Varenna (Italy)

Varenna (Italy) – the most important sights with photos and description. Detailed information about the city and interesting routes Varenna on the map.

Varenna City

Varenna – a small town on Lake Como (Italy) in the Lombardy region in the province of Lecco, which grew out of small fishing village.

Panorama Varenna Panorama Varenna

Varenna is a charming tourist town that you sure to taste: old streets, fanning from the square, beautiful nature and some kind of regularity and the calm that the city breathes. I like such small towns that have their own unique face and incomparable the atmosphere.

View of Varenna View of Varenna

Despite the obvious tourist orientation, the city has not lost its connection with the past. Fishing is also flourishing here. make barrels and mine black marble.

How to get there

Varenna is located in the southeast of Como, Milano-Lecco highway, exit SS36 on Colico. By plane you can fly to Milan, and from there to train heading to Lecco. It is also easy to get to Varenna from Bergamo. See the schedule and tickets here.

Sights of Varenna

The main attraction of Varenna is the old church of St.. George, located in the heart of the town.

Church of St. George Church St. George (left)

This is an old Gothic church of the 14th century, which preserved works of 15-16 centuries, medieval furniture and a group of interesting statues.

Villa Monastery Villa Monastery

Villa Monastery, located on the outskirts of Varenna, with spectacular the promenade, gardens, alleys and terraces. It was originally a real monastery which was later turned into Vacation home.

Castle di Vecio (right) Castle di Vecio

Castle di Vecio – an ancient outpost, which stands on a high cape over Varna for the whole millennium. At present time lock partially restored. In its structure stands out high tower with a square base. Open to the public from March to October. Here works, among other things, the exhibition of predatory the birds.

Varenna on a map of Italy

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