Weather in Turkey in June 2019

Weather in Turkey in June 2019

It would seem that June should relate to the “high” season in Turkey and not. The “high” season will only begin in July, so if Want solitude and tranquility, go here at this time!

In this article we:

  • Let us tell you what the weather is in June in Turkey, the water temperature and of air.
  • We describe the best resorts and tell you what to do.
  • Answer, is it possible to rest at this time with children?
  • We give prices for rest in June 2019.

The content of the article

  1. What weather is worth waiting for: the temperature of water and air
  2. Turkey in June: where better to relax?
    1. Istanbul in June
    2. Alanya in June
    3. Kemer in June
    4. Side in June
    5. Marmaris in June
    6. Where better to go with children?
  3. What to look for when going to Turkish resorts in early summer?
    1. Prices for holidays in Turkey in June 2019
    2. 5 tips for a comfortable stay in June Turkey

What weather is worth waiting for: the temperature of water and air

So, the beginning of the summer is not yet related to the “high” season, the flow Tourists are small, but the weather is really summer. It, perhaps the most favorable period for those holidaymakers who do not loves the stifling heat.

This is the best time to relax with children, as the children’s body do not have to adapt to the local climate, air temperature close to the temperature in our latitudes.

Weather in Turkey in June 2019
Resort Happy At night Water temperature
Istanbul +25 … 27 ° C + 21 ° C + 21 ° C
Alanya +27 … 29 ° C + 23 ° C + 25 ° C
Kemer +28 … 29 ° C + 17 ° C + 25 ° C
Antalya +29 … 31 ° C + 18 ° C + 23 ° C

Daytime temperatures exceed 28 degrees Celsius, At the end of the month, the thermometer is already confidently showing 30-35 degrees. Nights warm, cool, so night walks or night sleep will be comfortable.

Water is heated for swimming, there is almost no rain, therefore You can safely sunbathe.

June in Turkey promotes relaxation and beach relaxation. Besides during this period, abundant amount of fruits, vegetables and berries. Fruit tree flowering time and flowers in Turkey – this is an amazing time. You want to know when will it start? Read here.

Want to know where the cheapest tours are?

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Turkey in June: where better to relax?

Turkey in June

In late June and early July, the flow of tourists begins rapidly grow, respectively, the price of rest also grow. Details about prices for holidays in Turkey in 2019.

In more detail we will tell about popular Turkish resorts: Istanbul, Alanya, Kemer, Side and Marmaris.

Istanbul in June

Istanbul for many is associated only with sightseeing, but it is not. In early summer you can enjoy the beach rest, besides in the resort you can swim in two seas at once: Black and Marble.

In June, warm and dry weather sets in Istanbul warm enough for swimming.

It’s hotter probably because the city located on seven hills blown by the wind. True these same wind can make night walks more chilly, but a light warm jacket will help avoid the cold.

Weather in Istanbul in June 2019
Happy At night Water temperature
At the beginning of June + 23… 27 ° C + 18… 19 ° C + 22 ° C
At the end of June + 26 … 28 ° C +19 … 20 ° C + 23 ° C

Most half of the month in Istanbul is sunny weather, only a couple of days a month the sky is darkened by thunderclouds.

What to do in Istanbul in June?

Istanbul has always been considered a city shopping Warm weather conditions contribute to a beach holiday. And if you are tired make purchases or have no strength to lie on the beach, boldly go to the sights. On The sights of this city are truly “rich.”

  • Hagia Sophia (Hagia Sophia). Main attraction cities. In the past, was the main church of Eastern Christianity, but after the capture of the Turks was transformed into a mosque.
  • Blue Mosque. Sign building, amazing imagination tourists. Received its name from the color of interior decoration. The mosque is allowed to visit not only Muslims, but also believing other religions.
  • Topkapi Palace. Over 400 years ex was the center of the Ottoman Empire, now it is a unique museum that has preserved the spirit of imperial era.
  • Galata Tower. Another symbol of Istanbul. One of the most high and old towers of the city, its height is 63 meters.
  • Grand Bazaar.

Weather in Istanbul in June - the Blue MosqueBlue mosque

Istanbul, Topkapi PalaceTopkapi Palace

Istanbul, Galata TowerGalata Tower

Istanbul, Hagia Sophia (Hagia Sophia)

Alanya in June

Until the middle of the month the weather at this resort is warm, not hot, that only favorably affects the local rest.

The water in the sea is heated well enough, so the beach holiday in June Alanya will be comfortable.

Weather in Alanya in June 2019
Happy At night Water temperature
At the beginning of June + 24… 27 ° C + 22… 23 ° C + 23 ° C
At the end of June + 27… 31 ° C + 23… 24 ° C + 24 ° C

The second half of June is characterized by hot days, the temperature air often exceeds 32 degrees of heat. Sea water also rapidly warming up to the level of 27 degrees Celsius.

There is a small amount of precipitation (about 8 millimeters). Basically, the weather is sunny, dry and warm light rain is sometimes possible.

What to do in Alanya at this time?

Comfortable weather attracts tourists to the resort. Holidaymakers in Alanya will find entertainment to their liking.

Children happily splash in the warm sea, in adults popular parasailing, jet skiing, diving and sea fishing.

Many are not averse to get acquainted with local attractions, such as:

  • Fortress of Alanya. The fortress was built in the VIII century. Structure impresses with the wealth of architecture and its grandeur.
  • Damlatashsky cave. Its second name is “cave of wet stones”, After all, everything that appears to the gaze of a tourist appeared due to water droplets. The cave has long been hidden from people only case helped discover it.
  • The walls of the old town. Old Town is the oldest part of Alanya. The walls divide Alanya into two parts: ancient and modern.
  • Cave lovers. According to legend, if lovers want to be together all their life, they have to jump off the cave, holding on to arms.
  • Lighthouse in Alanya. Lighthouse, built in Paris in 1880, later migrated to the Turks.
  • Town Avsallar. Small and cozy village on the sea coast. The village is popular with tourists, there are many shops and cafes.

Weather in Alanya in June - Lovers' CaveCave lovers

Alanya, Fortress of AlanyaFortress of Alanya

Alanya, Damlatash caveDamlatashsky cave

Kemer in June

The weather in Kemer is cooler in early June, but at the end Month thermometer often shows over 25 degrees of heat. Evenings not so hot, but still warm enough.

Weather in Kemer in June 2019
Happy At night Water temperature
At the beginning of June + 20… 24 ° C + 13 … 14 ° C + 18 ° C
At the end of June + 24… 27 ° C + 14… 15 ° C +19 ° C

In June, calm weather sets in at the resort. also practically not observed.

Comfortable water temperature attracts tourists, because the beach rest during this period becomes full.

What to see in Kemer at this time?

Kemer still blooms in June, it is green around, and the air is still fresh. AT Kemer harbor experience the delight of sea fun such as kayaking and diving. Kemer will find something to surprise you. It:

  • Moonlight Park. The park boasts one of the most clean beaches in all of Turkey. Dolphinarium.
  • Dancing fountains on Ataturk Boulevard.
  • The ancient ancient cities of Phaselis, Olympos and Mira. Nearby Kemer preserved ruins of these ancient cities.
  • Ethnographic Park Yoruk open-air. Park will tell about history of life of the Turkish nomads.
  • Fire Mountain Yanartash.
  • Canyon Goynuk.
  • Cable car on top of Tahtali mountain.

Weather in Kemer in June - Moonlight ParkLunar Park Sveta

Kemer, Yoruk ParkYoruk Park

Kemer, Fire Mountain YanartashFire mountain Yanartash

Kemer, Canyon GoynukGoynuk canyon

Kemer, Ancient Antique City PhaselisAncient antique city ​​phaselis

Side in June

If at the beginning of June at the resort the thermometer does not exceed 22 degrees of heat, then the second half of the month becomes hot, temperature reaches 29 degrees above zero.

The first half of the month in Side is characterized by the appearance clouds and short rains. But precipitation falls so little that You do not even have time to notice!

Weather in Side in June 2019
Happy At night Water temperature
At the beginning of June + 25… 26 ° C + 22… 23 ° C + 23 ° C
At the end of June + 28 … 32 ° C + 23… 24 ° C + 24 ° C

What to see in Side at this time.

Warm sea and good weather contribute to a beach holiday. The resort can be called the “open-air museum”. Advise see local sights:

  • City walls Side.
  • Agora and temple Tyuhe.
  • Aqueduct Side.
  • Waterfall Manavgat.
  • Fountain Nymphaeum.

Weather in Side in June - Manavgat FallsWaterfall Manavgat

Side, Side AqueductAqueduct Side

Side, Agora and Temple of TycheAgora and the Temple of Tyche

Marmaris in June

The average June temperature here is about 30 degrees Celsius, but jumps are possible and up to 38 degrees above zero.

But the evenings are still cool, a fresh wind is blowing from the sea, so Lightweight jacket is useful for you on vacation.

Weather in Marmaris in June 2019
Happy At night Water temperature
At the beginning of June + 24… 29 ° C + 20… 21 ° C + 23 ° C
At the end of June + 29… 31 ° C + 21… 22 ° C + 24 ° C

Throughout the month, a clear and dry weather.

Sea water warms up well in the second half of the month, swim will be comfortable even for children.

Marmaris is attractive because in June there is no such humidity, as in the whole of Turkey, so the high temperature transferred much easier.

What to see in Marmaris in June?

Marmaris is famous for its beaches. For lovers of outdoor activities the city has prepared diving and fascinating marine and cycling walks. There are also many attractions here:

  • Pamukalle and the antique city of Hierapolis. Perhaps not to find a man who did not see the picture with white baths from stalactites. This is Pamukale – a miracle of nature. Warm water in Pamukale’s thermal baths will “calm” even the most active traveler and the famous cleopatra pool known, perhaps, to everyone. Pamukale is located in the vicinity ancient city of hierapolis.
  • The ancient city of Ephesus. Here is one of the seven wonders of light – the temple of Artemis.
  • Old Grand Bazaar. Is a copy of the famous Grand Bazaar in the Stambul.
  • Waterfall Turgut. It can rightfully be considered a miracle resort. Marmaris. The waterfall is surrounded by beautiful greenery and gives a feeling calm down.
  • Show dancing and singing waterfalls in Marmaris. TO attractions this show can hardly be attributed, but what is from you will be impressed, that’s for sure.
  • Castle and fortress of Marmaris. The fortress was built in 3000 BC. On the territory of the fortress is a museum. The castle is on grief At one time, the castle played an important role in the history of the Ottoman empire. From the fortress and the castle offers amazing views.
  • Street bars. On the street there are a huge number of bars and Cafe. Even Herodot wrote about this street as a place with the best sky in the universe. Nightlife will appear before you in all It is exactly on the street bars.

Weather in Marmaris in June - Bar StreetStreet bars

Marmaris, PammukallePammukle

Marmaris, Turgut FallsTurgut Falls

Marmaris, Cleopatra's Pool in PamukalleCleopatra’s Pool in Pamukalle

Where better to go with children?

Turkey is a country that surprisingly combines “Interesting” for both adults and children. Warm sea and the bright sun in June is the best suited for families with children. In addition to good weather, Turkish resorts will be found for little ones. travelers a lot of entertainment. Compare holiday with children in other months and choose the most suitable!

Istanbul for children

Istanbul for children, the Dolphinarium in IstanbulDolphinarium in Istanbul

In the city, we advise you to go to a dolphinarium or a zoo. Will not leave indifferent neither children nor adults:

  • Tours of the Bosphorus.
  • Toy Museum.
  • Tours to the Princes’ Islands.
  • Museum Rahmi Kocha.
  • Park Miniatures.
  • Ice Museum.

Alanya for children

There are three reasons why it is worth going to Alanya with children: warm summer, clean sea and comfortable hotels. In addition to this The resort has:

  • Lunapark.
  • Discovery Park.
  • Waterpark Water Рlanet.
  • For active and courageous little vacationers rafting is possible. River Kepruchay.

Kemer for children

Kemer for children, Park KuguluKugulu Park

This is a respectable resort with great hotels for a family. recreation. In addition, here you will find:

  • Kugulu Park or Swan Park. On its territory there is a small zoo and beautiful fountains.
  • Park Olbia.
  • Moonlight Park. The park is very large number of citrus trees.
  • Dinopark.

Dinopark is one of the largest in Europe.

Side for children

The organization of children’s leisure took over the hotels, but for Outside the hotel, entertainment for children is not so easy to find.

Side for children, the Ancient city of SideAncient city Side

Younger children will be interested in Discovery Park. And children the older ones will surely be interested in walks in the ancient city Side

Marmaris for children

Maramis for children, aqua park Aqua Dream Aqua water park Dream

Bring your child to the water park “Aqua Dream”. In addition to the water park on The resort has:

  • Mini amusement park.
  • Children’s Science Park.
  • Playground near the monument to Ataturk.

What to look for when going to Turkish resorts in early summer?

Alanya, Beacon in Alanya

June is not the high season yet, so the prices for your holiday pleasantly please. Choose one of the TOP 7 best resorts in Turkey

The sun in June Turkey is already quite bright, so without sunscreen cosmetics can not do.

Evenings in the resorts can still be cool, so easy warm clothes will not hurt you.

Well, see the pricing policy you can in the table below. Read more about holiday prices in 2019.

Prices for holidays in Turkey in June 2019

Prices for tours to Turkey in June 2019
Resort Number of stars in the hotel (hotel) Price
7 days 10 days
Istanbul 3 * from 64 280 rub. from 79 700 rub.
Alanya 3 * from 34 000 rub. from 35 600 rub.
Kemer 3 * from 35 400 rub. from 41 000 rub.
Marmaris 3 * from 42 400 rub. from 50 000 rub.
Side 3 * from 32 500 rub. from 35 000 rub.
Prices for independent holidays in Turkey in June 2019
Resort Airfare (one way) Price of hotel room (night) Apartment rental price (per day)
Istanbul from 5 800 rub. from 1 300 rub. from 950 rub.
Alanya with the 1st transfer from 9 420 rub. from 670 rubles. from 830 rub.
Kemer from 18 800 rub. from 1 500 rub. from 2 700 rub.
Marmaris from 14 598 rub. from 1 350 rub. from 1 175 rub.
Side from 18 900 rub. from 800 rub. from 1 190 rub.

The following video will help you see the rest in Turkey.

5 tips for a comfortable stay in June Turkey

  1. In June, Istanbul hosts the famous International Musical the festival, rooted in 1972. And during this period in the city is no less famous among shopaholics festival “Istanbul Shopping Fest”. We recommend to visit these festivals.
  2. We do not recommend to go to the June vacation without sun-protection cosmetics, because the Turkish sun is already pretty bright.
  3. Remember that nudism in Turkey is prohibited in any form.
  4. Turkish bazaars and shops are famous for what can and should be bargain, because often the seller comes up with a price right on go.
  5. A visit to every mosque is not allowed for a tourist; You will need to fulfill certain conditions: take off your shoes, cover your head with a handkerchief and not be in beach clothes.
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