Weather in Turkey in December 2019

Weather in Turkey in December 2019

At the end of the year, many have a desire to change the situation and go on a trip. Why not choose Turkey? Eastern culinary delights and historical monuments will make rest unforgettable and interesting.

From this article you will learn:

  • What is the prevailing weather in Turkey in December: water temperature and of air.
  • Which Turkish resorts should go?
  • The cost of rest will be in December 2019.

The content of the article

  1. What will be the weather: the temperature of water and air
  2. Turkey in December: where better to go?
    1. Istanbul in December
    2. Alanya in December
    3. Kemer in December
    4. Side in December
    5. Marmaris in December
    6. Where better to go to Turkey with a child in December?
  3. Should I go on holiday to Turkey at the beginning of winter?
    1. Prices for holidays in Turkey in December 2019

What will be the weather: the temperature of water and air

Snow-covered Turkey is rare. Heated over the summer gradually transfers heat to the cooled air masses. In the coastal zones raging sea, winds piercing, in some places there are showers. Capricious and changeable weather prevails throughout territory of the country.

Very often, during the day, the sun and rain follow each other. But due to the mild Mediterranean climate here is relatively warm, sometimes cloudy and sunny. Beach season in the resorts of this countries in December is closed.

Weather in Turkey in December 2019
Resort Happy At night Water temperature
Istanbul +7 … 1four ° C +7 … 9 ° C + 9 ° C
Alanya +13 … 19 ° C +13 … 1five ° C + 17 ° C
Kemer +9 … 1five ° C +7 … 9 ° C + 11 ° C
Side +14 … 20 ° C +13 … 15 ° C +19 ° C
Marmaris +12 … 18 ° C +11 … 13 ° C + 12 ° C
  • In the southern provinces, the air temperature during the day is kept at + 15 degrees and higher, and at night it drops not lower than + 7 ° С. Sea it’s cool here, during the month it gradually cools down from +19 to +12 degrees.
  • In the northern areas, the air does not heat up above + 14 ° C and is closer to January is cooled to zero. Night temperature is kept within + 4-7 degrees and gradually decreases to a minus mark. In the mountain the terrain such a weather pattern occurs many times faster.

Interesting. On the resorts located in the bays and hidden from the cold winds of the Taurus massifs, sea temperature a few degrees higher than air. But the storm and strong cold the wind does not allow to swim in coastal waters.

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Turkey in December: where better to go?

Turkey in December

In Turkey, at the end of the year, any resort is attractive. Comfortable the weather on the south coast has to go on excursions and shopping, and frosty air and snow in the mountains is attractive for lovers alpine skiing. The main thing is to make a choice and get ready for the road.

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Istanbul in December

The morning in Istanbul in the last month of the year is often overcast and foggy. It rains repeatedly, it may fall and wet snow. A piercing wind blows from the sea and the strait. But capricious the weather can give and bright sun and temperature +14 degrees.The prevalence of precipitation sets in the city humidity at 80%.

Weather in Istanbul in December 2019
Temperature day / night Water temperature Cloudy days Precipitation, m
+7 … 14 ° C / +7 … 9 ° C + 9 ° C 5 117

The rainy weather discourages many tourists from traveling to Istanbul. But not those who know how to spend time here early winter Diversified bazaars, Turkish shops and boutiques contrast nicely with the wet season. Unbeatable discounts and sales allow you to buy gifts, souvenirs, brand things at low prices.

Attention! The Istanbul market is considered one of centers of world shopping. On demand, he can not even compete with other historical bazaars of the country.

What else to do in Istanbul in December? Go on a trip along the Bosphorus, visit the Culture Center and watch the dervish dance, stroll through the central squares of the city. No crowds tourists allows you to consider the greatness and beauty of the Holy Cathedral Sophia, the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, stroll through the ancient streets along the city walls. And in the evening after walking around the city in just right to go to the hammam.

Weather in Stumbula in December - Fontana Sultan AhmetFontansultana Ahmeta

Istanbul, Trade StreetShopping street

Istanbul, walk along the BosphorusWalk along the Bosphorus

Istanbul, Panorama of the cityPanorama of the city

Alanya in December

This resort is considered the warmest in the country. It is located in southern latitudes, which causes the subtropical dominance Mediterranean climate. This region is characterized in December warm but rainy season.

December sunny days, like clouds, in Alanya are not rarity. There are gusts of wind and waves in the sea. In the second half of the month, the cloudy weather increases, and the rains acquire lingering character.

Weather in Alanya in December 2019
Temperature day / night Water temperature Cloudy days Precipitation, mm
+13 … 19 ° C / +13 … 15 ° C + 17 ° C 5 159

The swimming season in Alanya is closed, but this is not an argument for failure. from a trip to this city. There are diving centers, where with an instructor can dive into the warm waters of the Mediterranean. TO the same for tourists are open hotels with indoor pools and water parks.

What else to do in Alanya? When the sun shines in the sky, well go on excursions. Ancient fortress, shipyard, nearby caves, an archaeological museum – this and much more will delight lack of queues at the box office and lower than in summer, prices.

On a note. Despite the cold, in Turkey at the end years – an abundance of citrus fruits. Turkish markets offer tourists kilograms of mandarins, oranges, persimmons, avocados. At the very replenish vitamin reserves before cold winters.

Weather in Alanya in December - Cleopatra BeachBeach Cleopatra

Alanya, EmbankmentEmbankment

Alanya, the fortress wallFortress wall

Kemer in December

This southern resort of Turkey is distinguished by cool weather with frequent winds and rains. Sometimes there are frosts, snow can fall. Squall winds and prolonged drizzle are observed here. On the street is shaky and slushy. The cold sea constantly storms.

But at the beginning of winter in Kemer is unpredictable. Suddenly there may be a sun that will delight tourists a few days At this time, in exactly the right to go on a tour of the city, climb the cable car to Mount Olympus, explore the ruins antique cities.

Weather in Kemer in December 2019
Temperature day / night Water temperature Cloudy days Precipitation, mm
+9 … 15 ° C / +7 … 9 ° C + 11 ° C 7 269

Interesting. In the vicinity of Kemer is the main landmark resort – the church of St. Nicholas. By legend, buried in it a famous preacher. On his day Commemoration, which is celebrated in December, there are many pilgrims.

Weather in Kemer in December - Central city streetCentral city ​​street

Kemer, Taurus MountainsTaurus Mountains

Kemer, the picturesque bayPicturesque bay

Side in December

The weather in this southern resort is neither warm nor the sun December is cool, wet and rainy. Torrential showers bring slush and high levels of humidity. In the morning frequent dense fogs. For the whole month of clearing in the sky are rare. Snow and morning frost in Side it happens.

There is a storm at sea. Despite the bad weather and constant winds, sea water is heated to +19 degrees.

Weather in Side in December 2019
Temperature day / night Water temperature Cloudy days Precipitation, mm
+14 … 20 ° C / +13 … 15 ° C +19 ° C 4 178

Protracted rains in Side do not have a comfortable rest. The tourist season is closed here, the excursion is also curtailed. program. But on the eve of the New Year there is an influx tourists who are attracted to low prices for accommodation and shopping. AT this time is just to visit a Turkish bath, an indoor pool in hotel, have fun at the local restaurant.

Weather in Side in December - Yachts in the portYachts in the port

Side, Torgovaya street of the cityCity shopping street

Side, View of the old cityView of the old city

Marmaris in December

The last month of the year in Marmaris is cold and rainy. Frequent rains alternate between cloudy and sunny days. Most often sky cloudy. Sleet precipitation is a phenomenon rare. Sea water does not warm up above + 12 ° С. But storms there is no, as there is no strong winds.

What to do in Marmaris in non-tourist season? The most Popular entertainment is sailing and visiting the surrounding islands with picturesque bays. After the walk you should go to the bar, where you can taste fish delicacies and strong drinks, and in the evening to go to the Turkish bath. Every day, tourists will be welcome souvenir shops, markets, nightclubs, swimming pools with heated.

Weather in Marmaris in December 2019
Temperature day / night Water temperature Number of dangerous days Precipitation, mm
+12 … + 18 ° C / +11 … 13 ° C + 12 ° C 7 227

Weather in Marmaris in December - Port at NightPort in night time

Marmaris, Sailing RegattaSailing regatta

Marmaris, Architectural CenterArchitectural Center

Where better to go to Turkey with a child in December?

December is not the most attractive month for a beach holiday. Due to the wet season, the entire coast of Turkey is closed for swimming. But it is worth going here. The most popular resort for traveling with children – the warmest city of Alanya.

Holidays with children, Waterpark in AlanyaWater Park in Alanya

Here in December, hotels with indoor pools and water attractions, sports centers. The city is good infrastructure is developed, in hotels for children clubs are open and sites, with small tourists animators work.

To rest was varied, with a child is recommended spend time in entertainment centers. Very fascinating There will be trips to the Dolphinarium, Luna Park, and an excursion to ancient fortress.

Should I go on holiday to Turkey at the beginning of winter?

For Turkey at the end of the year, typical wet and rainy weather. But despite the wet season, a trip to this is worth planning. Beach holiday, of course, will not work, but excursion The program will be rich. A huge plus will be the absence tourists in cities, in cafes, on excursions, as well as discounts and sales in retail establishments. Lovers of winter holidays in the just go to the Turkish ski resorts that open for vacationers in the middle of the month.

When planning a trip to the Turkish resorts, you should know following:

  • hotel check-in: often inexperienced travelers administration the hotel is trying to place in the rooms worse, refuse the number you like should be firm and confident, without scandal (usually it works without any additional payment);
  • Departure: it is necessary to vacate the hotel room and hand over the keys until 12 hours;
  • Shopping: In Turkey, goods are displayed on counters with price tags and without, in the absence of a tag for the goods, you can bargain and get a good discount;
  • trade: in the shops, in the shops and in the market there is an opportunity to bargain, the more actively and persistently bargaining will go, the more chances to get a bargain price and a gift to boot;
  • tips: system of additional payment for minor services distributed in bars, hotels, tour guides, it is not mandatory fee, but is considered a sign of good tone.

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Prices for holidays in Turkey in December 2019

Decided to go to Turkey at the beginning of winter? Look at the prices acting on popular resorts:

Prices for tours to Turkey in December 2019
Resort Number of stars hotel Tour price for 2 people, rub.
7 days 10 days
Istanbul 3 * 54 381 61 268
Alanya 3 * 22,758 37 026
Kemer 3 * 38,674 41,406
Side 3 * 38,946 42 170
Marmaris 3 * 32,789 39 345

By topic: How much is a ticket to Turkey “all inclusive” in 2019

Do you like to travel by yourself? Then this information It will be interesting to you:

Prices for independent holidays in Turkey in December 2019
Resort Airfare (one way) Room price (per day) Rental price (per day)
Istanbul 8 203 5 390 7,225
Alanya 7,459 3,768 3,707
Kemer 6,576 (before Antalya) 3,228 4,546
Side 6,576 (before Antalya) 2,204 1,959
Marmaris 6,815 (before Dalaman) 2,568 1 325

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