Weather in Antalya in May 2020

Weather in Antalya in May 2020

Want to go back from spring to summer? Then you are the road to Turkey, because in May in Antalya a tourist begins season.

This article will help you to find out:

  • What is the weather in Antalya in May, the temperature of water and air.
  • What to do and what to see at the resort at this time?
  • What is worth considering when going by sydavesnoy.
  • The cost of the tour and self-leisure in May 2020.

The content of the article

  1. May weather: water and air temperature
  2. Antalya in May: is it worth it to go?
    1. What can you do at this time?
    2. What to see?
    3. Holiday prices Antalya in May 2020
  3. What to consider, going to the May Antalya?

May weather: water and air temperature

May is the month when the tourist season in Antalya is only starts to open up. If we compare the climatic conditions with previous month, we can safely say that at this time the resort is hot. However, the days when air temperature can still be cool and clear sky close the clouds, which may well bring precipitation. But in Mostly nature pleases tourists in May with good warm weather.

May sun heats the air temperature to + 25 ° C, and sometimes higher. Daytime temperatures are also quite comfortable and Basically, the thermometer does not fall below + 15 ° C.

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In May, Antalya will have the following climatic conditions:

Weather in Antalya in May 2020
Happy At night Water temperature
In the beginning of May + 21… 24 ° C + 15… 17 ° C + 18 ° C
In the end of May + 23… 25 ° C + 16 … 18 ° C + 20 ° C

As for water temperature, in the first half of the month it It may seem comfortable to not all tourists. So water warms up to + 18 ° C in early May and reaches a maximum by the end + 23 ° C. In addition, the second half of the month is characterized by a decrease amount of precipitation. Over the entire month of rain, you can watch no more three days that will not spoil your vacation.

Want to know where the cheapest tours are?

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Antalya in May: is it worth it to go?

No matter how happy we are for the winter days, it’s still looking waiting for the arrival of spring. However, it does not always come on time and in early May is not as warm as we would like. That is why there is Great opportunity to plunge into summer at once. But how to do it? Go to Antalya!

At this time, summer is already felt at the resort, so if you love warmth and want to quickly plunge into the world of beach holidays, Antalya in this period should definitely go.

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What can you do at this time?

If you think that Antalya offers only a beach holiday, you deeply mistaken. In addition to relaxing on the sand near the water at the resort there plenty of opportunities for active pastime. Namely, here you can go diving, surfing, rafting, sailing sports.

Well, impressive? But that is not all. In addition, you always You can have fun, take a ride on water rides, catamaran, water skiing or just go to an unforgettable sea ​​voyage on a boat or yacht.

For those who still prefer to relax on the beach, recommend to visit the areas of Liman and Konyaalti, where there are excellent pebble beaches.

Do you want a cultural pastime? Yes please! For history lovers have a unique opportunity to explore the mosques and minarets that were built at different times. And also you You can visit places where there are ruins of ancient cities and temples.

Young people, of course, want to come off the loud music that also possible in Antalya. For night entertainment long not chasing it is necessary, because here at every step you can see an institution to your liking: pubs, clubs, restaurants, discos. Hike to Kaleici street will very interesting not only for young people. There is a mass clubs that offer tourists interesting dance numbers.

Do you like shopping? Then feel free to go to Ataturk Street, where you can buy everything: textiles, leather, gold and silver jewelry, carpets, etc.

What to see?

They bought them at sea, went to the club, and spent money on shopping. What else is interesting in Antalya? Here’s what:

  • Karaalioglu Park, which is at a high altitude and from here you can enjoy stunning views of the bay, mountains and city in whole
  • Hadrian’s Gate and Hıdırlık Tower – Major sights of Antalya.
  • Duden Falls – the main natural attractions resort.
  • Minaret Yivli – is considered a symbol of Antalya and there still exists from the twelfth century
  • Republic Square – this place is recommended to visit on sunset, because at this time you can enjoy beautiful the sounds of a musical fountain show.

Weather in Antalya in May - Termessos Termessos

Antalya, Ataturk Park ıAtaturk Parkı

Antalya, Ruins of PergeRuins of Perge

Antalya, MuseumThe museum

Antalya, Gate of HadrianHadrian’s Gate

Holiday prices Antalya in May 2020

Still, we decided to plunge into the hot summer that prevails in the spring in Antalya? Then it’s time to find out the cost of tours.

Prices for tours to Antalya in May 2020
Number of stars in the hotel (hotel) Price
7 days 10 days
In the beginning of May 3 * from 18 955 rubles. from 25 034 rub.
In the end of May 3 * from 38 679 rubles. from 41 659 rub.

Do not want to depend on the tourist group and give away preference for self-rest? Then it’s time to find out what prices are waiting for you in May.

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Prices for independent holidays in Antalya in May 2020
The price of air tickets from Moscow (there and back) Price of hotel room (night) Apartment rental price (per day)
from 12 000 rub. from 2 595 rub. from 4 875 rub.

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What to consider, going to the May Antalya?

  • If you can’t imagine your holiday without swimming in the warm sea, it is best to plan your vacation for the second half of the month, when the water warms up to a maximum and the beach rest becomes most comfortable. Besides, if in the first half of the month rest can still spoil the rainfall, then at the end of May the resort will predominantly cloudless sky.
  • It is worth taking care of sunscreens, even springtime May sun can be very aggressive towards your skin. It is also worth reviewing your wardrobe and choosing to relax. clothes made from natural fabrics to make it easier to carry the heat. Not forget about the main accessory – a headdress!
  • At night it can be pretty cool, so if you love evening walks will not be superfluous to add to your suitcase appropriate clothing.
  • Despite the fact that a small amount falls in May precipitation, compared with previous months, going to long excursion, still worth taking an umbrella or at least a raincoat.
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