The oldest zoo Dusit (Dusit Zoo) in Bangkok – advantages and disadvantages

Zoo Dusit (Dusit Zoo), located in the central part Bangkok, is considered the largest and best in the countries of Southeast Asia. He was already opened in 1938. On its area of ​​18 hectares, in addition to enclosures and cells with animals fit a beautiful pond, teeming with underwater fauna, where you can swim for a fee on the water transport (boats and catamarans). At the same time you will be surrounded by fish and turtles that you can feed.

Zoo Dusit (Dusit Zoo) in Bangkok Zoo Dusit (Dusit Zoo) in Bangkok
Zoo Dusit (Dusit Zoo) in Bangkok Zoo Dusit (Dusit Zoo) in Bangkok

Zoo architecture

The territory of the Dusit Zoo (Dusit Zoo) in Bangkok accommodates more 1500 animals and birds. Some animals can be admired in close to yourself and even touch, but most of them part is contained in the cells. Observation of animal life through lattice close cells more like sympathy. Some of because of the characteristics of the shelter, it is generally difficult to notice them.

Zoo Dusit (Dusit Zoo) in Bangkok Zoo Dusit (Dusit Zoo) in Bangkok Zoo Dusit (Dusit Zoo) in Bangkok

An interesting path passes through the territory of the Dusit Zoo. tree at a height of about 10 meters, walk on which allows you to observe the life of monkeys, giraffes and other animals. In general, walking in the park causes only positive emotions. After the Bangkok stone jungle and everyday rush – this the perfect place to relax and unwind among lush greenery and pleasant singing of birds.

Zoo Dusit (Dusit Zoo) in BangkokZoo Dusit (Dusit Zoo) in BangkokZoo Dusit (Dusit Zoo) in Bangkok

Pros and cons of the Dusit Zoo in Bangkok

Dusit Zoo has quite a lot of pros and cons, which are the case outweigh each other. Read each one carefully. points and make a conclusion for yourself – is it worth it visits?


  1. Close proximity to giraffe people allows them to touch and feed from hand.
  2. In the zoo there is an inexpensive cafe, in which for only 50-80 baht Serve delicious Thai dishes. And there is also a minimarket 7-Eleven.
  3. There is also something like a home corner in which you can free contact with pets: cows, goats, horses
  4. The symbolic cost of a ticket to enter the zoo.
  5. A small concentration of visitors, thanks to which you can admire animals and be photographed on their background with little or no obstacles.
Zoo Dusit (Dusit Zoo) in Bangkok Zoo Dusit (Dusit Zoo) in Bangkok
Zoo Dusit (Dusit Zoo) in Bangkok Zoo Dusit (Dusit Zoo) in Bangkok

Not deprived of attention and children


  1. Most of the living creatures in the zoo are contained in ordinary cells, so watching them delivers certain inconvenience. In modern zoos, animals are kept in spacious aviaries, but Dusita is still very much conservatively.
  2. Despite the territory of 18 hectares, the zoo looks very small, uncomfortable and poorly equipped. This affects insufficient funding.
  3. Most of the animals during the day show little activity, rather all, all the fault of the debilitating sun or insufficient care.

If you are planning to make your vacation intense and entertaining, we would not recommend a visit to this zoo, it is better to give preference to another – Safari World.

Zoo Dusit (Dusit Zoo) in Bangkok

How to get to the zoo in Bangkok?

You can get to the Dusit Zoo in Bangkok in several ways:

  1. From the Victory Monument monument, take the 12th or 18th bus, which stop right at the zoo.
  2. Walk the bag from the same monument in the direction of the zoo, time on the way – about 20 minutes.
  3. From the Russian Embassy you can take a 16 bus in 25 minutes

Dusit Zoo on Bangkok map

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Zoo Dusit

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