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Once we lived in Bangkok for 3 months, and despite the fact that I don’t really like big and noisy cities, despite some of it cons, Bangkok for some reason sunk into the soul. Here and now we will turned up again in it. Maybe I like it here because calmer in soul and civilized – there is medicine, all shops, affordable taxis, a large selection of housing, and of course, all sorts of different activities, development centers and so on.

I already wrote how we lived in an apartment on the 29th floor, laid out instructions for finding apartments, but today I would just like to briefly tell about another apartment in which we live now. We rent it daily and it is located 200 meters from Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital, in fact, is why we are here.

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Price and reservation

For starters, here is a direct link to these apartments from Airbnb. The price is only 1,400 baht per day. There are other accommodations in this area, You can also see, here’s a link to all of Bangkok. Saw is and for 1000 baht something similar, but we are far away.

Our apartment is located near the metro station BTS Thong Lor, walk 10-15 minutes and 200 meters from the Samitivej Sukhumvit hospital, which makes it very convenient for living for those who need to be in the hospital. This area is quite expensive (for the center) and we lived first a few days at the hotel for 1000 baht, which represented a small room without a window, with a bed, toilet and mini fridge Having paid only 400 baht a day more, we received housing several times higher level. therefore I think the price for this apartment is more than adequate when it comes to It is about daily delivery. Unfortunately agent (surrenders through agent) does not make a discount for the monthly delivery, therefore for the monthly rent need to look for something else.

And about the price. Once upon a time, when we almost did not used the Airbnb mega-service, then lived in a similar housing, but there was a hotel, and it cost 2500-3000 baht per day (here it is)! Good but clearly more expensive and much easier to equip. So, I’m in the next just made sure how comfortable it is to live in apartments.

Register here and get a discount of $ 33 from Airbnb on apartments around the world. Valid on the first booking must be from $ 70, you can use it for a year after registration.

Get a discount of $ 33 →


So, what do we get for this money. Apartments consist of two rooms: a rather spacious bedroom and a kitchen-living room decent size. In general, apartments are quite large for 1-bedroom housing, usually less. Everything is clean, cleaned, nothing is broken, all furniture and appliances in new condition. Soft comfortable mattress, sofa out normal leatherette, two big TVs, there are two workers seats, two air conditioners, there is a washing machine and bathroom, balcony no view, wifi. The kitchen is also well equipped: kettle, coffee maker, electric stove, microwave and toaster. In general, I I do not know what else could be done in this apartment, there is everything!

Apartments in Bangkok Apartments in Bangkok

Bangkok Apartments

Elevators on the floor Elevators on the floor

Elevators on the floor

View from the front door View from the front door

View from the front door

apart-bangkok-04 apart-bangkok-04

apart-bangkok-05 apart-bangkok-05

apart-bangkok-06 apart-bangkok-06

apart-bangkok-07 apart-bangkok-07

apart-bangkok-08 apart-bangkok-08

apart-bangkok-09 apart-bangkok-09

apart-bangkok-10 apart-bangkok-10

apart-bangkok-11 apart-bangkok-11

Excellent Bangkok Apartments Excellent Bangkok Apartments

Great apartments in Bangkok

apart-bangkok-13 apart-bangkok-13

apart-bangkok-20 apart-bangkok-20


Since we now come here mostly to sleep, we are almost do not use any other features of this house. But, on the roof there is also a swimming pool, a small gym, a room for reading / work, tables with chairs for sitting in the air, mini playground and even a sauna! Well, generally cool.

Room for reading and work Room for reading and work

Room for reading and work

Some kind of meeting room Some kind of meeting room

Some kind of meeting room

apart-bangkok-16 apart-bangkok-16

View from the roof View from the roof

View from the roof

apart-bangkok-18 apart-bangkok-18

apart-bangkok-19 apart-bangkok-19

Sauna Sauna


If we talk about what is on the street – 5 minutes walk Villa Market, 15 minutes Big C. Kafeshek very much, but big the part is quite expensive, applying for restaurants. In particular in the condominium itself on the ground floor has a pretty nice-looking cafe, but we have never been there. The nearest 7/11 is in the hospital on the ground floor and the same food court with average prices and Starbucks.

On the map

P.S. It’s great that we still have Airbnb bonuses and we live here conditionally free. But even if you rent without bonuses, then it would be a great value for money.

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