Weather in Antalya in September 2019

Weather in Antalya in September 2019

Want to relax on the sea in the velvet season?

Prefer an inexpensive vacation without the sultry heat and a large number tourists?

All this you will find in Antalya in September!

From this article you will learn:

  • What is the weather in September in Antalya.
  • What places on this resort are the most interesting for travels.
  • How much will your trip cost in September 2019 of the year.
  • What to look for, going to this city.

The content of the article

  1. What weather is waiting for you at this time?
  2. Antalya in September: is it worth it to go?
    1. What to do at this time?
    2. What to see?
    3. Prices for holidays in Antalya in September 2019
  3. September holidays in Antalya: what to look for?

What weather is waiting for you at this time?

Despite the fact that the calendar is already autumn, Antalya is September weather is still summer. This is especially true for the first half of the month when the temperatures of water and air are the same as in August, but the sultry, sweltering heat is already gone.

In the second half of the month it gets cooler than it was in summer, but the conditions are still comfortable for a beach holiday. It’s time velvet season when in the evenings the water temperature exceeds the temperature of the air, and you can enjoy the sunset, being right in sea.

Weather in Antalya in September 2019
Daytime temperature Night temperature Water temperature
In early September + 28 … 32 ° C + 21… 23 ° C + 24 ° C
At the end of September + 26 … 30 ° C + 20… 22 ° C + 23 ° C

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In mid-autumn there is very little rain in Antalya, only about three or four rainy days for the whole month.

The weather at this time is rather arid, sometimes it happens. thunderstorms.

At this time, the resorts will feel great families with young children and older couples since the summer heat that it can be difficult to carry, no longer. And in the evenings, with the sunset, cool freshness makes for long walks along the sea along the beach or along the promenade.

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Antalya in September: is it worth it to go?

Antalya in September

Where in September you will find the most comfortable and interesting holiday?

What sights must visit?

More details below.

What to do at this time?

September is not as hot and sultry as it was in the summer. but the weather is still very comfortable for a beach holiday. You may not just enjoy the gentle warm sea, but also beautiful get a tan

There are few rainy days in September, only three or four, and the weather most of the day is clear and sunny.

This is a great advantage over resorts that are close to the equator and often scare tourists by sudden short rains.

Weather in Antalya in September - what to do

In addition to a beach holiday in September, it is very comfortable to spend time. on excursions. There are many attractions here, and due to the fact that the day is not so hot, you can see them all. Not it is necessary, as in the summer, to take breaks in order to wait half-hot heat.

Antalya is a great place for diving and snorkeling. In September the sea is very calm and suitable even for beginners, and on the coast You will find diving centers offering tourists everything they need. equipment and assistance from experienced instructors.

In addition, Antalya has a wonderful dolphinarium. Dolphinland , where, to the delight of adults and children, shows are held with dolphins.

For children in Antalya, there are three excellent water parks, working up to mid or end of the month.

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What to see?

Popular attractions include:

  • Hadrian’s Gate is the architectural heritage of the Roman Empire, It is a gate through which chariots drove into the ancient city of Kaleici;
  • Duden waterfalls – one of the most popular tourist small towns, very spectacular and picturesque;
  • Antalya Museum – urban archaeological museum in the center cities, with a huge number of exhibits;
  • Köprülü Canyon – a picturesque National Park. This is very a beautiful place where everyone is invited to go through the rapids on a canoe;
  • Karaalioglu Park is a fabulous place, a huge green area with statues. There are several cafes and restaurants, and for the tired Tourists – taxis going to any point of the park;
  • Hidirlyk Tower – Roman building of the II-nd century AD er With her amazing view of the sea;
  • Sandland – a large exhibition of sculptures, especially fascinating in the evening when the lights are on.

Antalya Park KaraaliogluPark Karaalioglu

Antalya Hidirlyk TowerHidirlyk Tower

Antalya Gate AdrianaHadrian’s Gate

Antalya Duden waterfallsDuden waterfalls

Antalya DolphinlandDolphinland

Prices for holidays in Antalya in September 2019

At this time, the resort is no longer so hot at the end months happen and cool days. But the sea remains good warmed up, and prices drop lower. Antalya in September – A great place for those who like a calm and devoid of fuss relaxation.

Prices for tours and holidays in Antalya in September 2019
Tour price for two (7 nights) Return ticket price Hotel price (1 night) Price of apartments

From 50 000 rub.

About 10,000 rubles. per person

from 900 rub. for a double room

from 900 rub. per room

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September holidays in Antalya: what to look for?

  • Few know that you can not only fly to Antalya by plane, but also by water. From Sochi twice a week passenger ships are going there. It costs about 4,000 rubles. behind passenger in one direction, lasts about 4 hours and arrives in the Turkish city of Trabzon, from where to the destination can be reached by bus. So if you have boring flights, can make your trip more diverse.
  • Local buses have a very convenient system – during 45 minutes after the trip when transferring to another bus You can not pay the fare.
  • Only official taxis operate in the city. Problems not with them: almost every intersection is equipped with a yellow button call, and in the parking lots at local attractions always several cars are on duty.
  • For those who want to rent on this resort no rent no caution: the roads in these places are excellent, problems with no parking, and traffic is not difficult traffic jams.
  • Local SIM card will work in unregistered the phone is just a week or two. Then it will automatically blocked by If you are planning to stay in the country longer than this term, you will have to register the phone in one of the local post offices, paying about 2,000 rubles. as a fee.
  • The honorary title of the cleanest beach of Antalya is “Topcham”, which is located on the territory of the national park “Olympos”.
  • Coming here, be sure to go diving. Seabed in these places are amazingly beautiful, it is often possible to meet him inhabitants, including: moray, tuna, turtles and even dolphins

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