Rugen (Germany)

Rugen (Germany) – detailed information with photos: the main sights of the island of Rügen, beaches, resorts, map, video.

Rügen Island – Rügen

Rügen – the largest island of Germany, located in the Baltic sea. Separated from the mainland by Strelusund Bay 2 km wide, through which the city of Stralsund built Rügen bridge. The area of ​​the island of Rügen is almost a thousand square kilometers About 80,000 people live here permanently.

Map of Rugen Map Rugen

Rügen is famous for its sandy beaches, picturesque bays and lagoons, beautiful capes and peninsulas crashing into the sea, powerful cliffs covered with forests. In 2011 Jasmund National Park – one of the symbols of Rugen and the most picturesque places of the island, introduced into UNESCO World Heritage List.

Rugen Rugen

Geography and climate

The total area of ​​Rugen with the neighboring islands is 974 square meters. km The coastline is 574 km of which 56 km are sandy. the beaches. The highest point of the island is Piekberg (161 m). Northern part The island represents a large bay. Located in the northeast Jasmund Peninsula and the highest elevations. Northwest and the western side of Rugen is distinguished by a calmer relief.

The climate of the island is temperate. Winters are mild with average temperatures. about 0 degrees. Summers are warm – average temperature around 16 degrees For the year falls 500-600 mm of rain. Amount of solar hours over 1800 per year.

Sunset on Rugen Sunset on Rugen

Beaches of Rugen

Rügen is one of the most popular resorts in Germany. Numerous tourists come here from April to October to breathe the fresh sea air, sunbathe on the beaches, admire the beautiful nature and even swim. High season Lasts from July to August.

Sunset on the beach (Rügen) Sunset on the beach (rugen)

The beaches of Rugen are mostly sandy. Their total length is more 50 km. The most popular seaside resorts are located in Schaabe between Altenkirchen and Juliusruh, including Drewoldke, Glowe and Breege. On The eastern side of the island is Sassnitz and Göhren: Neu Mukran, Prora, Binz, Sellin and Baabe. Popular tourist places are Cape Arkona, Jasmund National Park, City of Bergen.

Map of the beaches of Rügen Map beaches of Rugen (purple square – stone beach, orange – sandy)

Cities and resorts

Baabe is a popular resort with an excellent sandy beach.

Bergen is the largest city of Rugen, located in the central parts of the island.

Binz is a bright resort town with an excellent 5 km. sandy beach.

Garz is an ancient city in the south of the island.

Göhren is a spa resort with two beaches.

Bergen - the largest city of Rugen Bergen – the largest city of Rugen

Putbus is a city in the southeast of Rugen with a beautiful center and lock.

Sellin is the third largest seaside resort.

Sassnitz is a seaport and the second largest city of the island.

Suhrendorf is one of the surfing centers in Germany.

Vitt – a small town in a picturesque place near the cape Arkona in the northeast of Rugen.

Sights of Rugen

One of the main attractions of the island is Jasmund National Park. This is one of the most beautiful natural places. Germany: chalk cliffs covered with beech forest and the Baltic sea.

Jasmund National ParkJasmund National Park

The observation tower of Rügen is made in the form of an eagle’s nest. Its height is 40 meters. Located in a beautiful forest. Offers enjoy scenic views of the surroundings.

Observation tower (Rügen)Observation tower (Rügen)

Cape Arkona is one of the iconic places of Rugen with two lighthouses, located in the northeast of the island. Here is the most Old lighthouse on the Baltic Sea. Near built modern 35 meter round lighthouse.

Lighthouses on Arkona meat Lighthouses on Cape Arkona

In addition to the picturesque resort towns and beautiful nature on Rugen You can find brick gothic masterpieces – medieval churches.

Gothic church on the island of RügenGothic church on the island of Rügen

Tourist map of Rugen with landmarks and interesting places.

Tourist map of RügenRugen Tourist Card

Video – Rügen Island

Rügen on the map of Germany

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