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Bamberg (Germany) – the most important sights with photos and description. Details of the city and the location of Bamberg on the map.

City Bamberg (Bamberg)

Bamberg is a city in Germany in the federal state of Bavaria in historic region of Upper Franconia. City distinguishes charming medieval charm, beautiful architecture, interesting Gothic and Baroque monuments and sights. Bamberg – a city located on seven hills on the banks of the river Regnitz, deserved an honorary nickname “German Rome”, the historical center which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bamberg in winter Bamberg in the winter

How to briefly describe Bamberg? This is the city that makes up authentic historical heritage of Germany. Survivor during world wars, he proposes to immerse in the authentic medieval atmosphere gives the opportunity to look at old attractions and enjoy the beer traditions. Generally, Bamberg in the number of interesting things is not much inferior tourist centers of Bavaria – Munich, Nuremberg and Regensburg.


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Brief history of the city

Arisen already in the 7th century, from the fortified fortress on the Cathedral grief, Bamberg at the beginning of the 10th century falls under the authority of the ancient Frankish Babenberg family. In 1007, the city becomes the capital episcopal principality and it remains for almost 8 centuries until 1802.

In the first half of the 15th century during the Hussite Wars, Bamberg paid off from robbery. At the same time, there was an uprising against the power of the bishops, but to no avail.

Old streets of BambergThe old streets of Bamberg

Bamberg suffered greatly during the Thirty Years War with by the Swedes, was taken during the Seven Years and the Napoleonic Wars. The greatest cultural flourishing occurred at the end of 17 – mid 18 centuries. At this time, the ancient city acquires interesting Baroque traits In 1802, the episcopal principality was annexed to Bavaria and lost its independence. During world wars the city was almost not affected. After World War II and before 2014 in Bamberg was located the American garrison.

Architecture of BambergBamberg Architecture

How to get to Bamberg

You can get to Bamberg from Munich and other major cities. Bavaria and Germany. Distance from the capital of Bavaria – 202 km. Walk trains and buses. Travel time – 2.5 – 3 hours. Most economical mode of transportation buses Flixbus (from 10 euros). Discover schedule and buy tickets here -https: //

Bamberg Beers

Beer in Bamberg is no less landmark than ancient monuments of architecture. Vintage beer offer you cozy atmosphere and glorious traditions. At the same time, many of them cook own beers.

Local beer Local beer

The most interesting beer Bamberg:

  • Fässla Obere Königsstraße 19-21 96052Bamberg
  • Keesmann Wunderburg 59 6050Bamberg
  • Spezial Obere Königstraße 10 96052Bamberg
  • Greifenklau GmbH Laurenziplatz 209 6049Bamberg
  • Braumanufaktur und Malzfabrik Weyermann®B Brennerstraße15-19 96052Bamberg
  • Gasthausbrauerei Ambräusianum Dominikanerstraße 10 96049Bamberg
  • Brauereigasthof Kaiserdom & Hotel Gaustadter, 26 96049Bamberg
  • Mahrs-Bräu Bamberg GmbH Wunderburg109 6050Bamberg

For lovers of foamy drink, you can book excursions with tastings at the local tourist office.

Old BambergOld Bamberg


In a relatively small Bamberg, there are 16 museums and exhibitions. The most interesting of them are:

  • Exposition of the Cathedral
  • City library with old manuscripts
  • Bishop’s Museum
  • State Gallery
  • New Residence
  • Historical Museum in the Old Palace on Cathedral Square
  • Franconian Brewery Museum

Sights of Bamberg

The old town of Bamberg is an ancient landmark and monuments of architecture, narrow winding streets with romantic medieval atmosphere, cozy taverns and restaurants.

One of the most interesting and picturesque places in Bamberg is artificial island on the river Regnitz with old half-timbered houses, souvenir shops and a beautiful view of the “Bamberg Venice. ”

River Regnits River Regnitz

The main attraction of the island and one of the business Cards Bamberg – Old Town Hall. There is a legend that the local the bishop did not allow the construction of this public building on urban land. Therefore, townspeople drove piles into the Regnitz River and built it on an artificial island. The first mention of the town hall date back to the end of the 14th century. The current look she most likely found in second half of the 15th century. The old town hall is one of the most prominent. monuments of the historic center of Bamberg.

Old Town Hall The old town hall

It connects the Old Town Hall with the rest of the city two bridges – Lower and Upper.

Not far from the lower bridge is a sculpture in the style historical antiquity with elements of postmodernism Centurion. Bronze sculpture made by Polish sculpture Mitoraj in 1987 year

Bridge across the river Regnitz Bridge across the river Regnitz

The green market is located on the old square of Bamberg and offers fresh fruits and vegetables. Open Monday to saturday On the square is also a fountain of Neptune.

Green Market in Bamberg Green market in Bamberg

Obligatory point of the visit should be Cathedral Square, on which focuses many of the main attractions Bamberg

The Cathedral Square is one of the most impressive places in the city. which literally breathes history. Here are mixed architectural styles and historical periods from romance motifs and Early Gothic to Renaissance and Baroque.

The old palace is one of the most impressive and old buildings. Bamberg Founded at the beginning of the 11th century, it served for a long time. the main residence of the bishops. Gorgeous style buildings German Renaissance and Gothic, as well as half-timbered houses create charming historical atmosphere.

Old Palace Old palace

Cathedral of sv. Peter and George – one of the main the sights of Bamberg. Is the legacy of the emperor Henry II. The church was founded at the beginning of the 11th century. It is beautiful Gothic building with Romanesque details and four high The towers are the architectural dominant of the Cathedral Square. Here the last rest was found by Emperor Henry II, King Conrad III, Pope Clement II (the only pope who is buried north of the Alps). In the cathedral are beautiful portals, decorated bas-reliefs. The interior of the cathedral has a lot of antique elements.

Bamberg CathedralBamberg Cathedral

New residence – an impressive baroque structure in historical center, which served as the abode of the archbishops until 1802. Beautiful ceremonial halls with antique furniture and stucco, as well as German painting attracts many connoisseurs of art and architecture.

New Residence in Bamberg New residence in Bamberg

Monastery of St. Mihaila – the former monastery of the order Benedictine monks, founded by Emperor Heinrich. Construction with almost a thousand-year history, it will amaze you with powerful buildings in the style Neo-Gothic and Baroque, as well as a beautiful garden. On monastic on the slopes grow vineyards from which wine is made.

Monastery of St. MichaelMonastery of St. Michael

Of the religious buildings of Bamberg also cause interest church of sv. Jacob This old church, built in 11-12 centuries, which despite the baroque facade retained exclusively Romanesque interior.

Church of St. JacobChurch of sv. Jacob

Other churches of Bamberg:

  • The parish church of Our Lady is the only pure Gothic Bamberg church built in the 14th century
  • Church of sv. Stefan – the main Protestant church of the city early 19th century.
  • The Elizabeth Church is a small chapel in the old city.

Bishops CastleSeehof bei Memmelsdorf – impressive Baroque castle and park complex with a cascade fountain. Most beautiful summer residence of the prince-bishops of the late 17th century.

Castle Bishops Castle bishops

The route of the main attractions of Bamberg map

Video – Bamberg City

Video – Bamberg City

Bamberg on a map of Germany

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