Weather in Vietnam in April 2020

Weather in Vietnam in April 2020

April is one of the best months to visit Vietnam.

After all, at this time the dry season – for the whole month may not go not a single rain, even faint.

Nothing puts you to enjoy your holiday!

From this article you will learn:

  • What is the weather in Vietnam in April, water temperature and of air.
  • Which are the most interesting for travel.
  • Mostly relax with children.
  • How much will your trip cost in April 2020?

The content of the article

  1. What is the weather in the Vietnamese resorts?
  2. Vietnam in April: where better to go?
    1. Nha Trang in April
    2. Phan Thiet in April
    3. Phu Quoc in April
    4. Where better to relax with a child?
  3. What you need to know, going to Vietnam in the spring?
    1. Prices for holidays in Vietnam in April 2020
    2. What you need to pay attention, going to Vietnam?

What is the weather in the Vietnamese resorts?

In April, the dry season reigns in Vietnam. That means the weather varies from warm to hot.

There is no rain at all at this time, and the sea is calm and smooth.

Weather in Vietnam in April 2020
Daytime temperature Night temperature Water temperature
Winperl 31.5 ° C 23.8 ° C 27.2 ° C
Da Nang 30.9 ° C 22.8 ° C 24.9 ° C
Nha trang 31.5 ° C 23.8 ° C 27.2 ° C
Fanrang 31.1 ° C 25.2 ° C 27.5 ° C
Phan Thiet 33.8 ° C 24.1 ° C 28.2 ° C
Phu Quoc 32.5 ° C 28.4 ° C 30.3 ° C
Hanoi 31.4 ° C 23.0 ° C
Ho Chi Minh City 35.5 ° C 27.4 ° C 28.9 ° C
  • In the south of Vietnam almost all are located. popular resorts. It is especially hot there: April for this area last month of the dry season. And only on Phu Quoc Island in April the transition from the dry to the wet season begins.
  • In the middle part of Vietnam, also the time of the dry season is warm throughout the highlands cool. This is the best time to visit the caves in the park. Phongnya Kebang, since you will not fall under the rain in the jungle.
  • In the north of Vietnam, thanks to the dry season, warm enough. Bathing starts in Halong Bay in April season. There are few tourists here, and they come to see the nature numerous islands of the bay, and not in search of a beach recreation.

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Vietnam in April: where better to go?

Vietnam in April

Where in April you will find the most comfortable and interesting holiday?

Where to go with the child?

More details below.

Nha Trang in April

April in Nachang is the last month of the dry season. Rains if and go, it is very weak and only 3-5 times in the whole month. The weather is hot and very wet, which is typical for this region. The sea is calm the water is comfortable and warm along the entire coast.

Weather in Nha Trang in April 2020
Daytime temperature Night temperature Water temperature
31.5 ° C 23.8 ° C 27.2 ° C

What to see?

Popular attractions include:

  • Trang Cathedral;
  • Nha Trang Beach;
  • Monkey Island, or Monkey Island – Natural reserve;
  • Thap Tram Huong – a tower with a viewing platform.

Weather in Nha Trang in April, Trang Cathedral

Nha Trang Monkey Island

Nha Trang Beach

Things to do?

This time of year is the best for a beach holiday: the rain will not start suddenly and will not force you to go to the hotel number, and a gust of wind just will not blow your parasol.

It will be great at this time and on the mud springs, and rides in the park, and on excursions.

The sea is very calm, so many tourists are engaged diving Even beginners dive under the water – on the coast is very many diving centers, where you will be trained and accompanied by experienced coaches. Many centers conduct classes in Russian.

From the middle of the month, special water courses are arranged for tourists. walks with the excursion program. You will be able to visit neighboring islands, learn their history and see what they live by.

Phan Thiet in April

April is literally a hot season at the resort. it extends to the weather, which is stable for the whole month hot and windless, and on tourists who seek to relax in this is a favorable time.

Weather in Phan Thiet in April 2020
Daytime temperature Night temperature Water temperature
33.8 ° C 24.1 ° C 28.2 ° C

What to see?

Popular attractions include:

  • The lighthouse Ke Ha, a few kilometers from the city, is recognized as the most beautiful in all of Asia;
  • Fishing village Mui Ne – a very beautiful place where tourists will be able to observe how the life of fishermen works, go fishing along with them and taste delicious seafood;
  • Thermal spring Vinhao – the water in it is heated to 80 degrees, and next is a health complex with massage and therapeutic baths.

Weather in Phan Thiet in April, golf club

Phan Thiet Diving

Phan Thiet Lighthouse Ke Ga

Phan Thiet Muyne Fishing Village

Things to do?

In April, the resort is set to a real heat. So that beach lovers will get exactly what they want: they can great to tan and soak up in hot sunshine.

Those who like excursions are strongly advised to choose for them the evening time, otherwise the pleasure will be overshadowed by the reigning day heat

Lack of wind does not allow so much to enjoy kiting or surfing, like in the winter months, since there are practically no waves. But calm sea is perfect for diving.

Also located here is the Ocean Dunes Golf Club, and many other golf courses so if you always wanted master this game – resort specifically for you.

Phu Quoc in April

In April, the island already begins climate change – the dry season gives way to wet. However, the weather is still good and quite warm It will be very good for tourists who do not like strong heat Also, prices at this time have already been reduced, and there are less tourists than other resorts.

Weather in Fukuoka in April 2020
Daytime temperature Night temperature Water temperature
32.5 ° C 28.4 ° C 30.3 ° C

What to see?

Popular attractions include:

  • Beach “Long Beach” – the longest beach of the island. With him, as with few others can admire the sunset over the sea. This can only be done in Fukuoka, as the rest of the resorts facing west;
  • Private Museum of Local Lore – located in the south of the island, with him beautiful view;
  • National Park – hiking through its picturesque jungle tours.

Weather in Fukuoka in April, National Park

Phu Quoc Beach

Phu Quoc Diving

Phu Quoc Safari Park

Things to do?

Lots of beautiful beaches will delight lovers of tranquil recreation. Despite the lack of heat, it will still be possible in April great tan

Also at this time local excursions are actively working. programs that offer tourists to see how fishing live villages or nearby huge plantation pearls.

The coast of Phu Quoc rich in beautiful fauna, admire it offer in local diving centers, where Russian-speaking coaches will not only teach you everything you need, but also accompany you when immersion. They can even give you a PADI or SSI certificate. after training.

You can learn more about Vietnam resorts from this articles.

Where better to relax with a child?

If you are going to rest in Vietnam with the whole family, there is several suitable resorts for this. Choose considering age of children and your preferences.


On the island of Hon-Che is a huge park “Vinperl”. There you you will find the cleanest white sand beaches and attractions, water park, shopping area, many restaurants and cafes.

Hon Meow Island is famous for its Chi-Nguyen Oceanarium, which looks like a huge ship. Many representatives live there local fauna, and some, if desired, you can even feed purchased in the same feed.

Vietnam with children

Phan Thiet

Visit here is only in order to go to the crocodile nursery. Where else can children see these dangerous, but such interesting animals in a place close to their natural environment habitat?

The most courageous will be able to feed predatory reptiles from a fishing rod, and even hold in the hands of their little cubs!

This tour will surely be remembered for a long time – both children and for adults.

Phu Quoc Island

For children, there is an amusement park called Vinpearl Land, similar to the one that is located in Nanchang. There go comfortable free buses, and in addition to the attractions there is a water park, dolphinarium, aquarium, fountains and numerous cafes.

Also close to the airport is the Winperl Safari Park. Phu Quoc Safari “, which is carried out in a closed car, driving right near the habitats of tigers, lions and many others animals.

What you need to know, going to Vietnam in the spring?

Would you like to spend your vacation in Vietnam?

Choose a convenient way to travel and find out a few tourist nuances.

Prices for holidays in Vietnam in April 2020

Book tours and tickets, and you need to book accommodation as possible earlier – this is the highest season of the year, tourists wanting get here at this time, very much.

Prices for tours to Vietnam in April 2020
Tour price for two (7 nights) Return ticket price Hotel price (1 night) Price of apartments

From 120,000 rubles.

About 20,000 rubles. per person from 600 rub. for a double room from 600 rub. per room

What you need to pay attention, going to Vietnam?

  • April is the best month to explore Vietnam on bicycles or mopeds. Take such a vehicle for rent here is not will be difficult and inexpensive, and the roads in the dry season are not blurred by rains.
  • In the south of Vietnam there are so many tourists that almost all You can pay here, even without having local money – in dollars, or credit cards VISA and MasterCard.
  • Right on the surface of the lake Hoan-Kiem in Hanoi regularly pass performances of the Municipal Puppet Theater. If you eat in Vietnam – this sight cannot be missed.
  • From 26 to 29 April 2020, Da Nang will be held annually fireworks festival. Pyrotechnics stars will come here from all over. world, the show is stunning for its beauty and scale. Watch it The spectacle is best from the city center, from the embankment of the Han River.

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