Weather in Turkey in May 2020

Weather in Turkey in May 2020

There is a desire to enjoy warm days as soon as possible? Then the most time to visit the resorts of Turkey on the May holidays!

This article will help you to find out:

  • What is the weather in Turkey in May, water temperature and of air.
  • Which resort is better to choose?
  • What is worth taking note, going to this country in the spring.
  • The cost of tours and self-recreation in Turkish resorts in May 2020.

The content of the article

  1. Features of weather, temperature of water and air
  2. Turkey in May: Where is the warmest?
    1. Istanbul in May
    2. Alanya in May
    3. Kemer in May
    4. Marmaris in May
    5. Side in May
    6. Where it is better to rest at this time with the child?
  3. Should I go on holiday to Turkey at the end of spring?
    1. Prices for tours to Turkey in May 2020
    2. 7 tips for a successful May holiday in Turkey

Features of weather, temperature of water and air

If you have already missed the bright sun and warm water for months of cold, there is a great opportunity to go for all these benefits of nature to friendly Turkey. May is just considered month of opening the beach season.

As for weather conditions, they differ at the beginning and in the end of the month. On average, at the beginning of May, the air warms up to the mark + 26 ° C, and in the end – up to + 28 ° C.

In the middle of the month the temperature is as comfortable as possible for relaxing. because the heat is still absent, and the rains are rare. Perhaps someone else seems cool water. So, the temperature in The Aegean Sea is heated to + 19 ° C, and in the Mediterranean to + 20 ° C.

In May, the climatic conditions at the main resorts will be such as:

Weather in Turkey in May 2020
Resort Happy At night Water temperature
Istanbul + 21… 25 ° C +14 … 16 ° C + 17 ° C
Alanya + 22… 25 ° C + 18… 20 ° C + 20 ° C
Kemer + 20… 23 ° C + 14… 16 ° C + 17 ° C
Marmaris + 22… 25 ° C + 16 … 18 ° C + 20 ° C
Side + 23… 25 ° C + 18… 20 ° C + 21 ° C
Antalya + 22… 25 ° C + 15… 17 ° C +19 ° C


  • Turkey in May is the perfect time to start the beach season.
  • Temperature indicators contribute to comfortable rest.
  • The night is still pretty fresh.
  • Rainfall is not typical for May weather.

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Turkey in May: Where is the warmest?

Turkey in May

What makes Turkey so good is the presence of a mass of resorts.

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So, holidaymakers always have a wide selection, and for those who every time wants something new, you can choose resorts by the queue.

In any case, no matter what resort you stay in, May The weather will definitely please you.

Istanbul in May

If you compare the previous month’s weather, then it definitely becomes warmer. Last spring month really happy spring temperatures. Thermometer bar already begins to rise above the mark of + 20 ° C. The sky too happy lack of clouds and bright sunshine. At the beginning of the month are possible little rainfall that won’t spoil the rest.

Weather in Istanbul in May 2020
Happy At night Water temperature
In the beginning of May + 18… 23 ° C + 14… 16 ° C + 16 ° C
In the end of May + 21… 25 ° C + 15… 17 ° C + 18 ° C

What you must do in Istanbul:

  • Visit the most beautiful mosque of the city – Sultanahmet.
  • Visit the Cathedral of St. Sophia and the fortress Edikule.
  • Book a tour to Topkapi Palace.
  • Go on a boat trip on the Bosphorus.
  • Enjoy the beauty of the eastern palace Dolmabahche.
  • Climb the highest hill called Büyük амamlıca to enjoy the panorama of Istanbul.

Weather in Istanbul in May, Golden HornGolden Horn

Istanbul Basilica CisternBasilica Cistern

Istanbul, DolmabahceDolmabahche

Istanbul, the Blue MosqueBlue Mosque

Istanbul, Grand BazaarGrand Bazaar

Alanya in May

In May, the weather conditions in Alanya look like summer weather. our lands. On average, daytime temperatures are firmly above marks + 22 ° C, and at night is not so cool. Precipitation can be, in This month, on average, there are 8 rainy days, but they short-term and just do not interfere with comfortable rest.

Weather in Alanya in May 2020
Happy At night Water temperature
In the beginning of May + 20… 23 ° C + 18… 20 ° C + 18 ° C
In the end of May + 22… 25 ° C +19 … 21 ° C + 20 ° C

Things to do

Alanya, like other resorts in Turkey, has a rich history. Thanks to the various events that took place in one way or another time, now the territory of the resort keeps a lot of monuments architecture.

What you should definitely see:

  • Shipyard Tersane.
  • Red Tower.
  • Fortress of Alanya.
  • Damlatash cave.
  • Embankment and port.

Alanya, Dim CaveDim Cave

Alanya, Kyzyl KuleKyzyl Kule

Alanya, Fortress of AlanyaFortress of Alanya

Kemer in May

In Kemer, this month is a little warmer than in April On average, temperature rises up to 3-5 ° C. The nights are also not so cold, but still, some warm things in a suitcase are worth it. As for the water temperature, then it is still pretty cool. However, this is the perfect time. in order to enjoy the local sights.

Weather in Kemer in May 2020
Happy At night Water temperature
In the beginning of May + 20… 23 ° C + 9 … 11 ° C + 18 ° C
In the end of May + 22… 25 ° C + 10 … 12 ° C + 20 ° C

What you must do in Kemer:

  • Rent a car.
  • Ride around the resort on an electric scooter.
  • Take a walk through the woods.
  • Ride your bike.
  • Climb the mountain.
  • Relax in the park Yoruk.
  • Stroll along the promenade.
  • Dance in the club.
  • Go on a “tour” of local supermarkets.
  • Relax in the hammam.

Kemer, Yoruk park Yoruk Park

Kemer, Olympos Teleferik Olympos Teleferik

Kemer, PhaselisPhaselis

Kemer, Lycian trailLycian trail

Marmaris in May

Marmaris is warm at this time. Sometimes daytime temperatures reaches even the mark of + 26 ° C. As for water, it is not yet warm enough for swimming. Precipitations are not frequent guests, although May has about 8 rainy days, but they are all short-term. One feels a big difference between the first and second half of the month. So, the weather of the second half of May is already more like summer, which is not say about the first.

Weather in Marmaris in May 2020
Happy At night Water temperature
In the beginning of May + 21… 23 ° C + 16 … 18 ° C +19 ° C
In the end of May + 22… 25 ° C +17 … 19 ° C + 21 ° C

The main attractions of the resort:

  • Sedir Island
  • Marmaris Castle.
  • Marmaris Museum.
  • National park.
  • Fortress of Marmaris.
  • Spit Kyz-Kumu.
  • Cave Nimar.

What to do in Marmaris

Marmaris boasts excellent tourist infrastructure. Nevertheless, the main thing at the resort is a beach holiday. The beaches here are great, in particular, it is worth visiting the beach Ichmeler.

For a change you can go to the water park “Atlantis”, which is located right by the sea. Water park though simple but interesting. To hunt impressions, they can be found in the aqua park “Aqua Dream” – the largest water park resort.

Recently, walking along the specific routes. This is a great opportunity to get to know the resort. Take a closer look and enjoy the natural beauty.

Weather in Marmaris in May, Sedir IslandSedir Island

Marmaris, Marmaris CastleMarmaris Castle

Side in May

In May, the resort is already warm in summer, and sometimes it even happens and hot. The air temperature sometimes reaches + 28 ° C. However, the water is still not warm enough for a comfortable swim. Rains very rare, then very likely windy weather.

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Weather in Side in May 2020
Happy At night Water temperature
In the beginning of May + 21… 24 ° C + 16 … 18 ° C + 20 ° C
In the end of May + 23… 25 ° C +19 … 21 ° C + 22 ° C

The most interesting sights:

  • City walls Side.
  • Agora and temple Tyuhe.
  • Aqueduct Side.
  • Waterfall Manavgat.
  • Fountain Nymphaeum.
  • What to do in Side

Active tourists should definitely visit Alpine Rafting to go rafting. It is also worth going on a bike tour, such a tour can last from several hours to a few days. During this tour you will have a great the opportunity to enjoy the scenic spots.

Jeep safari will be fascinating, during which you can Take a closer look at the local flora and fauna.

For those who prefer a more relaxing time, it is worth going shopping in the Hadrian Group mall Side.

Weather in Side in May, Anitsal cesme Anitsal Cesme

Side, ManavgatManavgat

Where it is better to rest at this time with the child?

What a vacation without the most precious people in the world for everyone adult – children. All parents strive not only to have a good time at the resort, but also that interesting at the resort will be waiting for their child.

Istanbul for children

In Istanbul, the mass of places where you can go with a child. But first, where absolutely everyone goes – this is the Park of miniatures. In addition, children will be delighted aquariums, especially from TurquaZoo.

Then you can go to the dinosaur park Jurassic Land, Istanbul Dolphinarium and Toy Museum.

Alanya for children

Alanya also has a lot of interesting places worth visiting. with baby. In the Dolphinarium “Sialanya” will be interesting as adults, and children. Only there everyone can enjoy amazing performances of dolphins and seals. In addition, after performances can swim with artists.

Holidays with children in Alanya, DolphinariumDolphinarium “Sialanya”

Another fun place is the Water Water Park, where you can literally from morning till night ride the rides.

Kemer for children

Near the park “Yoruk” there is a beach and park complex called “Moonlight”, where children can have a great time age On the territory of the complex there is even a dolphinarium. What about parents at this time can swim in the pool, play tennis or just relax in the restaurant.

Holidays with children in Kemer, DinoparkDinopark

Excursion to the Turkish “Ecopark” promises to be very interesting, where the mass of reptiles lives, some of which are under threatened extinction.

Marmaris for children

Marmaris is more suitable for youth recreation, but you can Find a couple of places that are perfect for kids. So all Parents should definitely take their child to Aqua water park. Dream, where there is a mass of slides, which can ride like adults and children alike.

In addition, many hotels in the resort are equipped for recreation with children: children’s menu, animators, spacious rooms, etc.

Side for children

Unfortunately, in the resort itself there is no entertainment for children, but if you go to the next, then you can find what to do your child From Side mostly go to Antalya or Alanya, where there is many interesting places for little tourists.

Should I go on holiday to Turkey at the end of spring?

For those who already want to plunge into the warm spring, definitely worth tune in to rest in Turkey. Although, some resorts of the country can please their guests already summer temperatures. See also:

Weather in Turkey for months

What to consider when going to resorts in Turkey in May

  • Temperature indicators of the first and second half of May may differ, so you should consider this when choosing a resort.
  • Going to rest in Alanya at the end of the month, be sure that the weather will not give you any unpleasant surprises. Also in this period it will be possible to swim in the sea.
  • Want to swim at least in the pool, relaxing in Marmaris? Then It is worth taking tickets to the resort for the second half of the month.
  • The nights in Istanbul and Kemer are still quite cool, therefore A couple of warm clothes in a suitcase will definitely not hurt you.

Prices for tours to Turkey in May 2020

If you have already firmly decided to spend your May holidays on Turkish resort, it’s time to find out the pricing policy.

Prices for tours to Turkey in May 2020
Resort Number of stars in the hotel (hotel) Price
7 days 10 days
Istanbul 3 * from 64 282 rub. from 79 700 rub.
Alanya 3 * from 28 000 rub. from 33 682 rub.
Kemer 3 * from 27 200 rub. from 29 457 rub.
Marmaris 3 * from 35 000 rub. from 39 000 rub.
Side 3 * from 33 525 rub. from 46 136 rub.
Prices for independent holidays in Turkey in May 2020
Resort Airfare (one way) Price of hotel room (night) Apartment rental price (per day)
Istanbul from 11 869 rub. from 2 699 rub. from 2,087 rubles.
Alanya from 14 598 rub. from 2 052 rub. from 2 434 rub.
Kemer from 18 878 rub. from 1 203 rub. from 2 782 rubles.
Marmaris from 14 598 rub. from 1 374 rub. from 1 313 rub.
Side from 18 878 rubles. from 945 rub. from 2 365 rub.

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7 tips for a successful May holiday in Turkey

The key to a successful holiday is the maximum information. awareness of the future trip. To make your stay more comfortable, use our tips.

  1. May weather is already in full comfort with comfortable temperature indicators. However, the sun is already quite active, so even in May be in advance to take care of enhanced protection against ultraviolet rays. Though the sun and gently warm, but it can be insidious, and do not have time to blink an eye, how to burn.
  2. The beach season in May starts to gain momentum, and if for bathing, the water is not warm enough yet, then you can sunbathe boldly. However, do not forget that nudism in Turkey is strictly prohibited, even in tourist areas. Therefore, if you do not want to have problems with local authorities, better not tempt fate even for the sake of a perfect tan.
  3. May is the ideal time for excursions, because it is not so hot yet. Consider that many travel agency guides often hint at tips. AT In this case, it all depends on your desire and solvency, that is, in fact, you do not have to do this.
  4. Going to shopping, it is worth finding out some subtleties. AT stores where the product has price tags, bargaining is not appropriate, but similar there are not so many shops here. Basically, the seller announces cost, what he thinks. Therefore, always bargain, not while pulling out the wallet so the seller can see: you are set up resolutely.
  5. Every tourist on vacation worries about security. what for Turkey, having come here it makes no sense to be especially wary of your security. At least be sure if most time you spend in the resort area, you can be calm. If you adhere to elementary safety standards and do not go into the little-known, and even more remote areas, with you nothing will happen.
  6. If you are relaxing with children, you may be alerted by the fact that locals are showing increased interest in your child. but Do not be overly nervous and tense. The thing is what Behavior in relation to little tourists here is quite ordinary phenomenon, they are simply loved and certainly do not want evil.
  7. Although May is still not distinguished by high temperature performance, however, should be carefully considered think over your wardrobe. It is best to give preference to light. things from natural fabrics. Also, a must-have accessory on Rest for you should be a headdress.
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