Burano (Italy)

Burano is a colorful island of lace. House of such large artists like Baldassare Galuppi, Remigio Barbaro. Everything Burano visitors are still intrigued by the multitude of colors and colorful houses that are reflected in the waters of the canals, falling bell tower, peace and tranquility Right from the ferry pier Actv, you will find yourself on a green lawn, where the solemn Sculpture by Remigio Barbaro. Following along the quays, you arrive to the center of the island: to Galuppi Square. If you are looking for A place to eat as a local, Burano is very famous. its fish dishes, the most famous of which is “risotto de gogo”: a broth in which rice is cooked and drained, extracted from the “go” “fish typical of the Venetian lagoon, known in English as “bull”. Cuisine dishes Burano is served in restaurants, which, despite fame with in terms of quality of service, the kitchen is maintained the authenticity of the typical old “trattoria of Burano” (the tavern of Burano) and where you can still eat delicious fresh fish.

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