Weather in Kemer in May 2020

Weather in Kemer in May 2020

Love a comfortable, relaxing holiday? Want to spend a vacation away from the hustle and bustle?

Pebble beaches, picturesque mountains, warm, clear sea – everything This is in Kemer.

Come and enjoy!

From this article you will learn:

  • What is the weather in May in Kemer, the temperature of water and air.
  • What places on this resort are the most interesting for travels.
  • How much will your trip cost in May 2020?
  • What to look for, going to Kemer.

The content of the article

  1. May weather: water and air temperature
  2. Kemer in May: is it worth it to go?
    1. What to do in May?
    2. What to see?
    3. Prices for holidays in Kemer in May 2020
  3. 7 tips for a successful holiday in Kemer at the end of spring

May weather: water and air temperature

May in Kemer is the first month of the beach season. Which means that here is almost summer weather, which is confidently gaining momentum from the beginning to the end of the month.

In the first half of the month, the temperature jumps a little – a few degrees up, then a few degrees down. Generally, it remains quite comfortable. In the second half of May air temperature becomes flat and the thermometer creeps up gradually, without differences.

In the evening, when the sun disappears over the horizon, it becomes quite chilly. So have a sweater or a windbreaker on this case must necessarily.

But what you can not take with you, going to Kemer in May, so this is an umbrella. Rainy days are of course possible. But for the whole month in the average is one or two. Besides, they are enough short-term: there is a chance that you will not even notice them being at this time in an interesting museum or having dinner with one of delicious dishes of Turkish cuisine.

The water is still pretty cool at this time: it will warm up gradually, every day getting warmer. Swim in the sea can, especially those who are not afraid of coolness. Sunbathe in may already very comfortable – there are a lot of sunny days, on other days it even happens hot.

Weather in Kemer in May 2020
Daytime temperature Night temperature Water temperature
In the beginning of May + 16… 20 ° C + 10 … 12 ° C + 20 ° C
In the end of May +17 … 21 ° C + 11 … 13 ° C + 21 ° C

Important! Weather in May in all resorts Turkey

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Kemer in May: is it worth it to go?

Kemer in May - whether to go

Where in May you will find the most comfortable and interesting holiday?

What sights must visit?

More details below.

What to do in May?

Besides the luxurious beaches, Kemer has a lot to offer. to your guests.

May is the perfect time for exploring and sightseeing. programs: even at noon there is still no hot heat, which is so summer prevents to inspect the terrain.

In addition, from here it is very convenient to travel on excursions for outside the town: to stunning Istanbul, to the “snowy” Pamukkale, to Demre, Cappadocia, and to the numerous ruins of ancient cities and churches.

This month, the sea is calm and tourists are invited to do diving and snorling, although many prefer to leave these entertainment at the end of the month when the water warms up stronger.

Also from the water adventure here are interesting boat trips through the picturesque bays and coves on the snow-white yachts.

If you are not a fan of long excursions, you can find entertainment without even leaving the hotel. A lot of places already with the beginning of the season offers guests a variety of animation programs. In addition, many hotels have water parks, which in May is already actively working.

Kemer Dolphinarium

Also in the park Moonliqht Park there is a dolphinarium – shows are held twice a day, in the small pool are trained dolphins and seals.

Here you can even swim in the pool with dolphins!

For tours of the city and its surroundings in Kemer rent a bike for a cheap price – you’ll be able to see a bike with it more attractions

With the onset of the evening in Kemer begins an interesting night life – restaurants, bars and clubs open their doors. Even at the beginning Season There is already something to see – various shows and discos already invite guests.

What to see?

Popular attractions include:

  • Goynyuk Canyon is a part of the Lycian trail passing by the resort, amazing picturesque place off the coast of ancient Lycia;
  • Phaselis is a city of ancient Lycia; according to legends it was founded in VII century;
  • Olympos Teleferik – scenic mountain and passenger cable the road to its top;
  • Beydağları Coastal National Park – National Park;
  • Dolusu park kemer is a great big water park for all families;
  • “Dinopark” – the largest in Europe;
  • Büyük Hamam – the ruins of the ancient Roman baths.

Weather in Kemer in May -Динопарк

Kemer divingKemer Diving

Kemer Canyon GoynukCanyon Goynuk

Kemer Dolusu Park KemerDolusu Park Kemer

Prices for holidays in Kemer in May 2020

May is a great month for a trip to Kemer: the weather is with everyone the day is getting better, the beach season is open, but not yet Numerous tourists arrived, creating noise and cluttered up.

Kemer in May – an ideal ratio of price and quality of rest!

And if you want to know how long it will take to fly from Moscow to Turkey, read this article.

Prices for tours to Kemer in May 2020
Tour price for two (7 nights) Ticket price in both directions (to Antalya) Hotel price (1 night) Price of apartments

From 40,000 rubles.

About 10,000 rubles. per person from 900 rub. for a double room from 1 300 rub. per room

By topic: What is the cost of vouchers in Turkey all inclusive in 2020

7 tips for a successful holiday in Kemer at the end of spring

  1. The all-inclusive system offered by many Turkish hotels is very popular among Russian tourists. Therefore their there are many here every year, and the staff in many hotels and restaurants know the Russian language.
  2. Kemer is a small town and there is no airport in it. Tourists coming here, fly to Antalya – it’s about 40 kilometers from Kemer. From Antalya to Kemer can be reached by bus, or take a ferry.
  3. This resort is “Dinopark” – the largest in Europe. Dinosaurs are made in full size, able to move and growl.
  4. The most convenient means of transportation around the city in Kemer Dolmushi are the local analogue of our fixed-route taxis. Walk they are from early morning until late at night, you need to pay for travel directly to the driver, in cash, and stop transport on the road is possible by simply raising your hand up.
  5. In Turkey, several mobile operators, and each of them There is at least one fare for tourists.
  6. Mobile phone at the entrance to the country must be registered. If this is not done, then the local SIM card purchased will be work only 2 weeks, and after – will be blocked.
  7. Diving in Kemer is very popular. There are many diving centers here, for beginners there are instructors – many speak Russian. The best dive sites – Bay “Three Islands”, “Lighthouse”, “Aquarium” (ideal for beginners) and the cave bay “Kabardzhik”.

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