The pros and cons of burning tours – the more dangerous than how much are profitable?

The habit of calling permits, the time of arrival for which has already approached or even slightly overdue, “burning” was born in the USSR. Often opportunity to visit the elite, including the so-called nomenclature, the resort fell on the head of an ordinary citizen almost like a big lottery win. Therefore, the general rule was take them without thinking. What is called, while they give. In our age tourist diversity this rudiment of developed socialism continues to exist successfully. One of his attractive properties is low cost as the tour operator seeks return at least part of the invested funds, without thinking of profit. Let’s see what the pros and cons of burning tours, and also whether they should be missed at the same speed as and fifty years ago.

Why are vouchers “burning”?

The main reason for the appearance of burning vouchers is that the tour operator was too active and organized too many trips (i.e. supply exceeded demand). Not considered, so say market conditions. Therefore, to lose as much as possible less money, it has to underestimate the cost of travel.

Or if in the host country to which the trip was purchased, an emergency occurs (military coup, street riots, outbreak of a dangerous virus, etc.), then from vouchers begin to massively refuse, they are returned to the sale already undervalued.

Unscrupulous tour operators, seeking to get out of the minus, can offer you a trip to a country where just physically not safe to be. In this case, only they will win. Last minute vouchers in the low season are less extreme. At worst You will have to spend half the holiday in the hotel. This is the same rest, but less interesting than you expected.

Therefore, before buying, you need to weigh all the pros and cons burning vouchers, and only then take the final decision.

Pros and cons of burning tours

What are the advantages of burning tours?

So, we know that last-minute tours are always the result. unplanned events. The only question is which ones. If by them are subjective reasons – failure to travel due to illness, death or a banal quarrel, the pluses burning Vouchers undoubted. First of all it is the price. Travel agency, leaving the entire program unchanged stay, waives all margins and discounts being his legitimate income. The ability to spontaneously break out of the circle daily problems and go to rest can also regarded as a positive moment in certain life situations.

What are their cons of burning vouchers?

Pluses of burning tours may well be covered by shortcomings. Low cost is attractive, but it should not become expensive in hell. If you do not take into account very very extreme situations, then The cons of burning vouchers are as follows:

  • Going to travel will have very quickly, sometimes in two to three hours. For couples with children is almost impossible condition.
  • It is impossible to refuse such a tour. Double tour operator force majeure will not tolerate.
  • You have no choice, you go where you can, and get the conditions that are negotiated by the tour. Unable to change departure date, number of days of stay and excursion program, even if it is based on the personal preferences of the previous the acquirer.
  • The most likely to get a hot tour is only in low season or unpopular countries. He may be really so and you will have most of the vacation to sit in the hotel. But sleep well.

What outweighs – the disadvantages of burning tours or their advantages, decide only you It is easiest to find them on specialized Internet resources (for example, website) that provide information from different tour operators. There you will have more opportunities to compare conditions and prices, as well as chances to buy (book) your favorite offer, because the hunters are behind them a lot.

Tip! We have a useful article on our website in which explains in detail how to cancel the tour and return money. Truth from last minute trips the chances of return are minimal.

How to proceed

Above, we have already mentioned what are the risks of hot tours and whether “game worth the candle” in general. For example, in the host country may a natural or social cataclysm erupts, but the tour operator does not wants to lose all the money and hope to Russian perhaps. None less, take the liberty of giving some practical advice on the acquisition of such vouchers.

  1. If you see a drop in prices on the offers of tour operators, do not pull up to the last moment, after which comes “just for nothing. “It is very likely that you will be left with nothing. In this case, the difference in 150-200 dollars compared to the prospect of a vacation near the TV instead of the beach you seem insignificant.
  2. Very low tour price in combination with absolutely unknown the name of the travel company is a reason to be alert and give the back move Surely they are trying to fool you. Even if the voucher is burning, honest operator will not sell it at times cheaper, it’s death for his business. In extreme cases, do not purchase tours from “dark horses “online. It’s better to do it personally, in the office, than to find but after the purchase that the address of the office does not exist, as she herself.
  3. Going on a hot tour, have something similar ready “alarm case” with the minimum set of necessary. Not strive to get everything to the max. No swimsuit needed The style is not a reason for being late to the plane. If you not fly away on time, then the gain from the acquisition will result in financial collapse.

In our experience, we can say that the trip to the burning tour – this is the lot of optimists for whom overcoming domestic difficulties is an additional reason for a good mood and increase self-esteem. If you are young at heart, then suddenly fall in Uncertainty is possible in both 20 and 75 years. And sad pedants even a planned trip can spoil the mood.

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