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Weather in Turkey in September 2019

The weather at the beginning of autumn is unpredictable, but only not in Turkey. Here the velvet season is in full swing! Soak up the sun and a swim in the azure sea invites the Mediterranean coast.

The article below contains detailed information, namely:

  • What is the weather in Turkey in September, water temperature and of air.
  • What resorts are favorable for a September vacation?
  • The cost of travel to Turkish resorts in September 2019 of the year.

The content of the article

  1. What will be the weather: the temperature of water and air
  2. Turkey in September: where better to go?
    1. Alanya in September
    2. Side in September
    3. Antalya in September
    4. Kemer in September
    5. Marmaris in September
    6. Istanbul in September
    7. Where it is better to rest with the child at this time?
  3. What you need to know, going to Turkey in the early fall?
    1. Prices for holidays in Turkey in September 2019
    2. 7 advise who goes to September Turkey

What will be the weather: the temperature of water and air

In some resorts at the very beginning of autumn the thermometer confidently rises to +32 degrees. Truly subside the heat starts in Istanbul, where the air warms up during the day to + 27 degrees. Due to such climatic conditions it is possible with maximum convenience to enjoy all the sights visit a lot of fairs, spend exciting walks the city. And, of course, the absence of heat allows you to fully relax in the sun, getting a delightful tan, and splash in a warm water.

Weather in Turkey in September 2019
Resort Happy At night Water temperature
Istanbul +20 … 27 ° C +19 … 21 ° C + 22 ° C
Alanya +25 … 30 ° C +23 … 25 ° C + 26 ° C
Kemer +22 … 28 ° C +19 … 21 ° C + 22 ° C
Marmaris +26 … 31 ° C +22 … 24 ° C + 24 ° C
Side +26 … 31 ° C +26 … 31 ° C + 27 ° C
Antalya +26 … 32 ° C +21 … 23 ° C + 24 ° C

More likely in September are considered precipitation. Frequent them the appearance of Istanbul, but on the coast far less. All the same, worry about it is not worth it, because precipitation is of short duration and will not be able to prevent rest.

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Turkey in September: where better to go?

Turkey in September

Turkey has long been a popular destination in terms of beach holidays. And the reasons for this are as follows:

  • low prices;
  • safe and very calm Mediterranean Sea;
  • excellent service
  • close location to Russia.

The shores of the country are washed at once by the four seas – the Aegean, the Mediterranean, Marble and Black. This month you should choose resorts located in the Mediterranean. Most Popular Directions:

  • Kemer;
  • Antalya;
  • Side;
  • Alanya;
  • Marmaris.

Alanya in September

Rest inexpensively in the first month of autumn can be in Alanya. AT September 2019 hot weather is expected here, a characteristic feature which is softness and dryness. Beach holiday at this time in full swing so the sun is capable of providing an even a tan.

September Alanya combines ideal conditions for tourists who adore warm countries can tolerate high temperatures. Long sleeved clothing it is worth saving for long evening walks. But in the daytime time is better to take care of your safety using sunscreen and headgear.

High temperatures attract at this time very a lot of tourists. Despite the fact that in Russia at this time already gradually begins to come into its own fall with her chilly rainy days and yellow foliage, in Turkey at this time still real summer.

Weather in Alanya in September 2019
Temperature day / night Water temperature Cloudy days Precipitation, mm
+26 … 32 ° C / +21 … 23 ° C + 24 ° C 0 15

How to have fun on the beaches of Alanya? Everything is available by the sea Beach activities: banana rides, beach volleyball, aquabikes, catamarans, canoes, etc. Bolder tourists can test yourself on a water ski or in the air over the sea, inquisitive vacationers – scuba dive with ease or mask under water. Both children and adults will enjoy the entertainment on water slides aquapark “Aqualand”. In the evening holidaymakers luring incendiary music and flickering lights in the night clubs.

The excursion program in Alanya is also full. Afternoon, when the sun weakens a little, you can organize a trip to the mountain River Smoke. Waterfalls with ice water and picturesque nature are worth a lot of things. And thrill-seekers can recommend rafting, trekking in mountain ranges and a trip through the mountains in a jeep safari.

Weather in Alanya in September - DolphinariumDolphinarium

Alanya, Central Squarecentral square

Alania, Fortress of the FortressFortress loophole

Side in September

The weather in Side at the beginning of autumn is no different from August: full calm, no clouds, light breeze from the sea. But in the second half of September, the heat begins to subside. For the whole month rains fall rarely, but sometimes come from the sea thunderstorms.

Weather in Side in September 2019
Temperature day / night Water temperature Cloudy days Precipitation, mm
+26 … 31 ° C / +26 … 31 ° C + 27 ° C 0 14

Spending time on the beach, you can have fun with all kinds of beach rest, you can even take a boat ride to marine habitats turtles. In the city itself is worth visiting a lot of interesting places. For example, the Altynbeshik National Park with the cave of the same name and underground lake. A survey of ancient monuments of architecture will open one more page of the history of this country.

Weather in Side in September - Triumphal ArchTriumphal arch

Side, QuayEmbankment

Side, Manavgat FallsManavgat Falls

Antalya in September

At this time, you can enjoy a truly relaxing holiday, since the lashes are becoming under age children who are sent to study. At the same time tourist season does not decline. All the fault – comfort conditions for sightseeing and beach holidays.

Weather in Antalya in September 2019
Temperature day / night Water temperature Cloudy days Precipitation, mm
+26 … 32 ° C / +21 … 23 ° C + 24 ° C 0 15

The heat is much easier at this time because air humidity decreases. All days are sunny and clear, but in in the first half of the month, you still need to save yourself from Turkish sun to avoid heat stroke. Unlikely in Antalya at this time of year can be considered rains.

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The mild and warm climate is quite convenient for hiking in the Old the city of Kaleici. Its narrow streets and ancient residential buildings with tiled roofs unusually picturesque. Very interesting there are streets with shopping malls and wrought products.

A lot of impressions will give the old port with stylized sailing yachts and remnants of the fortress wall, as well Roman Adrian Gate. In the evening you can go to modern center. In the evening here is not so noisy, but still turbulent life flows under its own power.

Weather in Antalya in September - MayakLighthouse

Antalya, Central AvenueCentral Avenue

Antalya, Gate of HadrianHadrian’s Gate

Kemer in September

All September in Kemer is a good weather. During month decreases the humidity and exhausting stuffiness. For these reasons, the rest will be a real pleasure. After 19 in the evening the temperature declines and arises perfect time for a variety of excursions entertainment outdoors. Due to the warm sea acceptable would be a holiday with a child.

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Weather in Kemer in September 2019
Temperature day / night Water temperature Cloudy days Precipitation, mm
+22 … 28 ° C / +19 … 21 ° C + 22 ° C 2 31

What to do on hot September days in Kemer? Hot weather makes all travelers spend time by the sea. For vacationers there is a lot of entertainment here: inflatable slides, buns, beach sports, riding a banana, catamaran and jet skis. Transparent sea water allows for diving and divers with mask. In the evening, when the sun goes down over the tops of the mountains, Tourists are waiting for local bars, restaurants, discos.

By the way, at this resort you can relax not only passively, spending time on the beach, but also actively riding jeep and quad bike.

In September, there are few people at the resort, which is an advantage when inspection of monuments of architecture. Ruins of ancient cities with aqueducts, the buildings of baths, gymnasiums, fragments of the theater and temples are worth it, to come here for a sightseeing tour.

Weather in Kemer in September - One of the city streetsOne of city ​​streets

Kemer, Main SquareMain square

Kemer, Pebble BeachPebble beach

Marmaris in September

September in Marmaris is characterized by good weather. conditions. In the afternoon the air warms up well and warms the sea. With the arrival of autumn the resort pleases tourists with free places in hotels and the absence of crowds on trips. In the decline comes the sweltering heat, while the sea and the air remain warm.

Weather in Marmaris in September 2019
Temperature day / night Water temperature Cloudy days Precipitation, mm
+26 … 31 ° C / +22 … 24 ° C + 24 ° C 1 15

Temperature indicators gradually decrease by the end of the month. Marmaris in September does not frighten tourists with frequent rains. Besides beach, are becoming popular and various excursions that help to get to know this wonderful country.

Infrastructure is well developed in Marmaris. So miss on This southern resort will not have to anyone. Everything is on the seashore beach activities, diving center, Aqua Dream water park. AT the city itself has attractions, amusement parks, available archaeological center, a beautiful garden with peacocks.

Council To “sweeten” a wonderful holiday in Marmaris, you need to visit the market Imcheler. It is located along channel. Here you can buy ripe fruit and good stuff at low. price

Weather in Marmaris in September - NaberezhnayaEmbankment

Marmaris, CanoeingCanoeing

Istanbul in September

In Istanbul, September is surprisingly good. temperature. August heat leaves the resort, so the weather becomes incredibly comfortable. In the afternoon the air warms up perfectly, and at night it is also well cooled. Therefore, for evening walks things with long sleeves are required.

On a trip to Istanbul, you should bring an umbrella, because it rains from time to time. True, crowds of tourists leave this city, so you can without too much fuss enjoy its beautiful views. In early September, certainly worth visit the Rock’n’Coke festival held in Istanbul the suburbs. In this festival you can listen to rock music from foreign and turkish musicians.

Weather in Istanbul in September 2019
Temperature day / night Water temperature Cloudy days Precipitation, mm
+20 … 27 ° C / +19 … 21 ° C + 22 ° C 2 58

The huge largest city of Istanbul is good for excursions to any season. To get acquainted with the unique architectural monuments – St. Sophia Cathedral, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace should go to the Sultanahmet quarter. If the purpose of travel is colorful oriental bazaars, then you should go to the quarter Eminenu. Shopaholic direct road to Karakoy quarters, Galatasaray and Taksim, where the best shops, antique shops and coffee shops.

Walking around the city, it is impossible not to pay attention to the Genoese buildings, old houses, mosques, minarets and squares. Inspection of these attractions provides an opportunity to get acquainted with local culture, to know the versatility and originality Turkey

Weather in Istanbul in September - District SultanahmetArea Sultanahmet

Istanbul, Galata TowerGalata Tower

Istanbul, Oriental BazaarEast market

Where it is better to rest with the child at this time?

For holidays with children should choose resorts with a sandy beach and rich nature, pebbles and slabs off the coast – not very good option. Preference should be given to resorts with developed infrastructure where water parks, dolphinariums, attractions, entertainment centers. Also worth considering is the proximity to natural reserves and ancient monuments, the road to which is not must tire the child.

Older children will be interested in resorts, of which You can go on a trip by jeep or quad bike. And already no one will be indifferent to rafting down a river in a boat or a raft.

What you need to know, going to Turkey in the early fall?

Marmaris, City View

September is characterized by a decline in summer heat, the establishment of comfortable temperature for sun exposure. Many tourists leave places to rest, in hotels and excursions becomes not so crowded.

But the velvet season in Turkey is popular, so travel route should be thought out in advance.

Decided to go to Turkey in September? Look at the prices acting on popular resorts:

Prices for holidays in Turkey in September 2019

Prices for tours to Turkey in September 2019
Resort Number of stars hotel Tour price for 2 people, rub.
7 days 10 days
Istanbul 3 * from 65 876 ​​rub. from 72 344 rub.
Alanya 3 * from 37 899 rub. from 41 239 rub.
Side 3 * from 44 589 rub. from 51 588 rub.
Kemer 3 * from 52,499 rubles. from 59 799 rub.
Marmaris 3 * from 37,499 rubles. from 40 290 rub.

By topic: Prices for holidays in Turkey in 2019

Do you like to travel by yourself? Then this information It will be interesting to you:

Prices for independent holidays in Turkey in September 2019 of the year
Resort Airfare (one way) Room price (per day) Rental price (per day)
Istanbul from 8 264 rub. from 6 180 rub. from 8 340 rub.
Alanya from 5 630 rub. from 4,044 rubles. from 5 670 rub.
Side from 6,120 (up to Antalya) rub. from 2 319 rub. from 3 250 rub.
Kemer from 6,120 (up to Antalya) rub. from 3 805 rub. from 4 280 rub.
Marmaris from 6,234 (to Dalaman) rub. from 3 402 rub. from 4 670 rub.

7 advise who goes to September Turkey

  1. September sun is still scorching, so you need to take with you sunscreen;
  2. At the reception in hotels to agree on a good room, employees should not be given money, it is better to hand a souvenir from Russia;
  3. When visiting mosques, you must take off your shoes, women should put on a scarf;
  4. It is not necessary to attend mosques during prayers;
  5. Turkish restaurants do not cook pork, so do not ask for dishes from this meat;
  6. It is forbidden to smoke on the streets, if they see – they will fine;
  7. In the markets and in the shops should bargain for skillful bargaining You can get a good discount.
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