Features of renting or buying property on Phuket

Phuket is rightly the most popular resort in Thailand. BUT all because here: the infrastructure is very developed; western and the southern coast is “stuck” with white beaches with clear sea; there is a wide variety of entertainment for adults and children (read more about holiday with a small child in Phuket). Everything this bliss attracts tourists and, thanks to them, the demand for Phuket real estate maintained at high level

Buying a property in Phuket is a profitable investment. cash due to the constantly rising prices for it. But because peculiarities of the coast of this island observe a little caution.

Geographical features

The west coast of the island is very richly comfortable. beaches that attract travelers with their white sand and washing the warm sea of ​​crystal purity. This is where tourists most often buy housing for living, recreation and night entertainment.

The east coast of the island is less favorable for life. tourists because of the large number of unremarkable fishing villages and the almost complete absence of beaches. However here there are pluses – from here it is most convenient to get to others Thai islands and resorts. But this is not enough to do. real estate in the eastern part of Phuket is no less demanded for travelers.

Therefore, when buying a home in Phuket, consider not only scenic view from the window, but also the geographical part of the island.

Houses and Villas in Phuket

Seasonal features

For potential property buyers in Phuket also not It is worth forgetting about the features of the season on the island. From the beginning of November until mid-February there is the most favorable weather. It is at this time that the island is visited by the largest number of tourists. because of which the prices for the purchase and rental housing.

In the second half of February, the weather begins to deteriorate there is a proportional increase in precipitation and reducing the flow of tourists. Real estate is no longer in use. in demand and falls in price. As for the rental, at this time the owners are trying to rent their homes for a long time. Read More information about the types of the season in Thailand!

Condominiums in Phuket

Other features

Unlike villas, cottages and townhouses, Phuket is not simple condominiums – there are practically none. If you such and find, then most likely they will be high class with: swimming pool, gym, restaurants, guarded paid parking and other amenities.

Buy a villa in Phuket, like the rest of Thailand, a foreigner can only arrange it on the company, which means additional the cost of its registration and lawyers.

Every year there are more and more tourists on the island. more, and housing construction does not really increase its pace. Early or later, Phuket real estate demand will noticeably exceed a proposal that will affect its pricing. Therefore it is a win-win investment in your future and your economy Thailand

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