Weather in Turkey in April 2 020

Weather in Turkey in April 2020

Choose where to go in spring?

Fly to Turkey!

The local resorts are almost summer, and the peak season is also flowering

And no one bothers to enjoy the holiday – there are more tourists few.

From this article you will learn:

  • What is the weather in Turkey in April, the water temperature and of air.
  • Where is the warmest at this time?
  • How much will your trip cost in April 2020?

The content of the article

  1. What will be the weather: the temperature of water and air
  2. Turkey in April: choose a resort where it is warmer
    1. Istanbul in April
    2. Alanya in April
    3. Kemer in April
    4. Side in April
    5. Marmaris in April
    6. Where better to relax at this time with the child?
  3. What you need to know, going to Turkey in the spring?
    1. Prices for holidays in Turkey in April 2020
    2. What you need to pay attention to?

What will be the weather: the temperature of water and air

In April, the Turkish resorts weather conditions are approaching. to summer. The beginning of the high season is not far off, but here it is not yet began to gather in large numbers of tourists, as the water in the sea not everywhere warmed up to a comfortable temperature. Although the beaches are already open and many water temperatures do not scare away – the most daring have already bathe in the Mediterranean.

In the middle of spring in especially sunny and southern areas It began the flowering of numerous local plants. Resorts with the arrival of this time change beyond recognition, becoming similar to the fairytale world.

Especially a lot of tulips bloom in Turkey in April.

But what exactly is not found in the Turkish resorts this month – It is overcast weather and rain. Sometimes a variable happens cloudiness. But in general, during this period of time it is very sunny, and with If you want, you can get a great tan – if a light breeze scares.

Weather in Turkey in April 2020
Daytime temperature Night temperature Water temperature
Istanbul + 13 … 19 ° C + 10 … 12 ° C + 12 ° C
Alanya +17 … 21 ° C + 15… 17 ° C + 17 ° C
Kemer + 11 … 17 ° C + 6… 8 ° C + 18 ° C
Marmaris +17 … 21 ° C + 13… 15 ° C + 15 ° C
Side + 17 … 22 ° C + 15… 17 ° C + 18 ° C
Antalya + 16… 22 ° C + 12 … 14 ° C + 14 ° C

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Turkey in April: choose a resort where it is warmer

Turkey in April

Where in April you will find the most comfortable and interesting holiday?

Where to go with the child?

More details below.

Istanbul in April

Despite the rather warm and sunny daytime temperatures, better still bring along sweaters and jackets – in the evening the air temperature is pretty cool. But this does not interfere with the local nature to bloom colorfully!

Weather in Istanbul in April 2020
Daytime temperature Night temperature Water temperature
+ 13 … 19 ° C + 10 … 12 ° C + 12 ° C

What to see?

Popular attractions include:

  • Saint Sophie Cathedral;
  • Topkapi – the majestic palace complex, refers to Ottoman era;
  • The Blue Mosque or Sultanahmet Mosque is an amazing building, but be careful – during the services they are not allowed in;
  • Grand Bazaar, or Grand Bazaar – a huge and picturesque indoor market;
  • The Basilica Cistern is an ancient reservoir of Constantinople.

Weather in Istanbul in April, TopkapiTopkapi

Turkey Istanbul Cistern BasilicaBasilica Cistern

Turkey Istanbul Hagia SophiaSaint Sophie Cathedral

Turkey Istanbul Blue MosqueBlue Mosque

Turkey Istanbul Grand BazaarGrand Bazaar

Things to do?

Istanbul is a city of holidays and festivals. In April here passes colorful spring festival in honor of the tulip bloom season. BUT them, by the way, in the city so much that it captures the spirit!

In addition, here tourists are offered a large number of the most various excursion programs. Particularly interesting sea cruises on the Bosphorus.

Istanbul has it all to have a wonderful time all over. family. The best places will be “Tatilya” amusement park with attractions and game rooms, and the local zoo, full exotic birds and beasts.

Do not forget to visit the highlight of Istanbul – the famous local Hamam Jagaloglu. Here they offer not only steam, but also choose one of several types of massage.

Alanya in April

Alanya is the warmest resort in Turkey, so in April you really like it here.

The ridge of the Taurus Mountains reliably protects this area from the northern winds.

Numerous gardens fill the air with floral fragrances, and mountain air has a positive effect on the body.

Weather in Alanya in April 2020
Daytime temperature Night temperature Water temperature
+17 … 21 ° C + 15… 17 ° C + 17 ° C

What to see?

Popular attractions include:

  • The fortress of Alanya – a medieval fortress of the XIII century;
  • Kyzyl Kule – building of the XIII century;
  • Damlatash – an interesting cave in the city center;
  • Dim Cave is a vertical cave that is the second longest in the Turkey

Turkey Alanya Kyzyl KuleKyzyl Kule

Turkey Alanya Cave DimDim Cave

Turkey Alanya DamlatasDamlatash

Things to do?

In April, it will be comfortable for those who do not like the heat and populous resorts. In this area is warm, and very calm. Beach vacation at this time is only suitable for seasoned tourists – temperature indicators are not too favorable for swimming in sea.

However, there is already something to do here – for example, go on a cruise through the picturesque bays and coves to snow-white yacht.

There are also numerous excursions here: admire old town architecture, or go take a look at the local museum exhibition.

Do not disregard interesting excursions to the ship. shipyard Tersane.

Fans of outdoor activities can ride on the mountain serpentine quad bikes or raft on the river in the local national park, hiking or fishing.

Kemer in April

Due to its location – on the slopes of the Taurus Mountains – on this the resort is a bit cooler. In the afternoon, the air temperature is comfortable, however, with the sunset it gets pretty chilly. Overall weather It resembles the weather in early June in many regions. Russia.

Weather in Kemer in April 2020
Daytime temperature Night temperature Water temperature
+ 11 … 17 ° C + 6… 8 ° C + 18 ° C

What to see?

Popular attractions include:

  • Goynuk Canyon – part of the Lycian trail, picturesque route;
  • Phaselis – the ruins of the ancient city of Lycia;
  • Olympos Teleferik – mountain and passenger cable car to her;
  • Beydağları Coastal national park – National Park.

Weather in Kemer in April, Beydağları Coastal National ParkBeydağları Coastal National Park

Turkey Kemer PhaselisPhaselis

Turkey Kemer Canyon GoynukCanyon Goynuk

Turkey Kemer Olympos TeleferikOlympos Teleferik

Things to do?

Despite the inappropriate conditions for a beach holiday, here There are many interesting tourist trails. They have not yet filled with many tourists coming in the high season, so nothing prevents you from looking calmly attractions.

On rainy days you can relax in local spa centers, go to the museum or dedicate time to shopping.

Do not forget to try the traditional Turkish cuisine.

In April, there is a large agricultural fair. “Hasyurt Agriculture Fair”, accompanied by concerts and performances.

Side in April

At the resort, as well as throughout Turkey, in April it is cloudy and sunny. Rainfall periodically still falls, but they rest do not interfere at all. During the day you can dress up in a sundress or shorts, and By evening, better stock up with a windbreaker.

Weather in Side in April 2020
Daytime temperature Night temperature Water temperature
+ 17 … 22 ° C + 15… 17 ° C + 18 ° C

What to see?

Popular attractions include:

  • Manavgat – a picturesque waterfall;
  • The antique amphitheater – the picturesque ruins of the theater of the II century;
  • Old Castle – the ruins of an ancient fortress;
  • Vespasian Fountain – a historical monument.

Weather in Side in April, Old CastleOld lock

Turkey Side ManavgatManavgat

Turkey Side Antique AmphitheaterAntique Amphitheater

Turkey Side Vespasian FountainVespasian Fountain

Things to do?

Although swimming even at the end of April is still quite cold here, nothing will prevent tourists from sunbathing perfectly – the sun and almost the constant cloudless weather this successfully contribute.

This resort is more suitable for calm and measured recreation – local entertainment is enlivened only closer to the summer.

You can taste the local cuisine, explore the city or refresh your wardrobe.

You can also go on excursions to local attractions – on thermal springs “cotton castle” Pammukale or the preserved ancient amphitheater Aspendos.

Marmaris in April

This resort is slightly colder than others, although daytime temperatures and have to summer outfits, in the evening they can be cool It rains here, but not very often.

Weather in Marmaris in April 2020
Daytime temperature Night temperature Water temperature
+17 … 21 ° C + 13… 15 ° C + 15 ° C

What to see?

Popular attractions include:

  • Sedir Island, also known as “Cleopatra’s Island”;
  • Marmaris Castle – ancient fortress, historical center cities;
  • Marmaris Museum a small exposure in a very beautiful building;
  • Atlantis Waterpark is an excellent water park for the whole family.

Weather in Marmaris in April, Sedir IslandSedir Island

Turkey Marmaris Marmaris MuseumMarmaris Museum

Turkey Marmaris Atlantis WaterparkAtlantis Waterpark

Turkey Marmaris Atlantis Waterpark 2Atlantis Waterpark2

Turkey Marmaris Marmaris CastleMarmaris Castle

Things to do?

The water in the sea is still too cold for a full-fledged beach. recreation. But, since the sea in this area is calm, tourists offer to go diving.

The seabed in these places is extraordinarily beautiful!

In addition, during daytime hours on the beach, you can great get a tan

There are also cruises on yachts, during which You will not only be able to sunbathe, but also admire picturesque coves and bays located in the vicinity resort.

Where better to relax at this time with the child?

Turkey is a very developed tourist country. And this, of course, affects the level of service. Holidays with children can be really simple and convenient – you just need to choose the right one a place.

Turkey with children


Here you can not only have a great rest with your child, but also well to save. The disadvantage is the distance from the airport – It takes 3-4 hours to get on the bus. There is always a little warmer than other resorts, beautiful sand and pebble beaches and hotels with all amenities.

Delphin Botanik 5 * – the hotel offers animation program and mini-club for children, as well as children’s menu.

Delphin Deluxe Resort 5 * – the hotel has slides and amusement park for the little ones, kids club and special menu.


Great family holiday resort – quiet and peaceful place with picturesque sandy beaches and pine forest. To that in Side there are a lot of excursion programs that allow mix business with pleasure.

Voyage Sorgun Side 5 * – the hotel has an amusement park, several children’s clubs for different ages (there are even from 0 to 3) there are special rooms for swaddling infants, and Water issue special diapers for the pool.

Club Turan Prince 5 * – not here you get bored: water park, amusement park, zoo, animation in Russian language. There is a special children’s menu.

What you need to know, going to Turkey in the spring?

Weather in Alanya in April, Fortress of Alanya

Want to spend a holiday in the Turkish resorts? Choose a comfortable for you the way to travel and find out a few tourist nuances.

Prices for holidays in Turkey in April 2020

In April, the high tourist season has not yet come. BUT it means that the prices for rest have not yet become exorbitant, and nothing will prevent you relax cheaply and comfortably.

Also read how much fly to Turkey from Moscow.

Prices for tours to Turkey in April 2020
Tour price for two (7 nights) Return ticket price Hotel price (1 night) Price of apartments

From 35 000 rub.

About 11,000 rubles. per person from 900 rub. for a double room from 900 rub. per room

Read more about the prices of tours and vacations in Turkey in the following articles:

  • How much is the ticket to Turkey “all inclusive” in 2020;
  • Prices for holidays in Turkey in 2020.

What you need to pay attention to?

  • April is the time of flowering of Turkish plants. In many cities about this are colorful flower festivals. Sure to visit one of them, for example, the famous tulip festival in Istanbul
  • A big plus for Russian tourists is that for trips to Turkey you will need to have a valid international passport, return ticket and medical insurance.
  • To navigate around the country, it is convenient to use the local public transport – there are many routes and transport goes by schedule. Also in the kiosks or special machines you can purchase an IstanbulCard discount card that provides a solid discount on every ticket purchased.
  • If you decide to rent a car in Turkey, be attentive: you can’t talk on the phone while driving headsets, and all passengers must be fastened. Watch out for this strictly, so to avoid trouble – be careful.
  • Local SIM cards have one interesting feature – than the more money on your balance sheet, the cheaper it will cost you calls

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