Beaches in the emirate of Sharjah – cheap holidays in UAE

All beaches of Sharjah are always warm sea, clear water, gentle entry, clean sand and daily cleaning. Sharjah is located right next to Dubai, but the price of hotels is much lower. Can combine an inexpensive beach holiday and a visit to the main attractions in Dubai.

The emirate of Sharjah is small, and therefore the coastline is not so long Holidaymakers will have the following choice: private beach hotel or public city beach.

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  • 1 Hotel beaches
  • 2 Public beaches
    • 2.1 Al Khan Beach
    • 2.2 Al Corniche Beach

Hotel beaches

Hotels on the waterfront have their own closed beaches with excellent infrastructure. Choose a hotel will help My post about the best hotels in Sharjah on the first line. Using sun beds, umbrellas, beach towels are included here in the price accommodation.

Also on the territory of your hotel and the beach there is no need comply with the dress code. Beachwear, shorts, T-shirts – all this permissible. But when you exit the city you must comply more strict rules. I wrote about this in detail in the article about the rules. behavior in the UAE.

If you stay in a city hotel far from the sea, then The hotel usually provides free shuttle service to the beaches. Transfer can be both on a public free beach, and on private beaches of hotels first coastline. Bus timetables like always hang in a prominent place in the hotel.

Entry to the private beach and use of its infrastructure can to be paid. Price range – from 10 to 80 dirham per person per day (173-1,387 rubles). This service can be free, or rather included in the tour price. Therefore, to know whether you additional costs, you must carefully read the description of your tour. Better yet, read the latest reviews recently rested tourists at your hotel.

Important. There may be differences when purchasing tour in a travel agency and booking the same hotel on Booking on their own. That is, the tour price may be included. transfer and free use of the private beach, and Self booking hotel on booking included only free transfer to the beach. Over the entrance to the private beach will have pay extra. This point must be clarified. In this case, reviews real tourists to help you.

Typical beach in Sharjah - clean, clear water, gently sloping entranceTypical beach in Sharjah - clean, clear water, gently sloping entrance

Typical beach in Sharjah – clean, clear water, gentle entrance

Public beaches

Public or city beaches also deserve your attention. The most famous beaches in Sharjah are Al Khan and Al Cornish. They are popular with local people and tourists. The beaches are wide, so there is enough space for everyone. Pleasantly surprised cleanliness, a large number of litter bins that never happen crowded. Rescuers are present on the beach all light day and be sure to force you out of the water if the sea storm.

Al Khan Beach

Near attractions such as the Aquarium and the Marine Museum, on the cape Al-Khan there is this beach. And literally in ten minute walk, is the embankment of the Al Khan lagoon, A great place for walking and photo shoots.

Al Khan Beach is a quiet, peaceful place. Regarding crowded here only happens on weekends when they come here local population. Most often it is mothers with their kids, and fathers families apparently leave on business. Women tend to closed from head to toe and do not bathe. And children play like children, running around, swimming — in a word, family atmosphere.

The beach is equipped with everything you need, including water activities. Since sand is always clean, many vacationers do not pay beach chairs, and prefer them to ordinary beach towels. But can be any surprises. For example, in our arrival the shower did not work for the beach. The beach has a volleyball court with a decent surface, cafe with a canopy from the sun and a children’s playground. Of the minuses – the lack of any vegetation and shade on the beach.

Al Khan BeachAl Khan Beach

Al Khan Beach

Al Corniche Beach

This beach is the most visited and crowded, with good infrastructure. It is located closer to the city center, between Coral Beach Resort Beaches in the emirate of Sharjah - cheap holidays in UAE и Shajah Ladies Club. On a city map may be designated as Public Beach or Shajah Beach, but the nearest street along Al Muntazah St. Beach, as a landmark.

Because of the convenient parking it is very popular with the local population. Well, the main advantage of the beach is palm trees, giving a natural shadow and allow you to save on umbrellas.

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