Description of all Hua Hin beaches

Frequently resorts who prefer not to travel far from bangkok (by the way, do you know how to get from bangkok to hua Hing?), Prefer clean and spacious huahin Indeed, the same scenic spots in Patayenayti much harder to get to them longer, and housing prices – higher (more about the beaches of Pattaya). And in Hua Hin coast covered with clean sand and pebbles, infrastructure for tourists here at the highest level, deck chairs, umbrellas, working bars with cool drinks and Thai alcohol, in general, everything you need for a first-class holiday.

Conventionally, the Hua Hin coast is divided into three zones: the northern, south and central. The southern and northern zones are suitable for fans of a quiet, perhaps family, recreation. Central beaches are more noisy, but much more fun There will also be no problems with housing, unless the price is southern and northern areas can scare away those who have no complaints about elitism living conditions. And now, let’s take a look. A description of all Hua Hin beaches.

Hua Hin Beaches

Central zone of the city beach

Central City Beach in Hua Hinen begins south of the local attraction “Stone Head” and stretched for several kilometers. Next to it is located comfortable hotel “Hilton”. The easiest way to get on Without a gate near the tourist police building, You can find them on the street Damnernkasen Rd.

From the entrance to the beach starts a string of stalls, offering an assortment of souvenirs and useful beach accessories at reasonable prices. People here around the clock a huge amount but the infrastructure allows you to find entertainment for all tastes ikochelek. Sun beds with umbrellas cost v100batza use, and for residents of local hotels are free. True, the cost of living in hotels first line flies a penny, easier and cheaper to find a room, you can only closer to the north of Hilton, there the sea is not suitable for swimming. From entertainment – all water vehicles, trampolines, and also horseback riding.

Hua Hin Central Beach

The central beach of Hua Hin is the best place for those who are used to rest with noise and chic. Here is the central market, a huge number of bars and restaurants, shopping centers, travel agencies, massage parlors and tolerance homes. However, you can find a girl for the evening in almost any institution (about the features of sex tourism in Thailand can be read the interesting material on the link).

South Zonagorodsky beach

The conditional southern zone begins at the foot of Khao Takiab (Khao Takiab), which is crowned by the temple from the lookout playground.South beach in Hua Hinehimeet a lot of differences from the beach described above. Straight from the steps some local hotels can get into the water, yes and the general is incredibly narrow. No wonder people there is less and not in the season chastopustuet.Razve, a few nearby hotels go here take a sunny baths. Sun loungers are also difficult to find.

South Beach Hua Hin

On the south beach of Hua Hin fans will like it. relaxing and relaxing vacation. Often here Buddhists come regularly to visit the temple on the mountain. And for shopping and noisy entertainment can go to the city center, from here go nonstegteo (or tuk-tuk), the cost of the trip total 10 bat.

North Zonagorodsky beach

Begins conditional northern zone of the North Sea Pier and reaches out to almost airport.North beach in Hua Hinenetaky crowded as central but it is spacious enough and clean.

From local attractions worth highlighting ParkSirikiti Royal Palace Hui Hin. He has every the evening, soldiers of the local army march in formation, and at sea constantly watch military vessels. The nights of the court are full of bright illumination, which complements the desert coastal landscape. Because of King’s Residency, Hua Hin is the most beautiful safe resort in Thailand!

Hua Hin North Beach

Evaluate the rest on the north beach will be able to those who like to contemplate nature and abandon the hustle and bustle of crowded streets. But need take into account what the place cost is even more expensive than central. However, nothing prevents to settle away in guest house, and come here to rest on rented scooters or passing along the ride to the airport. There are no amenities like umbrellas and sun beds on the beach, but calm and silence pays for this discomfort.

Khao Takiab beach

Two kilometers long beach KaoTakiabwHua Hinera is located not far from the same mountain. True, along the coast you cannot get here, only by highway. Right on it you can rent a chaise longue for a symbolic the amount, and if you bring, then for ridiculous money local offer ride a horse or water bike. Every weekend beach clean, so there is always clean.

Khao Takiab Beach in Hua Hin

Of the infrastructural pleasures, only a few small cafes on shore. Nightly entertainment place does not provide for this need to go to the center. From here to the center drive just 10 baht.

Suan Son Beach (Suan Son, Military Beach)

BeachSuanSon in Hua Hin count continuation of Kaotakib, and from there to him and better to go along the coast. For check-in on the beach from the highway patrol the soldier will ask to pay 10 baht. This is probably one of the most the beautiful beaches of Hua Hin vegetation that creates the shadow, because umbrellas come in handy here seldom.

Military Beach in Hua Hin

There is no infrastructure at XuanSong. And rest on it the beach is predominantly locals accustomed to being away from tourists in semi-wild places.

At the entrance to the beach you can find the skeleton of a whale for universal reviews. There are small stalls a few meters away. with the usual product for the beaches at low prices, as they rest there mostly local. There’s also a small food court, where everything is also cheap. Closer to the beach there is already a cafe with access to the coast.

Cha Am Beach

Cha Am beach in Hua Hinraspolozhen close to the name of the resort area 25 km north From Hua Hina. Dwellings in this area worth the cheap (rent a house in Thailand), but for cheapness will have to pay located near the highway. On weekdays this is the most tranquil beach of all described since on weekends here Many Thais come from Bangkok.

Cha Am Beach in Hua Hin

Sai Noi Beach

Thai beach Sai Noi in Hua Hin is located in the northern zone half an hour away by public transport from the center cities. The beach is considered one of the best, at least for reviews tourists. Special infrastructural delights on the beach is not worth looking for, There are practically no hotels, as well as shops, and peddlers.

Sai Noi Beach in Hua Hin

There are not many people here, most often in the shadow of a few vegetation basking on families with children (by the way, do you know how to get together on holiday in Thailand with children?), lovers and loners who prefer a quiet and relaxing holiday. Family holiday favors comfortable depth of the sea, it gently goes into the depths and There are several places where babies can swim.

Tao Beach

Tao beach is not crowded and wide enough in Hua Hine – a continuation of Suan Son, it begins at the foot Tao Mountains. The highlight of the beach is shallow water, diving does not work, but for children and those who have not learned to swim, there should please. For a change, it’s worth climbing Mount Tao and admire the surroundings from the well-known observation deck Temple of the Turtle.

Tao Beach in Hua Hin

Mostly come here those who enjoy walks along the coast and contemplation of the calm sea ships in the bay. Umbrellas and deck chairs are not offered here. food is also better to take with you, catering and shops around the perimeter No, although there are sometimes a few traders.

Video: Hua Hin City Beach

Hua Hin beaches on a map of Thailand

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Cha Am Beach in Hua Hin: 12.794392, 99.984341 Urban Beach in Hua Hinh: 12.572491, 99.960480; Suan Son Beach in Hua Hin: 12.498593, 99.974556Tao Beach in Hua Hin: 12.464779, 99.977131Sai Noi’s Beach Hua Hin: 12.453800, 99.981637

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