When is it better to rest in the UAE – in what months worth going

The climate of the United Arab Emirates is influenced by their geographical position. Emirates are located in the northeast Arabian Peninsula. Most of the country is desert. On the north of the UAE are washed by the Persian Gulf, and in the east – Omani. So, the proximity of the desert and the bays form the weather in country.

When is the best time to relax in the UAE

The desert neighborhood leads to frequent sandstorms. That’s why constantly dirty and dusty windows in hotels that causes discontent tourists. And the proximity of bays contributes to high humidity on the coast. The climate in the UAE is tropical desert, in short the country is hot or very hot for almost the entire year. But behind the sun and by the warm sea we go to the southern countries.

The most comfortable months for rest are from October to April. If you make friends with the heat, you can open the season in September, and close in May For me, the most favorable time to go relax in The UAE is the end of November – December. At the beginning of December 2018 the year the air temperature was 24-25 degrees and the temperature water – 23-24 degrees.

All the benefits of the UAE are available during the tourist season. Beach rest, delightfully gentle sea, walking around the city, sunsets and sunrises and, of course, numerous excursions around the country. One thing condition, a bottle of water with you always and everywhere! After all, a hotel room with air conditioned you’ll only spend the night! And do not forget that you are in Muslim country with strict laws. Clothes should comply with the traditions of this country. By the way, then sunburns you are not afraid.

But in the summer months definitely do not go, since t air can rise to 45-50 degrees. Guides on each excursions don’t get tired of talking about it and frighten tourists with sunny blows and fainting. All life at this time is concentrated only near powerful air conditioners: in shopping and entertainment centers, water parks and restaurants. Well, except that only shopping and summer discounts can lure you to the Emirates at this time.

Monthly air and water temperature

Planning a vacation, it remains only to carefully study the table. air and water temperatures by months. And only after that do own choice.

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