Olympos (Turkey) and Cirali, how to get map

This informational post is for those who will go to Turkey to Kemer or Antalya, and accordingly in their neighborhood. I already talked about our trip to Olympos and ираirali, about impressions and adventures. BUT Now the scant information for independent travelers.

Description of our entire independent trip (buses + hitchhiking) can be seen here – Independently to Turkey.

City of Olympos on the left bank of the Ulupinar River City of Olympos on the left bank of the Ulupinar River

The city of Olympos on the left bank of the river Ulupinar

Not to say that we have been looking for Olympos and Cirali for a very long time, but with us was a GPS and guide. If not for this, I do not know how long we would wander through the villages and the coast. Although now everything seems very easy, and maybe only we had some difficulties with finding a place.

The thing is, there are two pointers to Olympos, and this is a bit confused. It also confuses that not all cards can be found these towns, although they are located next to each other. First the map, but then I will try to explain how to get to Olympos and Cirali, and what is the difference between these ways.

Olympos Map

Olympos. Turkey. Map. Olympos. Turkey. Map.

Olympos Turkey. Map.

Olympos – the ancient ruins of the old port city, one side facing the sea, and located on the banks of the river Ulupinar. Next to it are cafes and hotels. some of which are in the form of wooden houses in the trees. There is like huts without amenities, and luxury. Here modern hang out hippies, ordinary tourists rarely get here.

Ираıralı is a small village on the seashore with private hotels and a minimum of entertainment and civilization, wide beach strip and a small number of people. Quiet place for a relaxing family holidays, as well as for recreation with a tent on the beach.

How to get to Olympos

So, if we live in Kemer or Antalya, then the easiest way is to go to the main road and catch a minibus there, in the direction of Kumluca, Finike and Fethiye. You can safely ride and hitchhiking, or on a rented the car. Next, exit at one of the signs to the left, located in 500m from each other:

1. First to the beaches of Olympos and ираıralı (Çıralı). From the main road on the mountain serpentine, we get to Cirali. Having walked 100 meters to the sea, we turn right and go along the bank of the metro 300 to the ruins city of olympos.

2. The second to Olympos and Chavuskoy (Çavuşköy). From the main road along no less mountain serpentine, turning left before Chavuskoy, we We get to the official entrance to Olympos. Ticket price 10lir (200r).

We arrived the first option, and returned the second. And however it is strange, it is the first option that seems to me more convenient for hitting Olympos: – The road in the 1st version is shorter and without turns. – The most interesting is just on the shore. If a go through the official entrance (option 2), then go to the shore 20 minutes. – It is possible to pass for free, as the guard does not always in place. Here it is necessary to take into account that the right bank Olympos is free to visit. And only on the left bank are tax collectors at the beginning and at the end of the journey. You can cross the river almost anywhere. – It is more convenient to combine with rest on sea.

P.S. Note, drive by car from Ciraly to Olympos or on the contrary, it cannot be directly, only through the main road.

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