Weather in Turkey in March 2 020

Weather in Turkey in March 2020

Want to know Turkey more than a beach holiday destination? Then you here in March!

Travel to popular resorts will allow without haste familiarize yourself with the distinctive culture of the country.

Read on:

  • What is the weather in Turkey in March, the temperature of water and air.
  • Which resorts are the most suitable for visiting?
  • The cost of rest in the Turkish resorts in March 2020.

The content of the article

  1. What weather will meet you: the temperature of water and air
  2. Turkey in March: choose a resort where it is warmer?
    1. Istanbul in March
    2. Alanya in March
    3. Kemer in March
    4. Side in March
    5. Marmaris in March
    6. Where better to relax with a child?
  3. Prices for holidays in Turkey in March 2020

What weather will meet you: the temperature of water and air

With the onset of spring in Turkey are observed changeable weather conditions. Sunny days replace rainy, daytime heat is replaced by night cold. Probability rains in early March is quite high. But in the middle of the month and towards the end of the month the heat and the sun is becoming more and more. This is the golden time for sightseeing tours!

Usually during the day the temperature rises to 1five degrees. AT warming up to + 18 ° С is observed in the southern regions, and in the northern areas the thermometer does not exceed the mark of + 3 ° C. In the mountain the terrain of this country is still snowing, which is very convenient for ski resorts.

The water in the sea in such weather does not heat up and stays at + 1four ° С. It is cold to swim in it, but seasoned tourists may well take a dip in the beach resorts.

Tip! In March in Turkey, the weather allows substitute your face and body under the sun’s rays, but it is better to sunbathe hotel pool. Being on the beach by the sea yet cool.

The nights are very cold, especially cold in the mountains. On frost is observed at night in the north.

Weather in Turkey in March 2020
Resort Happy At night Water temperature
Istanbul +9 … 16 ° C +7 … 9 ° C + 9 ° C
Alanya +1four … 18 ° C +12 … 14 ° C + 16 ° C
Kemer +10 … 14 ° C +7 … 9 ° C + 10 ° C
Side +14 … 19 ° C +13 … 15 ° C + 16 ° C
Antalya +13 … 17 ° C +9 … 11 ° C + 11 ° C
Belek +14 … 18 ° C +11 … 13 ° C + 12 ° C

Here you can relax at this time. Nor short rains or cold evenings will not cloud your stay in this country. Modern hotels provide pools with warm water and closed water parks, which makes it possible to feel comfortable

Those who prefer active recreation, suitable mountain resorts. Here until the middle of the month the snow tracks are suitable for skiing. skiing and snowboarding.

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Turkey in March: choose a resort where it is warmer?

Turkey, the Mediterranean coast

Warming in Turkey comes too slowly, but nature reveals his paint at the beginning of the month. This is clearly seen in southern provinces that are protected from cold air masses mountain system.

The most popular region for the March holiday is Antalya coast.

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Istanbul in March

The geographical feature of Istanbul is the location between the two the seas and the division of the city into two parts by the strait. In this regard, in March is a very capricious weather. Strong sea winds often bring now snow, then rain. Cloudy and wet weather lasts almost all month.

Sunny days are, but rarely. Sometimes the temperature can rise to + 20 ° C. At the end of March, dampness and humidity decrease, and the storm winds are subsiding.

Weather in Istanbul in March 2020
Temperature day / night Water temperature Cloudy days Precipitation, mm
+9 … 13 ° C / +7 … 9 ° C + 9 ° C 4 84

On a note. Despite the fickleness weather, for walking around the city is to wear a sweater and windbreaker, and take an umbrella with you. During the day, the sun can change intermittent rain, and even snow.

Cloudy and cold weather conditions in Istanbul deter many travelers from visiting this ancient cities. Nevertheless, in March, attractive prices for many products hotels, excursions. Due to the small flow of tourists can be detailed explore historical sites and explore the monuments of architecture. it Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace and much another.

Shopping lovers will enjoy sales and discounts on the largest trading places of the country: Egyptian and Grand Bazaar. Here you can bargain and profitable skimp. If you are lucky, you can get on the festival of shopping, where, besides small things, cars are played out.

Weather in Istanbul in March - Hagia SophiaHagia Sophia

Istanbul, aqueduct of ValensAqueduct of Valens

Istanbul, view of the BosphorusView of the Bosphorus

Istanbul, Grand BazarGrand Bazaar

Alanya in March

The weather in Alanya is strongly influenced by its geographic location. Hidden from the strong winds of the Taurus Mountains, the city stretches along seas on rocky terrain. It is dominated by subtropical Mediterranean climate. Unstable for him in March weather.

In Alanya, character dictates wind and rain. Combining with each other friend, they create uncomfortable conditions for recreation. Winds blowing from the sea, at this time very cold. They cause a storm and high the waves. Rains at the resort are lingering and can go for days. But bad weather in Alanya lasts in the first decade of the month.

Antalya tourists will see the sun full, but because of The constant storms are pretty cool. In the sea can swim only those for whom the water temperature of + 16 ° C will be comfortable.

Closer to April, the winds subside, the rains stop, increases amount of sundial.

Weather in Alanya in March 2020
Temperature day / night Water temperature Cloudy days Precipitation, mm
+14 … + 19 ° C / +12 … + 14 ° C + 16 ° C 3 36

The changeable weather in Antalya in March sightseeing trips. There is something to see here: medieval fortress, Damlataş cavern, Red Tower, ancient mosque Suleymaniye et al. Shopaholics will enjoy going to the bazaar and shopping.

Weather in Alanya in March - view of Damlatas beachBeach view Damlatash

Alanya, Red TowerRed Tower

Alanya, the lighthouseLighthouse

Alanya, mooring for yachtsMooring for yachts

Attention! Popular markets in the city goods at a cost much higher than in shopping centers. But here taken to bargain. For the Turks, bargaining has long been peculiar ritual With skillful dialogue, the price can be reduced in two or even three times.

Kemer in March

For Kemer, surrounded by the Taurus Mountains, characteristic Mediterranean climate. Although it is time is pretty comfortable, there are days when she is unpredictable. This is the case when the warm weather sunny days is replaced by bad weather. Rain can go on throughout the day and the weather is cloudy for a week.

Because of the strong winds blowing from the sea day and night, here cool, there are waves at sea. Small storm and cold water does not allow to swim in the sea. But by the end of the month the winds subside, and the water warms another two degrees.

Weather in Kemer in March 2020
Temperature day / night Water temperature Cloudy days Precipitation, mm
+10 … 14 ° C / +7 … 9 ° C + 10 ° C 5 92

The abundance of sunny days at the end of March increases the flow of tourists to Kemer. Cheap tours and free hotels are an advantage to tourism. In addition, weather conditions allow you to take solar baths by the outdoor pool, and heated water gives you the opportunity bathe.

Kemer in March is filled with the fragrance of flowering trees. AT such a walk along the promenade and sightseeing bring maximum pleasure. Just right to visit the ruins ancient cities, walk through the park, go down to the cave Beldibi, climb the mountains and see the fire-breathing summit Yanartash

Weather in Kemer in March - a monument fountain in the central squareFountain monument on the central square

Kemer, Moonlight ParkMoonlight Park

Kemer, Tahtalı MountainMount Tahtali

On a note. Tourists move on the city and beyond it will be convenient on the dolmush taxi. A small bus stops on demand in the right places. is he runs until midnight. Dolmush feature – the lack of rooms and written on the plate route.

Side in March

The peculiarity of the Turkish resort of Side is the Taurus Mountains, smoothly falling into the sandy coast. Here prevails Mediterranean climate.

Spring in Side comes gradually. Back in early March, despite in the sun, it’s pretty cool here. At the end of the month air warming up and already feeling the heat. Nights in the city cold

Spring fracture is observed in the nature of precipitation. At the beginning months there are short rains lasting 5-6 days, blowing winds from the sea, is cloudy weather. But in the second half she gives way to solar and windless, also the excitement subsides on sea. Only desperate brave souls dare to swim, because water is + 16 ° C comfortable to little.

Weather in Side in March 2020
Temperature day / night Water temperature Cloudy days Precipitation, mm
+14 … + 19 ° C / +13 … 15 ° C + 16 ° C 2 38

Interesting. Side in all history survived a lot of conquerors. There are still monuments from them architecture. For example, the Roman amphitheater, the ruins of the Greek temple, basilica, arched gate, etc. In March there is a good the opportunity to explore these and other objects of the ancient era.

Marmaris in March

Marmaris’s location is a shallow bay, the entrance to which closes a large island from the Aegean Sea. On the land is separated by a resort Taurus range. It is dominated by dry Mediterranean climate.

Precipitation and heat fluctuations in the second half of the month are reduced. There is a tendency for the temperature to increase during the day and night, stopping the rains, reducing wind gusts. Remains unchanged only water temperature in the sea. Conduct sea bathing can only hardened people.

Weather in Marmaris in March 2020
Temperature day / night Water temperature Cloudy days Precipitation, mm
+13 … 17 ° C / +10 … 12 ° C + 12 ° C 4

Marmaris in March is a quiet, calm resort. At this time in there is no crowd of tourists. It gives you the opportunity to explore neighborhood: national park, medieval fortress, old caravanserai, antique carian city, etc.

Weather in Marmaris in March - the old fortressThe old fortress

Marmaris, the embankmentEmbankment

Marmaris, view of the old fortressView of the old fortress

Marmaris BayBay

Interesting! Marmaris is surrounded of the islands. On one of them, nature created pearl sand. If a Consider a grain of sand closer, you can see that it looks like spheres and cavity inside. This sand exists in two more places on the earth. The beach is guarded by the Turkish authorities.

Where better to relax with a child?

Since March in Turkey is not a beach season, holidays with children can be held in any city. In each of them there are many interesting places where pastime will be enthusiastic emotional. The priority is warm Mediterranean coast.

The most attractive places by city:

  • Istanbul: Miniaturk Park, Aquarium, Dinosaur Park, Museum toys, dolphinarium, Vialand amusement park;
  • Alanya: Sealanya Dolphinarium, a museum at an ancient shipyard, Alanya fortress, the ruins of ancient cities;
  • Kemer: Dinopark, Park Eryuk Ethnographic Complex, cable car road to Tahtalı mountain, trout farm;
  • Side: Manavgat Falls, Green Canyon, ancient monuments architecture,
  • Marmaris: dolphinarium, jeep safari, ancient castle, museum beekeeping, show “Turkish Dances”.

rest with the child, Istanbul, park miniaturkMiniature Park in Istanbul

vacation with children, Side, Green CanyonGreen canyon in Side

vacation with children, Marmaris DolphinariumDolphinarium in Marmaris

rest with children, Kemer, dinoparkDinopark in Kemer

rest with children, Alanya, Luna ParkLuna Park in Alanya

Prices for holidays in Turkey in March 2020

Alanya, the green promenade

Are you going to visit Turkey in early spring? Check out prices of the tour at popular resorts:

Prices for tours to Turkey in March 2020
Number of stars in the hotel Tour price for two
7 days 10 days
Istanbul 3 * from 55 760 rub. from 63 385 rub.
Alanya 3 * from 24 266 rub. from 29 330 rub.
Kemer four* from 30 074 rub. from 39 260 rub.
Side 3 * from 27,282 rubles. from 33 639 rub.
Marmaris 3 * from 24 266 rub. from 29 330 rub.

Useful information: How much is a ticket to Turkey “all included “in 2020

Independent travel is becoming more and more sought after. Introductory information in rubles:

Prices for independent holidays in Turkey in March 2020
Airfare (one way) Room price (per day) Rental price (per day
Istanbul from 8 203 rub. from 5,064 rubles. from 3 511 rub.
Alanya from 8 154 rub. from 3 700 rub. from 3 603 rub.
Kemer from 10 433 rub. (before Antalya) from 5 184 rubles. from 4 504 rub.
Side from 10 433 rub. (before Antalya) from 2 200 rub. from 4 157 rub.
Marmaris from 10 433 rub. (before Antalya) from 2 824 rub. from 1 488 rub.
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