Weather in Kemer in September 2019

Weather in Kemer in September 2019

Summer ends, but this does not mean that the sea is already can not rest. September is the perfect time to relax in Kemer.

This article will help you to find out:

  • What is the weather in Kemer in September, the water temperature and of air.
  • What to do on vacation?
  • What is worth taking note of, going to this holiday resort?
  • The cost of the tour and independent recreation in September 2019 of the year.

The content of the article

  1. September weather: water and air temperature
  2. Kemer in September: is it worth it to go?
    1. What can you do in Kemer at the beginning of autumn?
    2. What to see?
    3. Prices for tours to Kemer in September 2019
  3. What to consider, going to the resorts of Turkey in September?

September weather: water and air temperature

In August in Turkey there is an incredible heat by our standards that no wonder, because summer is summer. The beginning of September is also characterized by rather high temperature indices, but gradually the heat begins to recede and in the middle of the month you can enjoy a comfortable stay. It is for this reason, in this elderly people and couples with children come here for a month to rest.

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Usually, during the day this month, the thermometer sticks to Mark + 30 ° C, but sometimes the sun heats everything up to + 35 ° C. However, despite the bright sun, the burning heat is still gradually declining. As for the night temperature, she decreases to + 17 ° C. Although the water cools down a couple of degrees, but equals remains still warm and suitable for swimming.

In September, Kemer will have the following climatic conditions:

Weather in Kemer in September 2019
Happy At night Water temperature
In early September + 25… 28 ° C +19 … 21 ° C + 23 ° C
At the end of September + 22… 26 ° C + 18… 20 ° C + 21 ° C

September weather is calm and cloudless. The only thing, that can temporarily spoil the mood of the rest – thunderstorms. Though this phenomenon is not so frequent, but it can spoil for a while weather: the sky will close the clouds, and will be quite windy. But not worth it despair, as a rule, the sun in the sky after that is very fast appears.

At the end of September, the weather gradually begins to resemble autumn. But this time can be spent with benefits, because local merchants like just start a total sale, and the price of rest is gradually go down.

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Kemer in September: is it worth it to go?

Kemer in September - whether to go

Should I go to Kemer? Of course!

Is it worth going to Kemer in September? Definitely!

All rested in Turkey in the summer leave from the resorts with a calm soul, and maybe a burnt back, and you get to Kemer just, when hot days gradually give way to comfortable temperature

Now you have exactly more options: besides a beach holiday it will be possible to go absolutely calmly to numerous excursions, because sightseeing in the fall is much more pleasant.

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What can you do in Kemer at the beginning of autumn?

So, well, at sea they were bought, they took care of an even tan, it’s time and see the city.

The first, where you should definitely go is Ataturk Boulevard, and all because it is here that you can plunge into the world of shopping headlong. Mosaic lamps, hookahs are being brought from Kemer as souvenirs. painted bathrobes, pottery, tea, and of course various sweets (sorbet, dried fruit, Turkish Delight, etc.). By the way, for many shopping in the eastern country represents more fun, so don’t forget to bargain.

Well, what kind of rest does without tasting national dishes? the kitchen! Cafes and restaurants in Kemer can be found almost on every step, but there is not much difference between them. Turkish cuisine in mainly offers lamb and beef with spices, fish or meat “meze” and lentil soup. Do not forget the sweets: Turkish Baklava and Turkish Delight are delicious! Who likes European the kitchen will easily find places with pizza, steaks, pasta and so forth

Kemer, national cuisine

If you do not want to leave the room, you can order from almost any restaurant favorite food delivery.

What to see?

A tour of local attractions should start with the park. “Yoruk”, which is located in the northern part of Kemer. A park is an open-air museum showing the image life and life of the Turkmen nomadic tribes. Here you can not only look at the unusual exhibits, but also enjoy the traditional food nomads, as well as get acquainted with the process of creating handicraft products.

10 things you must do in Kemer

  1. Remember the scent of pine and cedar forests.
  2. Relax on the bench at the port and enjoy the view of the yacht.
  3. Make a selfie on the background of the sculpture “Tenderness and love.”
  4. Visit the show at a small dolphin park in the park “Ayyshygy”.
  5. Take a break in the sea bathing and go to the water park Aquaworld.
  6. To visit the park, which is located where previously was the ancient city of Phaselis.
  7. Go on an excursion to the ecopark in Tekirova.
  8. Take a trip to the cable car.
  9. From a height of 2365 m above sea level, enjoy the panorama coastline of Kemer.

Weather in Kemer in September, YorukYoruk

Kemer, PhaselisPhaselis

Kemer, Dolusu park kemer Dolusu Park Kemer

Kemer, Olympos Teleferik Olympos Teleferik

Prices for tours to Kemer in September 2019

So, if you are firm in your decision to wave to Kemer in September, it’s time to find out what prices are now for tours.

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Prices for tours in Kemer in September 2019
Number of stars in the hotel (hotel) Price
7 days 10 days
In early September 3 * from 19 844 rub. from 36 283 rub.
At the end of September 3 * from 20 885 rubles. from 23 533 rub.

Do not want to depend on someone and prefer independent relaxation? In this case, it is simply vital for you to become familiar with prices for flight and accommodation.

Prices for independent vacation in Kemer in September 2019
Airfare (one way) Price of hotel room (night) Apartment rental price (per day)
from 17 408 rub. from 2 477 rub. from 1 326 rub.

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What to consider, going to the resorts of Turkey in September?

  • At the beginning of the month the air temperature still remains quite high, so if you do not tolerate heat, it is better to rest choose the second half of the month.
  • Beach lovers should not relax, even September sun can damage your skin, so Cosmetics that protect you from UV rays required
  • The nights in September are already quite cool, so for lovers Evening walks should be put in a suitcase a couple of warm things.
  • Sometimes there may be thunderstorms that will bring a change in weather conditions and the umbrella in your baggage will not be superfluous.
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