What to see in Hua Hin – attractions and excursions

Hua Hin is a beautiful city, and in addition to the sea there are many places to visit it. go and see what, starting with the Royal Palace and railway station, ending with natural attractions in the vicinity. I personally very city I liked it, and it is not boring at all, as many believe. Maybe, because i’m already a bit old and all sorts of different parties and discos with the ladyboys I’m not interested at all.

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  • 1 A little bit of impressions from Hua Hin
  • 2 Hua Hin City Tour:
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  • 4 Hua Hin Attractions Map

Little impressions of Hua Hin

Having stayed here somewhere around 1-2 weeks, I had a persistent the desire to live here once, and it is to live here, to rent a house and stay a couple of months, maybe more. Yes of course up Hua Hin’s island nature is very far away, but it’s not a bad place to work and occasional rest at sea, it fits perfectly. Considering that I’m quite unassuming to the sea, and there’s a couple here good beaches. And I also liked the opportunity to walk on city beach instead of the promenade. Generally, I dislike sand due to the fact that he is clogged in shoes and sticks to his feet, but here Straight coastline notably trampled and wide to the same, and go can be far away, right up to the very Khao Takiab.

Hua Hin – a kind of European resort. There are many old people with secretly under the handle, including in wheelchairs, enough red light bars where Thai girls are passionately touting but thank God not as passionately as in Pattaya. Debt not all decorum and noble, there was not much to see the icebender too. At all even the city itself was liked, somehow it was nice and cozy. He is not very big, but it has everything you need: shops, shopping centers, hospital, rental cars and bikes. And especially pleased that you can go live on the outskirts or in the suburbs, where it will be very quiet in general, but it will still be possible to quickly get to the center of the city or go on a mini-bus to Bangkok. Hua Hin is considered the most safe city, maybe it is, really very calmly By the way, I took a car and a bike for rent, did not stop, everything went through, although the rights were with them.

If you want to come to Hua Hin for a while and are looking for accommodation, we have There are articles about the budget guesthouse and the Hua Hin budget hotel. Search for other hotels in Hua Hin at this link, or come to the place and immediately go to the area of concentration of all Guesthouse that next to the sea and the pier.

If you live here slowly, then just interesting enough for weekend the next couple of months. And if you expand the radius, then half a year, here in the neighboring provinces is also full of everything.

Hua Hin City Tour:

– Mount Kao Takiab, there is a temple with monkeys that are there live permanently – Temples on the mountains of Khao Sa Naam Chai and Khao Krilas, It is near Mount Khao Takiab – Wat Hua Hin – the central temple, near whose mini bass stop. – Mount Hin Lek Fi and Observation playground, park with peacocks. – Wooden Railway Station Hua Hin itself yourself a point of interest. – Wat Kao Aitisukato temple not far from elephant village. – Night Market and Grand Market. – Vic Hua Hin – art gallery, dancing, all sorts of performances. – Cicada Market – Handmade the market, as the opening day, live music.

Railway station in Hua Hin Railway station in Hua Hin

Railway station in Hua Hin

Hua Hin surroundings

I will list all the places I read about, not just those where I was myself. The list will be everything, without reference to geography.

– Wat Cha Am – Cave Temple near Cha Am.

Cave Temple Wat Cha Am Cave Temple Wat Cha Am

Cave Temple Wat Cha Am

– Wat Ta Nod Luang (Boat Temple) – an unusual temple in the form of a boat, where a Buddhist relic of the venerated is kept in a monastery nearby monk Luang Phor Thong Suk.

Temple in the form of a boat Temple in the form of a boat

Temple in the form of a boat

– The beach is north of Cha Am Puk Tien Beach with Black Babyshche.

Black Babisha in person Black Babisha in person

Black Babyshcha in person

– Wat Na Yang – a temple with a large figure of the Great Ushastik.

The Great Ushastik in Hua Hin The Great Ushastik in Hua Hin

Great Ushastik in Hua Hin

– Flying thousands of bats – an unusual sight, every evening the mice fly out one by one from a mountain near Cha Am and fly somewhere

Mountain of bats near Cha Am Mountain of bats near Cha Am

Mount Bats near Cha Am

– Wat Huay Mongkol – the temple of the black monk, very namolennoe a place

The black monk in the backlight is not black at all The black monk in the backlight is not black at all

Black monk in the backlight is not black at all

– Mountain with the temple of Wat Khao Tao and the big Buddha and right there Hua Hin’s best beach, reminiscent of island beaches.

Khao Tao Mountain and Big Buddha Khao Tao Mountain and Big Buddha

Khao Tao Mountain and Big Buddha

Beach Sai Noi - well, what, not an island? Beach Sai Noi - well, what, not an island?

Beach Sai Noi – well, what, not an island?

– Pranaburi Forest Park – mangrove forest by the sea, camping and a picnic area near the beach.

Pranaburi Forest Park Pranaburi Forest Park

Pranaburi Forest Park

– Safari Park with all sorts of shows: elephants, crocodiles, snakes. Well Of course themselves pokatushki elephants and quad bikes. – Elephant village – pokatushki elephants and shows. – Palau Falls with hundreds butterflies of all colors of the rainbow – Incredibly beautiful lake Keng Krachang, there you can go boating, feed the monkeys, plus See the old temple on the island. – Petchaburi Temple and Luang Temple Cave in the cave. – Bike ride and mangroves at the royal Palace Maruekkhathayawan Palace. – Phraya Nakorn Cave and Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park. Royal arbor in the cave, white beaches, mountains, swamps, and sunsets. (here I am going to next time, they say, a great place) – Ao Manao and National Park Wanacorn Plus the Burmese gems market, lonely beaches. – Kaeng Krachang National Park, waterfalls and hiking. – Baan Sinlapin is a village of artists. – Boat trips on the yacht. – Snorkeling and fishing on some ship. – There is a shooting gallery with real weapons, kart racing, golf. – A visit to the island Co-Talu.

Hua Hin Attractions Map

Here is a map to help you. I was not everywhere, but in some places :)

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