours a day, plus the ability to use additional services for a minimal fee.

Condominium in Thailand

Buying an apartment in a Thai condominium, you buy the package that comes with the apartment and is paid from utilities:

  • free parking;
  • gym;
  • pool;
  • tropical garden.

A big plus is that in Thailand there is no property tax, everything, what you pay for an apartment is a service charge that’s like once goes to cover these costs parking, security, pool, garbage disposal, etc.

Thailand Condominium Classes

High class. Implies a high-rise apartment sea ​​with a mandatory access to the beach, very developed infrastructure project (gym, restaurant, swimming pool, parking, security, etc.). The price for such housing in Thailand will start from 90 thousand baht for the quarter. m. For this amount you get fully prepared to live the apartment is finished to the highest level and partly furnished cabinet furniture.

Condominium of the middle class

Condominium middle class

High Class Condominium

High class condominium

Middle class. Very popular with foreigners alike as it is not inferior in quality finishes and quality construction of high-class apartments. Such property in Thailand will be within walking distance from the sea (250-400 meters) and the price will be about 40 thousand baht per square meter. m

Economy class. Real estate with cheaper finishing, infrastructure, distance from the sea in kilometers and more. Price square meter of such real estate will start from 25 thousand Baht per sq. m. m

Buying a home in Thailand

Buy a house in Thailand somewhat more complicated, because it is on the ground, and the earth is Thailand for sale. Land can be made into Thai company or thai. But there is a definite scheme that practiced for over 30 years, as foreigners buy land and houses. About this legal subtlety, you, as a property owner in Thailand, it is very important to know in advance, based on it, to plan their investments and not succumb to tempting appeals.

House in Thailand

It is possible that having arrived in Tai as a tourist and on the spot, appreciating the real proposals, your initial plans for Thai square meters can dramatically change.

This topic can be considered in more detail. articles “How to buy a house in Thailand” and “How to buy apartment in Thailand. ”

Factors affecting the value of real estate

The question of buying an apartment in a condominium or private house (villas) in Thailand everyone decides for himself, here you can consider a lot factors.

If you look at real estate in Pattaya, then this is already a big city, and not everyone can afford to buy a house by the sea foreigners, as this is already a luxury. If you want to have available housing in Thailand, then you need to consider options that are some distance from the sea.

Property prices in Thailand more dependent on proximity to the sea and beaches (for example, Pattaya beaches or Phuket beaches), which is located next to real estate object. The farther from the coast, the cheaper the accommodation. If a you want to enjoy the sea view, then the apartment is optimal solution.

All in the same Pattaya at the moment more than two hundred residential condominiums, so the choice is yours. You can choose real estate ranging from 1 million baht a kilometer from the sea to condominium with pool and gym. Or you can consider elite options by the sea, apartments with an area of ​​100 square meters. m and more high level of quality and service.


The average utility bill in Thailand is 30 baht / 1 m². That is, if you have an apartment of 30 square meters. 900 baht per month is yours service charge plus you pay for water and electricity counters. Water in Thailand is inexpensive, your bill will be 200-300 baht from a small apartment. But electricity will cost more expensive if you are an economical person and do not often use air conditioning, the bill will be 700-900 baht per month, with air conditioning will be from 1500-2000 baht.

Primary Real Estate Market in Thailand

Thailand’s housing market is overflowing offers from different developers and purchase options The apartment is also quite enough. But real estate, this the market, which also has its own trends, one of which investment during the construction phase. This is the most popular purchase. in Thailand.

In Thailand, the law strictly regulates the company developer, it happens as follows. If the developer delays the delivery of real estate within six months, then it pays very heavy fines, if this period is higher, then the owners of the company bear criminal responsibility. Therefore, developers are very clear maintain deadlines for the delivery of real estate in Thailand, in 90% of cases it’s not There are delays.

Keep in mind that buying property at the initial stage construction, for all the time of construction, it will rise in price by 40-50%. When buying a home at the construction stage, you get very convenient payment plan. This is a 20% down payment, for the duration of the construction period, you pay in equal parts another 30%, and 50% you pay when you receive the keys to your property.

Thailand’s secondary real estate market

If you are not willing to spend big money and wait for a few months, then through a real estate agency you can purchase housing in the secondary market. In this case, the chance to become the owner housing Thailand you have dramatically increased. And the procedure itself registration of the apartment in the property is extremely simple – from you all you need is a passport and money.

All you need from the seller – a certificate of ownership real estate and no debt statement to condominium. These documents are handed over to the city hall of Thailand, there enter the name of the new owner, put the seal of the city hall, the owner receives these documents and then gives money for real estate. The whole procedure in seasonal time takes no more than 3 hours, and in off-season – 1.5 hours.

Video Guide on Thai Real Estate

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