Weather in Vietnam in March 2020

Weather in Vietnam in March 2020

Want to visit Vietnam in March?

We have what you need:

  • What is the weather in Vietnam in March, water temperature and of air.
  • Which resort is better to choose for a beach holiday.
  • What you need to take into account, going to the Vietnamese resorts in early spring.
  • Prices for February holidays in 2020.

The content of the article

  1. What is the weather in the Vietnamese resorts in the early spring?
  2. Vietnam in March: where better to go?
    1. Nha Trang in March
    2. Phan Thiet in March
    3. Phu Quoc in March
    4. Where to relax with a child?
  3. What you need to know about the holiday in Vietnam at this time?
    1. Prices for holidays in Vietnam in March 2020
    2. What to do in the Vietnamese resorts in March?
    3. What to consider when preparing for a holiday in Vietnam?

What is the weather in the Vietnamese resorts in the early spring?

In almost all cities in Vietnam in March is very hot and dry. And only in the mountains, north of Hanoi, you can find a comfortable heat.

Rainfall in the first month of spring falls a little, and the weather will seem ideal for those who dreamed all winter about the scorching sun. Hide from heat can only be in the north. There is no rain here either, the beginning of the month cool, and closer to April, the thermometer rises to 22 degrees

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Weather in Vietnam in March 2020


At night

Water temperature

Nha trang

+29 … 31 ° C

+21 … 23 ° C

+ 26 ° C

Phu Quoc

+31 … 33 ° C

+26 … 28 ° C

+ 27 ° C

Phan Thiet

+32 … 34 ° C

+22 … 24 ° C

+ 23 ° C


+28 … 30 ° C

+20 … 22 ° C

+ 23 ° C

Da Nang

+27 … 29 ° C

+20 … 21 ° C

+ 23 ° C

Ho Chi Minh City

+34 … 36 ° C

+25 … 27 ° C

+ 27 ° C

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Vietnam in March: where better to go?

To make the rest as comfortable as possible, you need to correctly choose resort!

Most popular destinations:

  • Nha trang
  • Phan Thiet
  • Phu Quoc

Consider in detail the weather you can do on each of these resorts in the month of March.

Nha Trang in March

Weather in Nha Trang in March 2020
In the afternoon At night Water temperature
+23 … 28 ° C +21 … 26 ° C +25.5

You shouldn’t take warm clothes with you, but stock up lightweight hats and sunscreens needed. You can be in the sea for a long time – swim, practice water sports. The water is clear and clean, what attracts tourists, as well as very picturesque views.

Humidity in March in Nha Trang on average 79%, sometimes comes to 90%. For the entire month, 15-32 mm of rain falls, however rains are not so frequent – no more than four days.

On the coast, the wind weakens compared to winter. He blows with speed from 3 to 6 meters per second.

What to do in Nha Trang?

  • go to the mineral waters that will help to recover from ailments;
  • take mud baths;
  • soak up the snow-white beaches;
  • admire the stunning beauty of the bay.

Nha Trang, Dien Khan in Nha TrangDien Khan in Nyachang

Weather in Nha Trang in March, Beach in Nha TrangBeach in Nha Trang

Nha Trang, Buddha Statue in Nha TrangBuddha statue in Nha Trang

Nha Trang, Champa Po Nagar Nha TrangChampa Po Nagar Nha Trang

Phan Thiet in March

Weather in Phan Thiet in March 2020
In the afternoon At night Water temperature
+ 33 ° C + 23 ° C + 26 ° C

In March, the climate is very hot on the Phan Thiet. month just one day overcast and rainy, 5 cloudy and the remaining 25 are sunny. Rest at this time can be a beach, sightseeing or active. Despite the heat of the day, at night time becomes cool and comfortable, however to help air conditioning in the rooms will probably have to turn in any case. The rainy season, thanks to a special microclimate, felt here not so much. The amount of precipitation per month is 20 mm. The wind is the same as in February. The average speed of gusts – 4,3 m / s In most cases, the wind blows from the north, at least from the south, east and southeast. The speed of the march northeast The wind here reaches 20 meters per second.

At Phan Thiet there are wonderful conditions for relaxing with your family – each the hotel has its own beach, equipped with umbrellas and sun beds.

What to do on Phan Thiet?

  • lovers of wine surfing will love Mui Ne – beach area located near Phan Thiet
  • visit the dunes. From Phan Thiet, they can be reached by bus, taxi or rented transport.
  • head to the Magic Stream. It is located between the fishing villages and beaches, around the same you can see unusual limestone formations.

Weather in Phan Thiet in March, Beach in Phan ThietBeach in Phan Thiet

Phan Thiet, Streets of Phan ThietStreets of Phan Thiet

Phu Quoc in March

Weather in Fukuoka in March 2020
In the afternoon At night Water temperature
+ 31 ° C + 27.3 ° C + 29.3 ° C

19 sunny and 4 rainy days are expected during the month. The amount of precipitation is about 42 mm.

Compared to the winter months, March is much warmer here, although there are still very few hot days. No strong winds, sea on the west coast is calm, so we can assume this month very comfortable for a beach holiday. However, humidity is increased – 70%, the amount of precipitation is 53 millimeters – they fall on throughout one week for the whole of march.

What to do in Fukuoka?

  • Go to the bungalow “Saigon” – this is a hotel complex, which attracts many tourists.
  • Stroll around the resort, looking at exotic fish, living in the South China Sea, coral forests, amazing local flora and fauna.
  • Admire the coconut palms.

Phu Quoc Beach Phu Quoc

Where to relax with a child?

Some parents are not completely sure that Vietnam – suitable place for families with children – the country is far from Russia, it is exotic and has an unusual tropical climate. This may create a risk for tropical and infectious diseases. diseases due to the weak immunity of the child and the inability to under 5 years old quickly adapt to new natural conditions.

However, people visiting other countries are sure – with following simple safety rules this risk becomes minimal.

March is a good month for a holiday with a child, even if under 5 years old. It is possible to visit many interesting excursions, see the sights.

As a suitable resort can be offered Nha Trang – here there is an amusement park located on the island of Vinpearl, in downtown – Gorky Park, as well as playing areas in supermarkets.

The beaches, despite the good weather, are almost always free, and finding a comfortable place to stay with the whole family is not labor.

In addition, in Nha Trang, as in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, there are Russians doctors, so in this regard, the resort will also be convenient.

Also a good resort is Phan Thiet – rest here will be calm and quiet. Children will be especially happy thanks to the developed entertainment industry.

What you need to know about the holiday in Vietnam at this time?

We have collected answers to the most popular questions about the rest on Vietnamese resorts in March.

Prices for holidays in Vietnam in March 2020

The price of tours to Vietnam in March 2020 (for two)
7 days 10 days
Nha trang from 65 000 rubles from 100,000 rubles
Phan Thiet from 67,000 rubles from 100,000 rubles
Phu Quoc from 120 000 rubles from 125 000 rubles

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What to do in the Vietnamese resorts in March?

If you want to enjoy a beach holiday without hiding from too bright rays of the sun, March – the perfect time for this.

  • Diving. This is a great idea this time of year. Diving network especially developed in Hoi An, Nha Trang, Cana, Da Nang, Waile and in Fukuoka.
  • Also we recommend to visit excursions – about 7300 monuments located in Vietnam. He also has a variety of natural sights.
  • Hanoi – the capital of the country, in the center of which find many attractions as well as the Lake of the Returned the sword.
  • Ho Chi Minh City is also interesting – this big city has in its surroundings hidden tunnels used during the Vietnamese of war.
  • Monuments of culture can be seen by going to Hoi An or Hue
  • Evergreen forests, the most beautiful valleys of which are formed passes, lakes, waterfalls, natural parks await you in Dalat.
  • Festivals and celebrations are held in Kwang Nam – In March you can visit the China Festival. He opens solemnly descending a quaintly decorated boat on Water. The Kwan Festival is held in Da Nang – here An exhibition of handicraft and art products is taking place. ensembles. Within three days – from 10 to 11 March – Pagoda Co. Loa celebrates a religious holiday dedicated to the distinguished the governor, who after his death was canonized Saints. Giong Festival is celebrated in some cities on north of Vietnam. Its theme is cultural heritage and patriotism of citizens of this state. In Thuk there is an opportunity attend the Thai Pagoda festival.

Village in DalatVillage in Dalat

Hotel complex SaigonHotel complex Saigon

Transport in VietnamTransportation in Vietnam

Vietnam is a unique country where you can have a great time. leisure and beach lovers, and loyal fans of excursions and exploring the local culture, as well as those interested in diving and other water sports.

What to consider when preparing for a holiday in Vietnam?

Holidays in Vietnam – what are the nuances to consider? Before to travel, you should learn more about the country to get acquainted with its culture, lifestyle of local residents, and also get to know the information that will make it more comfortable stay in this amazing and diverse country.

  • Transport structure Vietnam National Airlines – monopolists in the market of services for flights within the state. To get from one end of the country to the other, you can take the bus or a minibus whose network crosses the whole of Vietnam. Directions very cheap. However, they can hardly be called convenient – in the heat they uncomfortable, besides, they are very slow, almost always crowded and old. Even the “express” buses do not develop speed of more than 50 km per hour.
  • Currency. Currency in Vietnam – Dong. The cost of 1 dollar here 15.7 dong. Currencies are issued in denominations of 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, 100,000. Cards are accepted, including Visa and MasterCard.
  • Car rent. In Vietnam you can rent car, paying for it is quite reasonable price. However it is worth being ready for police attention, which can often stop guests from other countries and ask to pay any fine. If a local is near you at this time, carry on negotiating and negotiating will be much easier.
  • Time. The time in Vietnam is 3 hours ahead of Moscow in the summer and for 4 hours in winter. The official language of the state is Vietnamese. Different areas are common in different parts of the country. dialects. The most common languages ​​here are English, Russian, French and Chinese.
  • Religion. In Vietnam, recognized several religions – Confucianism, Christianity, Buddhism and Taoism. These philosophical trends influenced the formation of the spiritual sphere of life of local residents. In the end, they merged into one by attaching to themselves various Chinese beliefs and animism. The result was “Triple Religion”.

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