Weather in Vietnam in October 2019

Weather in Vietnam in October 2019

October is not happy with warmth, but how about going follow him to vietnam?

If the decision is made, it’s time to find out about the weather conditions at resort.

This article will tell you:

  • What is the weather in Vietnam in October, water temperature and air,
  • Which resort is the most suitable for a comfortable stay?
  • What to consider when going to Vietnam in the fall?
  • The price of tours and independent vacation in the Vietnamese resorts in October 2019.

The content of the article

  1. October weather is warm and sunny.
  2. Vietnam in October: where better to go?
    1. Nha Trang in October
    2. Phan Thiet in October
    3. Phu Quoc October
    4. Where better to relax in Vietnam child?
  3. Should I go on holiday in Vietnam in the fall
    1. Prices for holidays in Vietnam in October 2019

October weather is warm and sunny.

Although October cannot fully please its guests sunshine in Vietnam, however, in separate the regions of precipitation are not so intense, so if you still decided to rest right here, do not hesitate.

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In October, weather conditions at the main resorts of Vietnam promise be as follows:

Weather in Vietnam in October 2019
Resort Daytime temperature Night temperature Water temperature
Nha trang + 25… 27 ° C + 22… 23 ° C + 27 ° C
Phu Quoc + 30… 31 ° C + 26 … 27 ° C + 29 ° C
Phan Thiet + 30 … 32 ° C + 21… 23 ° C + 28 ° C
Hue + 28 … 30 ° C + 20… 22 ° C + 28 ° C
Da Nang + 28 … 29 ° C + 21… 23 ° C + 28 ° C
Ho Chi Minh City + 30 … 32 ° C + 23… 25 ° C + 28 ° C


  • October in Vietnam promises to be warm, and generally considered favorable time for vacation.
  • Weather conditions vary in different regions.
  • In October in the north of Vietnam dry comes into its own season.
  • In the south of Vietnam in October ends wet season.
  • Sea monsoon gives way to continental.

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Vietnam in October: where better to go?

Vietnam in October

If you have already firmly decided that your October vacation, you will spend in Vietnam, and the question of the resort is still open, we will help you figure out which resort will be most suitable for comfortable rest.

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Nha Trang in October

Nha Trang earned the title of a year-round resort, but here is October spoils the statistics a bit. At this time on the island is quite rainy and hectic weather. Heat subsides, but high moisture remains, which also interferes with comfortable rest.

But this is not a reason to come here in October. Isle protect the mountains, so hurricanes are rare here; storms too frequent guests; from time to time there are sunny days.

Weather in Nha Trang in October 2019
t afternoon t at night t water
+ 25… 27 ° C + 22… 23 ° C + 27 ° C

Things to do. sights

In Nha Trang, there are many attractions that are quite You can meet yourself, and even some of them no need to go.

On the island and in its immediate vicinity you can look at The towers of the Cham kingdom, which were built in the 13th century. Besides You should also visit the Long Shawn Pagoda and take a walk to Nha Trang Cathedral and luxury villas Bao Dai. To get acquainted with the life of local residents, you can go to a fishing village.

Weather in Nha Trang in October, Bao Dai

Nha Trang Center

After visiting historical sites, you can a little and have fun, going on a tour of restaurants and bars, where It is worth more familiar with the national cuisine.

Do not forget to buy a couple of souvenirs to remember at home wonderful rest. For interesting gizmos worth going to local market Chodam.

Phan Thiet in October

In October, the rainy season in the resort is declining, however the weather stays quite wet. But thanks to a special microclimate it is not as tangible as in other regions of Vietnam. In Phan Thiet come all year round, because even in the rainy season, rainfall is not as perceptible for vacationers.

Weather in Phan Thiet in October 2019
t afternoon t at night t water
+ 30 … 32 ° C + 21… 23 ° C + 28 ° C

Things to do. sights

Phan Thiet can not boast of an abundance of interesting places, so if you are considering taking a break from a beach holiday, for impressions will have to go, and not even on foot.

The easiest way is to book a tour at a travel agency, which will provide your transport. The most popular excursions offered at the resort: hot springs; Red and White Dunes; Lotos Lake; mud baths; Lotos Lake; crocodile farm; Ke Ha Lighthouse; Taku Mountain

Weather in Phan Thiet in October, Taku Mountain

Phan Thiet, Lotus Lake

If you still prefer independent walks, the best the choice will be to rent a car with a driver and drive through the main attractions that are best to choose the day before trips.

Phu Quoc October

The weather on Fukuoka in October becomes more conducive to rest. Livni already not go as often as in September, but precipitation all equally observed, especially in the first half of the month. Level humidity also begins to decline gradually.

Weather in Fukuoka in October 2019
t afternoon t at night t water
+ 30… 31 ° C + 26 … 27 ° C + 29 °

Things to do. sights

Every tourist should certainly visit the most popular Beach Island – “Long Beach”. This beach has gained such popularity due to the fact that he is constantly monitored and problems with the sun beds, as on other beaches of Vietnam, does not occur. That is why his attendance at the peak. Also worth a visit on the second popular Beach – “Ong-Lang”, which is located on the west coast islands are not so crowded and the entrance to the water here is more comfortable.

Diving enthusiasts here will also find something to please yourself. Beginners should pay attention to the north, but experienced divers will appreciate the beauty of the underwater world in the south.

Weather in Fukuoka in October, Long BeachPhu Quoc Diving

From cultural attractions you can look into a private Local history museum and Buddhist temple.

Another interesting place on the island is the “coconut” prison, which was a detention facility political criminals during the civil war.

Where better to relax in Vietnam child?

But what a holiday without little tourists? Every adult I want his child to get maximum pleasure from knowledge of the new country. Therefore, we picked up information that It will be useful to families who go on a trip with a child.

Nha Trang for children

Nha Trang will please everyone – from young to old. Entertaining activities here begin with the popular park “Vinperl” on the island Hon-Che. In the vast territory placed everything that can cause delight and smile in adults and children: rides, water park, amphitheater and more.

Hon Meow Island will delight guests with the Chi-Nguyen Oceanarium. Yes, and admire their appearance, because the building was built in the form of huge ship. Inside everyone will be able to admire the slopes, sharks, turtles and other representatives of marine fauna.

Nha Trang, Monkey Island. Children

On the island of Hoa Lan, you can see a lot of beautiful blooming orchids, stroll along the deserted beaches and wander into a small contact zoo. From the last little visitors come to genuine delight.

A real sensation will be a trip to Hon Lao island, which about 1500 brisk monkeys inhabit. These little animals feel make yourself at home here, so don’t forget to be on guard, because they’re island full owners.

Phan Thiet for kids

Despite the fact that the city can not boast of large a variety of places where it will be interesting to go with children, still There is something interesting.

So, most little travelers are thrilled from crocodile nursery. Despite these terrifying reptiles, Children visiting this place seems like a thrilling adventure. Adults will not be bored in the nursery either, because they will have Great opportunity to feed predators right from a fishing pole.

Phan Thiet, Crocodile ptomnik. Children

The Whale Temple is another entertaining place for children. By the way, religious significance here has a secondary meaning, it is rather the museum, in the halls of which are stored interesting exhibits. In one hall You can see a huge number of fragments of whale skeletons and other marine life. In another see the huge skeleton of a whale, whose length was 22 m.

Phu Quoc for kids

In Fukuoka, parents can go to the park with their children. Vinperl Land, which is a continuation of the amusement park in Nha Trang. On the territory of Vinperl Land there are also lots of rides, Aquarium, dolphinarium, water park, cafes, shops.

Phu Quoc, Vinperl Land, Children

Another entertaining place, must-see Safari Park Vinpearl Safari. Here tours are by car and the route is laid out so that everyone can look at the local inhabitants: lions, tigers, zebras, antelopes.

Should I go on holiday in Vietnam in the fall

Holidays in Vietnam in autumn, in October, will delight all tourists cool weather. In the southern part of the country the wet season ends and for a great beach holiday here all the conditions. Just choose suitable resort, and you can safely begin to pack a suitcase!

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What to consider, going to the resorts of Vietnam in October

  • In October, on the island of Nha Trang, rainy and overcast the weather, so if you are counting specifically on a beach holiday, it is worth to postpone the release.
  • October is considered the end of the rainy season, but on the island Phan Thiet can still be precipitated.
  • In October, the rainy season ends in Fukuoka, but the best for rest, choose the end of the month to catch the maximum of the sun days Moreover, at this time the cost of living is not yet rises.

Prices for holidays in Vietnam in October 2019

If you do decide to rest in Vietnam in October, We offer you to get acquainted with the prices of tours in different regions of the country. for two.

Prices for tours to Vietnam in October 2019
Resort Number of stars in the hotel (hotel) Tour price for two
7 days 10 days
Nha trang 3 * from 170,000 rubles. from 173,000 rubles.
Phan Thiet 3 * from 122,000 rubles. from 126 000 rub.
Phu Quoc 3 * from 120 000 rub. from 123 000 rub.

If you decide to rest this year on your own, You will find the cost of housing and travel to individual resorts.

Prices for independent travel to Vietnam in October
Resort Airfare (one way) Price of hotel room (night) Apartment rental price (per day)
Nha trang from 51 822 rub. from 677 rub. from 790 rub.
Phan Thiet from 62 214 rub. from 675 rubles. from 621 rubles.
Phu Quoc from 54 684 rub. from 765 rub. from 903 rub.
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