To Istanbul on a flying bus!

There were few days left from the annual amount of vacation, and we decided that in October, on the anniversary of our life together, go somewhere. Considered different options and noticed that the Turkish lira rate has fallen very much. Option “All Inclusive” We are not very interested, but take a walk through the old streets and eat local snacks – we are always for! So the choice was made – Istanbul! The oldest city on the planet with a great history! Reasonable option the flight was only two. Direct flight St. Petersburg – Istanbul, Turkish Airlines with comfortable airplanes and food or airline Victory on their “Flying minibus”, but on 15 000 rub. cheaper. Given that this is the third holiday this year, then 15 000 rub. savings – not very bad, and the choice was made. Had to take more train tickets to Moscow and back that came to us in 4 000 rub. for two in both directions. Total our savings turned out 11 000 rub., And this is also nice. Quietly got by train to Moscow, there by metro and bus to Vnukovo, and the journey began. we first flew from the international zone of the airport Vnukovo and were a little shocked. What has accumulated at the reception huge queue due to very meticulous manual size check baggage that can be carried on board the airline Victory, It turned out not the most unpleasant moment. Let me be offended managers of Vnukovo airport and angry comments will fly, but I will speak the truth that I saw with my own eyes. In the international zone of Vnukovo airport as if everything had died out. There are many people and flights, but The lighting is very weak, and in some places it is generally dark. There are almost no Duty Free shops, half of the premises are just empty. Around is very dirty. But the most memorable moment was a trip to “ladies’ room”. There was a feeling that some time ago, there was an apocalypse and a nuclear explosion, eliminate the consequences which people simply can not do. Flew exactly on schedule. The flight was generally normal. The crew of flight attendants is very good In the cabin, really, you feel like in shuttle bus. The distance between the places reduced as much as possible. Fly not very comfortable, but if you consider the price-quality ratio, quite justified. Arrived, already, twenty minutes earlier than must have been, and this is a big plus in the Victory airline. We arrived not at the main airport of Istanbul, but in the second significance, named after the first Turkish woman pilot – Sabiha Gokchen. Small but very pleasant and modern airport. Across the road from the airport, depart the buses of the company Hava Bus, which carry people to different places of the city. Cost only 18 lire per person. Our bus went to Taksim Square, and from there to our hotel Oriella Hotel, remained about 10 minutes on foot. Got in about an hour. The atmosphere of Istanbul you feel as soon as you leave from the bus – noise, din, barker in a cafe, street food and a lot, very many people. We were lucky with the hotel, and there are no special complaints about it. We met with a smile, held in the room. The hotel and the room is clean. Only after we showered after the road, noticed that the number we were given was not the one. We booked with a balcony, and gave us without him. I went down to the lobby, apologized to me and explained that a room with a balcony can be freed only after 2 days and we can be moved to it. As a result, we are accustomed to our number. and did not move. The room has large windows that replaced us. balcony. Who cares, here’s a link to the reservation Then we went for a little snack and see the neighborhood. It turned out that quite near Istiklal Street – An analogue of the Moscow Arbat. Many shops, cafes, entertainment and kebabs! And most importantly, the prices are more than affordable! But this and many more of all interesting, I will describe in the following stories. For those who Interestingly, I attach video from our YouTube channel, if it It will be useful for you, subscribe to the channel and put likes, as well as write comments with your opinions and suggestions.

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