Weather in Turkey in August 2019

Weather in Turkey in August 2019

Spending the rest of the summer in Turkey is a great idea.

We will tell:

  • What is the weather in August in Turkey, water temperature and of air.
  • Which Turkish resorts are better off at this time?
  • What will be the cost of rest in August 2019?

The content of the article

  1. Weather features: water and air temperature
  2. Turkey in August: where better to go?
    1. Alanya in August
    2. Side in August
    3. Antalya in August
    4. Kemer in August
    5. Marmaris in August
    6. Istanbul in August
    7. Where it is better to rest with the child at this time?
  3. What you need to know, going to Turkey at the end of the summer?
    1. Prices for holidays in Turkey in August 2019
    2. 6 tips for those who want to relax in August Turkey

Weather features: water and air temperature

August continues high season of tourism in Turkey – heat going on.

Fortunately, it is well tolerated due to low humidity. There is almost no rain at the end of the summer – they won’t start earlier. mid autumn.

Weather in Turkey in August 2019
Resort Temperature during the day Night temperature Water temperature
Alanya +29 … 32 ° C +26 … 28 ° C + 28 ° C
Side +30 … 34 ° C +27 … 29 ° C + 29 ° C
Antalya +32 … 35 ° C +25 … 27 ° C + 28 ° C
Kemer +28 … 31 ° C +23 … 25 ° C + 25 ° C
Marmaris +30 … 33 ° C +25 … 27 ° C + 28 ° C
Istanbul +27 … 30 ° C +22 … 24 ° C + 25 ° C

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Turkey in August: where better to go?

Turkey in August

Going to Turkey at the end of the summer, you should consider the features climate of this country.

You can hide from the heat of the day either near the sea (while sunbathe undesirable, active sun instead of even brown shade easily “reward” the skin with red spots of burns), or in air-conditioned room or in natural shade.

For a holiday at the end of summer, it is worth choosing a resort, where next to the sea there is a forest or grove. Kemer is ideal in this respect, surrounded by pine trees.

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Alanya in August

Alanya – the hottest of the resorts in Turkey.

By the middle of the day the air heats up to + 32 ° C, on some days temperature can “jump” to + 35 ° C. Cooler at night but there are no comfort “desert” temperature drops. The air still remains quite warm, at the level of +26 … 28 ° C.

By the end of summer, the sea in Alanya is warmed to + 28-29 ° C – warmer than water found all over the coast. In this case, you can swim safely. Storms at the end of summer in Alanya do not happen, sea water is safe both for children and for adults.

Every August day in Alanya pleases with a bright sun – precipitation not at all. Relative air humidity – 44%.

The climate in Alanya is dry, even dry. Rain at the end of summer is here does not happen, as well as strong waves.

Weather in Alanya in August 2019
Happy, ° C At night, ° C Water temperature, ° C
+29 … 32 +26 … 28 +28

What to see in Alanya in August?

  • Red Tower (Kyzyl Kule). This is the main attraction resort – for a long time she defended the port from attacks from seas. Her image adorns the city flag. Built in 1226 – the process was entrusted to the famous Syrian architect – Ebu Ali Reha el Kettani. This is the best example of Seljuk architecture – the diameter of the tower is 29 meters, height – 33 meters. It has 5 floors perimeter lined loopholes. From here during the fighting the defenders of the Tower poured boiling water on their enemies. On the first floor Kyzyl Kule is now an ethnographic museum.
  • Fortress of Alanya. The fortress stands on the top of the temple, and is the only Seljuk fortress that has survived to our of times. They built it on the place where Romans stood before. structures. Around – walls in 3 rows, stretching for long 6.5 kilometers away They have 140 bastions with loopholes and 83 towers.
  • Shipyard. Not far from the Red Tower is an old shipyard. Built it two years after the construction of the Tower. AT One of its spans can be found the oldest dry well. Next to the shipyard – guardhouse and mosque.
  • Archaeological Museum. It opened in 1967 near the beach. Cleopatra. Here are exhibits from different cultures and eras associated with alanya. Tourists can see weapons preserved from the time of the Ottoman Empire. Here is the statue Hercules, made of bronze, 51 cm high.

Weather in Alanya in August - ShipyardShipyard

What to see in Alanya in August, Alanya FortressFortress Alanya

What to see in Alanya in August, the Red TowerRed Tower

Side in August

The weather at the end of summer at the resort is stuffy and hot. High air temperature (about +33 ° C) during the day and the lack of coolness even at night not the best way to affect the health of tourists with problems of the cardiovascular system. Going to the beaches is better good night the temperature is kept around + 27 ° C. August, along with others summer months and September, the sunniest month in Side. Relative humidity of air – 42%, precipitation does not fall at all. Visited tourists advise during the August vacation be sure to take sunscreen with you.

Weather in Side in August 2019
Happy, ° C At night, ° C Water temperature, ° C
+30 … 34 27 … 29 +29

What to do in Side in August?

  • On the penultimate day of the month – August 30 – Turkey is celebrated Victory Day over Greece, which Mustafa Kemal won in the past. Locals hang country flags and portraits on balconies Atarurka, in the evening go for a walk, at night launch a beautiful salute.
  • The beaches of Turkey are known to the whole world – big, beautiful and comfortable. Around Side are the two most popular beaches – western and eastern. And, although they are not so far apart, have a lot of differences. On the western beach is better to relax with children – it is safer, and the sea is shallow. On the coast is big choice of hotels and bars, but there are also public areas.
  • Diving. In actual fact, Side is not so interesting to dive, but Here, at some distance from him, you can plunge into the depths of the sea, to find “San Didier” – a warship sunk here yet during World War II, and plying the oceans under the French flag.

Weather in Side in August - Beach in SideBeach in Side

What to do in Side in August, Victory Day over GreeceDay Victory over Greece

What to do in Side in August, Diving in SideDiving in Side

Antalya in August

The daily temperature in Antalya is slightly lower than in Alanya – to + 35 ° C. At night it gets cooler, the air cools to + 25 ° C, however, it is comfortable to walk the streets even without a cape. Warm and cloudless nights make Antalya an ideal place for evening walks and romantic encounters.

The pressure in the resort region is almost always high, which provides a complete calm sea and the absence of even a light breeze. Water near the coast is warmed up to + 26 ° C by the end of summer, you can swim with early morning and deep into the night.

August Antalya – it is the whole 29 clear days. Fallout into this time does not fall out, the relative humidity of air – 34%.

Weather in Antalya in August 2019
Happy, ° C At night, ° C Water temperature, ° C
+32 … 35 +25 … 27 +28

What to do and what to see in Antalya in August?

  • Antalya’s most popular beaches are Konyałta, Karpuzkaldiran and Lara.
  • We advise you to walk along the city center – Kaleici. Now this tourist center with many restaurants, shops, hotels, bars and clubs.
  • You can look at the ancient monuments – Hidirlyk Tower, Clock Tower, Hadrian’s Gate, City Walls. Here is the mosque Kesik Minare, which used to be a Byzantine church.
  • Among the museums of interest are the Kaleici Museum, operating with 2007, and the Antalya Museum is the nominated archaeological the museum.

Weather in Antalya in August - Konyaalti BeachBeach Konyaaltı

What to do in Antalya in August, Kaleici DistrictArea Kaleici

Things to do in Antalya in August, Antalya MuseumThe museum Antalya

Kemer in August

In Kemer, the end of summer, as in most resorts in Turkey – the hottest period of the year. Average daytime temperature rises to + 35 ° C, after sunset it becomes cooler – about + 25 ° C. Below + 22 ° C thermometer does not fall even in the most “cold” days. But in August there is almost no rain, and the sea is the warmest (about + 25 ° C) and at the same time calm. On average, 27 days in Kemer are clear, precipitation falls just 1 millimeter. Relative humidity – 38%.

The heat is transferred normally due to the winds blowing from the sea. – they are refreshing.

If you like cooler weather, you will be interested. Read about Kemer weather in September 2019.

Weather in Kemer in August 2019
Happy, ° C At night, ° C Water temperature, ° C
+28 … 31 +23 … 25 +25

What to do in Kemer in August?

  • If you want to absorb all the summer heat, relaxing in front cold Russian autumn, go to the beach. Here they are beautiful – comfortable, beautiful and pleasant.
  • Do not forget about excursions. Visit Cappadocia, Demre and Pamukkale – here you will be very interested.
  • Water sports. Popular diving and snorkeling. Despite not as rich underwater as in the Red Sea, here too You can find something amazing.
  • You can ride on a yacht, stopping off the coast of Phaselis, Paradise Cove. There is a chance to visit a pirate cave.

Marmaris in August

All 30 days of August in Marmaris are clear and sunny. No precipitation drops out, relative humidity of air – 40%. In general, the weather in The last month of summer is the same as in July, the tourist season in in full swing. Closer to early September, temperatures can fall, but perhaps strong heat will be in September.

There is no stuffiness, and yet someone badly tolerates heat, we advise come here later. In any case, the sun in this region is less dangerous than in Antalya.

The wind blows at a speed of 4 meters per second, as autumn approaches figure can increase up to 8 meters per second.

Weather in Marmaris in August 2019
Happy, ° C At night, ° C Water temperature, ° C
+30 … 33 +25 … 27 +28

What to do in Marmaris in August?

  • Marmaris nightlife is beautiful. It is often called the center. youth recreation. Large selection of cafes, restaurants, night clubs and disco you will see on Bar Street. Tourists come here from all corners of the world, wanting to enjoy the fun.
  • Rest on the beach during the day – here you can ride catamarans, bananas, jetski or jet skiing, as well as swim and sunbathe. Popular beaches are on the peninsula. Jennet, in the bay of Turunchi Kumlubuka.
  • We recommend to look at the water park – Aqua Dream or Atlantis.
  • Among the entertainment is also a jeep ride in safari, skiing yacht, diving and rafting.

Weather in Marmaris in August - Turunc BayBay Turunc

What to do in Marmaris in August, Bar StreetBar Street

What to do in Marmaris in August, Waterpark AtlantisAquapark Atlantis

Istanbul in August

On average, in August only 2 days fall on cloudy weather – 30 millimeters of precipitation fall, which is 3% of the annual norm, and 27 clear days. Relative air humidity – 63%.

It is very hot here, unlike in previous months – from May to July the weather is mild and comfortable. However, this does not deter numerous Tourists – August is at the peak of the season. Best to sunbathe up 11 am and after 4 pm

Burn in the bright sun can be just a couple of hours, so special care should be taken sunscreen and drink plenty of water.

Weather in Istanbul in August 2019
Happy, ° C At night, ° C Water temperature, ° C
+27 … 30 +22 … 24 +25

What to do in Istanbul in August?

  • Not everyone goes here for a beach holiday, but this option leisure is quite possible. The beaches are good – some located at Marmara, others at the Black Sea. The best of them can be found in the suburbs – in Ava, Shila, Quillos, Poyrazkök.
  • We advise to get on a tour with children. Popular enjoys “Miniatyurk” – he is in Silyudzhe – here is a child will see many layouts of various architectural structures Turkey
  • Fans of festivals will also be interesting. Mid August “Street fun” is held – these are various film screenings, exhibitions, master classes, theatrical performances, concerts. Most Events can be visited in the squares of Beyoglu and Tyunel.

Weather in Istanbul in August - Beach in Poyraz KökBeach in Poyraz Kök

Things to do in Istanbul in August, MiniaturkMiniaturk

Where it is better to rest with the child at this time?

Going on holiday with a child is worth only if the baby is old enough, quickly gets used to the new climate and easily tolerates heat.

At the end of the summer in Turkey is too hot even for adults. For The first trip with a child is to choose a region with a climate which is less different from the usual and more comfortable. In any If necessary, stock up on sunscreen, goggles and Panama.

For a family holiday in August it is worth choosing hotels with water parks. Water rides will allow you to pass the day and have fun with the kids when the beach is too hot.

What you need to know, going to Turkey at the end of the summer?

It is important to know how much a tour to this country costs at the end of the summer of 2019. years, as well as the cost of flights and hotel accommodation or rented apartment.

We will also share some important tips.

Prices for holidays in Turkey in August 2019

Prices for tours to Turkey in August 2019
Resort Number of stars in the hotel (hotel) Price
7 days 10 days
Istanbul 3 * from 40 200 rubles. from 49 000 rub.
Alanya 3 * from 38 500 rub. from 43 000 rub.
Kemer 3 * from 43 500 rub. from 50 500 rub.
Marmaris four* from 66 800 rub. from 82 000 rub.
Side 3 * from 34 100 rub. from 36 600 rub.
Prices for independent holidays in Turkey in August 2019

Airfare (one way)

Prices for a room in a hotel (1 night) Prices for renting an apartment (1 day)
Istanbul from 11 600 rub. from 820 rub. from 970 rubles.
Alanya from 14 100 rub. from 620 rub. from 850 rub.
Kemer from 14 100 rub. from 1000 rub. from 1300 rub.
Marmaris from 14 100 rub. from 1800 rub. from 1200 rub.
Side from 14 100 rub. from 700 rub. from 1200 rub.

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6 tips for those who want to relax in August Turkey

  • Turks are very hospitable – they are always courteous and honest. None should insist on something especially strongly, to show impatience and haste.
  • The language in the country is Turkish. In major tourist centers accepted speak English, French and German. But Russian speech can be heard almost everywhere.
  • As for medicine, in Turkey there are both private and public clinics. Be sure to take along insurance policy that includes Turkey – it will be valid on the territory throughout the country. If you need help, contact the insurance company. company.
  • Pharmacies work 6 days a week, open at 9 am and work until 7 pm However, we advise to stock up on necessary drugs in advance.
  • We recommend to take with you on a trip dollars, better already exchanged. You should not change the currency to the Turkish Lira at the airport, hotel or small shops – there is a very unprofitable course. It is better contact for this official exchange.
  • Car rental available. There are firms in Turkey that hire Russian-speaking administrators, which is very convenient and helps avoid misunderstandings, making cooperation more comfortable.
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