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Hua Hin – a city about two hundred and twenty kilometers to the south-west of The capital of Thailand – Bangkok, standing where the peninsula begins Melaka. This is the oldest resort in Thailand, favoring to which the King expressed, having built there the Tikovy Palace. Entertainment in Hua Hin is very diverse, but the proximity to the royals cut off the most extreme and exotic ones, including sex tourism.

This city is a true family resort where everything is respectable and pragmatic. It is very clean, well maintained and safe (about this read in Hua Hin – the safest resort in Thailand “). Its name from the local dialect translates as “Stone head”, because the sea in this place is replete with rocks the most unusual forms.

If you have not been to this city, and do not know what to have fun where to go to hua hin then proposed below the top ten most popular places of entertainment will help you make a cultural program of active recreation in Thailand. Read also the article about twenty most popular sights Hua Hina.


Sea walk

Boat trip to Hua Hin

Take a short cruise along the scenic coast Hua Hin on a snow-white, comfortable yacht or sailboat – This is a great idea for fun. You will visit the national Sam Roi Yot Park, and land on a desert island, where from permanent residents only monkeys. Primates welcome each guest. with joy. You can treat them with a treat, take a picture with them. On the way to the island you can go snorkeling among coral reefs, go fishing in the open sea.


ATV Park Go to site

ATVs in Hua Hin

In the town of Cha-Am near Hua Hin – just where it is located royal residence, there is an ATV Park where you can ride through the virgin rainforest on a quad bike. Lovers extreme entertainment can choose any track – sandy, mud, stony. Pleasure is not the cheapest – for a quarter hours of exciting walk you will give about five 00 baht.


Carting Go to site

Karting in Hua Hin

Another place for racing enthusiasts is near Hua Hin airport. Karting Hua Hin – family fun on a 7 50 meter track optional set records, you can just slowly ride and see coast, mountains covered with rainforest.


Elephant walk Go to site

Walking on the elephants in Hua Hin

If you still doubt, than to have fun and look in Hua Hin then be sure to go to elephant camp, located on the highway leading to the village of Pala U. From the city center to it is only three kilometers. Walk on Elephants in Hua Hin will show you the city and its surroundings with the same point that was available to the Thais for review in the distant the past. After all, on the back of an elephant, people moved for centuries among jungle and even fought.


Horseback riding Go to site

Horseback riding in Hua Hin

If the elephant is too extreme for you, then entertainment like riding in Hua Hin will make you feel like a lord traveling on your own possessions. In Hua Hin horse riding is so popular that without a view rider on the beach the city is already impossible to imagine. Horse can rent on many Hua Hin beaches, but mostly these services provide in the vicinity of the hotel Sofitel. Beginners first lessons riding give experienced jockeys.


Kayaking Go to site

Kayaking in Hua Hin

Another very exciting entertainment in Hua Hin is Kayaking on the sea and rivers. Kayaking in Hua Khine is designed for those who saw the paddle only in the movies. No excessive extreme due to the lack of turbulent rivers, only joy and pleasure. Journey to the most reserved corners, possible only by water, organized by local agencies, to representatives who can contact the hotel reception.


Paintball Go to site

Paintball in Hua Hin

Paintball in Hua Hin has become popular thanks to Europeans. If you are a fan of this exciting team game, then Hua Hin Safari & Adventure Park will find well-equipped the site. This entertainment is more suitable for the brave. And the descendants, since not everyone can to withstand pain from getting paint balls on your body. However, despite this, this entertainment is not is extreme because you will leave the maximum with bruises (of course, subject to the safety rules). You can play Paintball in the same ATV Park.


Thai boxing

Thai boxing in Hua Hin

This is a famous martial art that is part of Thai national brand. Participate in battles mainly Prisoners serving time in prisons in Thailand. In Hua Hin sparring tried to make the most spectacular, they held in the evenings in two arenas. Sundays and Thursdays – on the lawn of the Grand Hotel, and on Fridays and Tuesdays – on sports arena Mr. Chop Rawee’s Thai Boxing Garden. In one evening five to six fights are held.


Sea or lake fishing Go to site

Fishing in Hua Hin

Fishing in Hua Hin is like the sea, so and on the lakes around the city. Have fun fishing You can cast a fishing pole directly from a pier or coastal cliff. You can bypass it for free or for a fee. Full fishing service is provided 10 kilometers from the city, on the basis of Hua Hin Fishing Lodge. If you want, go to the fishermen in Kao Takiab village, with which you can arrange to rent a boat for trolling (read about fishing in Thailand in general).


Waterpark Vana Nava Go to site

Hua Hin Water Park

The water park Vana Nava in Hua Hin is open recently. In addition to water attractions there you can do wakeboarding, rent the boat. It is located near the Black Mountain Golf Club. Ticket for adult costs about 1000 baht, children – 600. Always current Prices can be viewed on the official website.

Entertainment on Hua Hin map

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ATV Park in Hua Hin: 12.744607, 99.950202Karting in Hua Hin: 12.628425, 99.949729Safari & Adventure Park in Hua Hin: 12.516777, 99.969449Horse Club in Hua Hin: 12.526371, 99.958849Thai boxing in Hua Hin: 12.572952, 99.958034Fishing Lodge in Hua Hin: 12.578691, 99.870143 Hua Hin Water Park: 12.532278, 99.962025

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