Tremosine (Italy)

Tremosine (Italy) – the most important sights with photos and description. Detailed information about the city and interesting routes Tremosine on the map.


Tremosine – a small commune on the lake Garda in Italy. This is the place where the foot of the Alps dive into the purest the waters of the lake where the picturesque untouched nature is spilled with balm per capita where the purest alpine air mixes with warm Mediterranean air.

Road to Tremosine Road to Tremosine

The community consists of 18 villages scattered around the territory of 72 square kilometers. Borno beautifully towering over the lake, discovering the picturesque panoramas of Garda. To get here you need drive along a narrow road carved into the rock. In general, commit real adventure.

Panorama of Lake GardaPanorama of Lake Garda

Here you will not find ancient historical monuments. This is a place with amazing nature in which it is just pleasant to relax your soul: stroll through the ancient streets, go to the cozy pizzerias, try local cheeses, black truffles, fish from the lake.

Tremosine Streets Streets Tremosine

Also here you can find many opportunities for outdoor activities: windsurfing, horseback riding and mountain biking.


In general, Tremosine is a great option for those who love nature, adventure, wants to relax in silence and see the real provincial italy.

Tremosine on the map of Italy

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