Features of rental housing in Hua Hin – proximity sea ​​prices, shops

We also wintered in Hua Hin, so this post appeared where We will talk about local features of renting a house on Samui. Be sure to first read my instructions – how to rent a house in Tae, in which I told all the methods of rental housing, as independent, and remotely via the Internet through the agency.

The content of the article

  • 1 Beach selection
  • 2 What types of housing is on the island
  • 3 Cost of Townhouses and Apartments in Hua Hin
  • 4 Infrastructure
  • 5 Transportation

Beach selection

If you want to live right next to the beach, then regardless area, you will need to rent an apartment. They are built on first lines, not at home. If you are satisfied with the third and other lines, Then you can consider renting a townhouse. But still a townhouse on foot availability from the sea will have to search.

Usually they live either in Hua Hin itself or on Takiab, this is a district such in the south of the city near the mountain of the same name. Hua Hin city small, so wherever you settle down, everything will be relatively beside. If you look at the map, it extends along the central the beach, which starts from the road leading from the railway station and to the mountain Takiab. Actually, all along the coast you can live in one of condominiums. In the western part of town there are townhouses and houses.

Visually, the city beach is more pleasant than the Takiab beach. But both on lover, bounty never. On Takiab, but somehow quieter and The area itself is quite quiet, with no traffic. Here is Check out my review of the beaches at Hua Hin.

What types of housing is on the island

The main type of housing in Hua Hin is condominiums and townhouses. It consists of them urban development. Moreover, townhouses are usually fairly simple, can be a bit scruffy and without air conditioners. Condominiums, on the contrary, mow down the euro style: laminate flooring, better furniture, beautiful bathrooms and modern the kitchen.

With houses in Hua Hin in general, the voltage, when compared with Phuket and Samui. They are, yes, but everything is quite far from the sea, and if without transport, then it will be difficult to live there. At all most of the winterers live in townhouses because they cost cheaper condominiums and homes. In addition, you can find such townhouse, so that to the sea was 10-20 minutes on foot. Usually townhouses located in Hua Hin itself.

The cost of townhouses and apartments in Hua Hin

The cost of housing depends on how long you need apartment, you rent it through an intermediary or yourself to the owner come out, as well as the ability to bargain. It must be said that in Hua Hin very much what kind of housing is rented through agents or Airbnb. Foreigners buy apartments, live in their own country, and housing is rented without their participation. Thus, if the owner the studio can be rented for 13-15 thousand baht, then the agent will offer it somewhere for 18-20, hence the high prices in general. Apartments are on average 13-20 thousand baht per month for a studio or one-bedroom apartments, and 20-30 for double and more. In Hua Hin itself, the price is usually a bit higher than on Takiab.

Airbnb is a good service through which you can rent private housing without intermediaries, both daily and for a longer period. If you do not yet have a registration there, then it’s time to register and Get a bonus of $ 20 at this link. Bonus will be take advantage of throughout the year when you first book. AND Be sure to read my detailed post about this service, where I telling how to register, how to get a bonus, how to search housing and so on.

Townhouses are considered budget accommodation and it is their preferred most winterers. Search for them on the spot on arrival. AT The average price for a townhouse will be about 10-12 thousand baht. With this you get a larger area than the apartment for 15 thousand. Well, and at home cost about 20 thousand baht and above.


There are several supermarkets in Hua Hin. The main and large Tesco located in the Market Village shopping center in the heart of the city, that’s where everyone goes and usually procured. From the same Takiab not The problem is to get on the shuttle bus, 10-15 minutes. There is a Market Villa right next to Market Village, Big C in the west of the city (before uncomfortable to get on the bus), Macro in the very north of the city (near the airport), a small Tesco in the south near Takiab, but in him only on his own transport.

So, if you become attached directly to walking access to Tesco in Market Village, you need to live in or near the center of Hua Hin, and there noisy, crowded, there is a busy highway that is not everywhere You can go with a sidecar (the southern part of the main road with concrete chipper, you will not go), and indeed the apartments are more expensive, than on the outskirts.

Takiab has its own fruit and vegetable market, which operates on tuesday and saturday on the temple grounds so there is no need Ride to the Market Village. Hua Hin itself also has markets.


The city runs several minibuses (Songteo), which have different routes depending on what color it is. For example, on the green you can move along the whole city along the main road down to Takiab. Price fixed, for example, Hua Hin fare – Takiab costs 15 baht.

Thus, if you live along the route, then rent a bike or car optional. Although, of course, it is more convenient to move to your transport.

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