Dubai city tour – my review and full description

So, I flew to the UAE on the tour (according to the link my review from round), there was little time, so I’ve seen 2 reviews excursions. Excursion to Abu Dhabi described by me earlier. In this This article is about a sightseeing tour of Dubai.

The content of the article

  • 1 Prices for excursions
  • 2 Historical background
  • 3 Hotel Sail Burj Al Arab
  • 4 Arabian market and “Dubai Venice”
  • 5 Artificial Island Palm Jumeirah and Hotel Atlantis
  • 6 Dubai Marina District and dinner on the yacht
  • 7 Musical Fountain in Dubai Mall
  • 8 The highest tower in the world, the Burj Khalifa

Prices for excursions

All tours in the UAE begin after 11.00 and end late in the evening, at 22.00 – 23.00 hours, in order not to get into the morning and evening traffic jams. The bus is cool and there is free water in bottles of 0.5 liters.

The price of a sightseeing tour of Dubai – $ 120, from the tour operator AnexTour. You can exclude from the cost of the tour dinner on a yacht ($ 40) and the rise of the tower ($ 50), then the tour will cost only $ 30. I I did not do this, and I am very glad about it!

I bought a tour to the United Arab Emirates from Travelata (according to the link my instructions). So it turned out cheaper than other tour operators, and tours – from hotel guide.

As an option, buy a tour not from a tour operator, but through proven thripster. As a rule, these are unusual excursions with individual guide. See for yourself on the link, some very interesting.

History reference

Dubai is a fantastic ultra-modern metropolis. is he striking in its luxury, chic, elegance, everything is here the very thing! Dubai grew up on the site of a small village, residents who were engaged in the extraction of pearls, fishing. Less than for 50 years, Dubai has made a giant leap in its development and is now a competitor to Abu Dhabi, although oil reserves in Dubai make up 5% of all UAE oil reserves.

City tour begins with a photo session on the background famous hotels.

Dubai City Tour - my review and full descriptionDubai City Tour - my review and full description

Dubai city tour - my review and full description
Dubai city tour - my review and full description

By the way, immediately pay attention to the fact that despite a crowd of people, the air here is everywhere fresh, cool with some kind barely perceptible scent. I, as an allergic person, immediately noticed it. Later I learned from the guide that some kind of super-smart was created in the tower ventilation system and, lo and behold, even a special aroma, only for Burj Khalifa!

The Burj Khalifa Tower is another confirmation of the fact that in the UAE all the same thing!

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