Weather in Vietnam in February 2020

Weather in Vietnam in February 2020

Does your long-awaited vacation fall in February?

We will tell you all about the weather in Vietnam in February.

From this article you will learn:

  • What is the temperature of water and air in Vietnam at this time?
  • Which resort is better to choose for a beach holiday in February 2020 of the year?
  • What you need to take into account, going to the Vietnamese winter resorts?
  • Prices for tours during this period.

The content of the article

  1. What is the weather like in Vietnamese resorts?
  2. Vietnam in February: where better to go?
    1. Nha Trang in February
    2. Phan Thiet in February
    3. Phu Quoc in February
    4. Where better to relax with a child?
  3. Should I go on holiday to Vietnam at this time?
    1. What to consider, going to the Vietnamese resorts in the winter?
    2. Prices for tours to Vietnam in February 2020

What is the weather like in Vietnamese resorts?

A vacation in Vietnam in February is the perfect event for those from winter cold wants to plunge into the hot summer.

Weather in Vietnam in February 2020


At night

Water temperature

Nha trang

+27 … 29 ° C

+19 … 21 ° C

+ 23 ° C

Phu Quoc

+30 … 31 ° C

+20 … 22 ° C

+ 27 ° C

Phan Thiet

+31 … 33 ° C

+21 … 23 ° C

+ 24 ° C


+23 … 25 ° C

+17 … 19 ° C

+ 22 ° C

Da Nang

+24 … 26 ° C

+19 … 21 ° C

+ 23 ° C

Ho Chi Minh City

+31 … 33 ° C

+21 … 23 ° C

+ 26 ° C


  • The northern part of Vietnam is moving away from the cold a little slower, and only at the end of February the air warms up to + 26 ° C. The precipitation is mostly not intense.
  • Central part of the country in early February enters the dry season, which is characterized by constant rainfall, and the temperature is kept at + 23 ° C.
  • And ONLY the southern part of the country is suitable for beach holiday! On average, the thermometer stands on Mark + 26 ° C, and the maximum temperature reaches 32 ° C.

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Vietnam in February: where better to go?

The question of which resort to choose is always first place

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As we wrote above, only the southern resorts are suitable for recreation. on the sea!

The most popular ones are:

  • Nha trang
  • Phan Thiet
  • Phu Quoc

What are you waiting for each of these resorts in February?

Nha Trang in February

The most favorable holiday season begins here with February The weather is warm and dry. In addition, tangible the wind is weakening compared to January. Precipitations are possible in the evening. or at night.

Weather in Nha Trang in February


At night

Water temperature

+28 … 29 ° C

+19 … 21 ° C

+ 23 ° C

Things to do

An excellent alternative to a beach holiday in Nha Trang will be a tour main attractions.

What is definitely worth seeing at the resort:

  • Chyam towers Po Nagar.
  • Pagoda Long Shawn.
  • National Oceanographic Museum named after Alexander Yersen.

For those who want to pay attention to their health, not bad will visit one of the mud hospitals of Nha Trang.

Weather in Nha Trang in February, the Temple

Nha Trang 2

Nha Trang 5

Fans of snorkeling and diving can visit the island under named Moon, which is a marine reserve with a mass diverse representatives of marine fauna.

Well, what a vacation without shopping, especially for the beautiful half of humanity. From Nha Trang without shopping no one leaves – on every step there are markets, shops and supermarkets where you can find whatever your heart desires. Worth a look at Tran Phu shopping street center “Maksimark”, shop “An Thai”.

For good parties you can go to the bar-restaurant Sayling. Klab.

Phan Thiet in February

February is as good as the first month. year, the holiday season is in full swing. Precipitation observed at least so you can devote to beach holidays all day, but the sun is already may be unsafe, so it’s worth taking care of the umbrellas, hats and UV products.

Weather in Phan Thiet in February


At night

Water temperature

+31 … 33 ° C

+21 … 23 ° C

+ 24 ° C

Things to do

For lovers of water sports in the resort present expanse – kiting, windsurfing, surfing. The coast has plenty to offer. schools, there is a rental of equipment, and the wind will always accompany excellent pastime at sea.

A more relaxing holiday is possible in golf clubs. In the territory of the hotel Ocean Dunes Resort you can find a popular large field.

Weather in Phan Thiet in February - Beach in Phan Thiet

Phan Thiet 2


Phan Thiet can not be called the best place on the tour tourism in Vietnam, but still you can find here, on what look.

For those interested in history, you should visit the Museum of Ho Chi Minh, Exposure which tell about the life and work of the politician.

A popular excursion to the island Catba, located 70 km from the city itself. And about an hour from the resort there are Binh Chau mineral springs where it is possible with health benefits spend time in the recreation complex.

Phu Quoc in February

February is the second most popular month after January on the island Phu Quoc and weather conditions are also almost the same. Practically the whole day the resort shines bright sun and even in the evening you can do without warm clothes. Also on the island is quite low humidity level.

Weather in Fukuoka in February


At night

Water temperature

+29 … 31 ° C

+19 … 21 ° C

+ 27 ° C

Things to do

The beaches of Fukuoka can be called the most beautiful and clean beaches. worldwide, and if you do not take into account the most popular coast, they are also poorly populated, which will allow maximum rest by the sea. But on the main beach “Long Beach” or “Ong Lang” should definitely visit everyone.

Weather in Fukuoka in February, Waterfall

Phu Quoc 2


If we talk about local attractions, the main island consider natural beauty – sunsets in Fukuoka can admire daily, but what’s best to do is on the western side coast from the palace of Cau.

You can visit the Museum of Local Lore, which is located on southeast of the island. This is a private museum that is famous for its collection. ancient objects and samples of flora and fauna. Also in this part The resort houses Tranh Falls and a Buddhist temple.

Once in the northern part of the island, you can explore the life and traditions a local fishing village, visit a pearl farm and a rubber plantation. Besides, it’s worth going for a walk in National park.

Where better to relax with a child?

Often the journey does not go without little tourists, so parents try to choose a resort, taking into account whether it will be interesting their child in one place or another. Most fun for kids located in Nha Trang, but the rest resorts have that look.

Nha Trang for children

Nha Trang has everything for a good rest with the whole family. An unforgettable trip to Winperl Park, where on a huge the territory literally has everything for excellent leisure: the beach, attractions for every taste, a large water park, a lot of restaurants, a zone shopping and even an amphitheater. And you can find this park on the island Hon-Che.

Hon-Mieu Island is famous for its Chi-Nguyen Oceanarium, which has the appearance of a giant ship. Here you can see a lot of marine inhabitants; sharks, rays, turtles, etc.

Holidays with children in Nha Trang in February

On the island of Hoa Lan, it will be interesting for children to visit a small contact zoo, where they can freely communicate with ostriches, elephants, deer, pythons and parrots.

The National Oceanographic Museum has 23 aquariums, where tens of thousands of marine fauna live.

Also in the vicinity of Nha Trang there is an “Young Bay” eco-park where you can see a crocodile farm and look at pig races.

No less interesting will be an excursion to the island of Hon Lao, which is inhabited by about 1,500 nimble monkeys. They are absolutely calm feel in their territory and very willingly contact with by people. Nearby there is an equipped beach, a circus and a park. entertainment.

Phan Thiet for kids

The city is not so rich in places that will be interesting to small travelers like Nha Trang, however there are some interesting directions. And one of them is a crocodile nursery. Kids just in delighted with these at least dangerous, but mysterious predators. On the territory of the nursery can not only look at its inhabitants, but and feed the crocodiles with fishing rods.

Also, children like excursions to the temple of Whale, which is considered one of the most interesting and even unusual Attractions Phan Thiet. Although it is rather a museum than religious abode. Fragments can be seen in one of the halls. skeletons of whales and other marine life, in another – preserved skeleton of a marine mammal 22 m long.

Phu Quoc for kids

This resort is not so interesting that you may like children, however, the Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc Safari Park will attract attention even adults. In the park there are guided tours the car. The route is laid out so that you can always see the local residents – lions, tigers, zebras, antelopes. Also in the safari park There is also an open zoo.

Should I go on holiday to Vietnam at this time?

The northern part of Vietnam is absolutely not suitable for beach rest in February due to low temperature and cloudy weather.

In the central part of the country, although a little warmer, but swim unlikely to happen due to frequent storms. It also rains here frequent guests.

But it’s still worth going to Vietnam in February! Choose one of southern resorts and enjoy the warm sea and dry weather.

Should I go on holiday to Vietnam in February

Choosing a holiday south of the country, you should pay attention to the resort. Nha Trang, high season is also observed on Phu Quoc Island. The beach season in February does not spoil anything, even the winds at this time there is very rarely seen.

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What to consider, going to the Vietnamese resorts in the winter?

  • The choice of resort for a holiday in February should be based on the fact that every tourist is waiting for this holiday.
  • For those who are set on a beach holiday, you should pay attention on cities located in the southern part of Vietnam.
  • Who is interested in excursion, can opt for central part of the country.
  • Each resort has its own characteristics: attractions, entertainment, etc., which also needs to be selected depending on personal preference.

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Prices for tours to Vietnam in February 2020

So, it is already firmly decided to go to rest in Vietnam, but what about the prices?

The table shows the cost of rest in different resorts of the country. for two.

Prices for holidays in Vietnam in February 2020


Number of stars in the hotel (hotel)

Tour price

7 days

10 days

Nha trang

3 *

136-297 thous.

148-383 thousand

Phan Thiet

3 *

105-163 thous.

133-211 thous.

Phu Quoc

3 *

123-153 thous.

135-188 thous.

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